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New game purchase, movie, and a party

I just recently purchased "Modern Warfare Reflex Edition" for my wii because I was curious to see how good it was. So far in the 4 hours I've played it seems good and I only had one major problem with the game and that was the problem of my sniper rifle not firing when using the scope even thought It was fully loaded. Other than that, I haven't noticed any other major flaws that bugged me. After a few more hours of gameplay I will give it my rating.

Last night I went to the movies with 2 other friends to go see "Prince of Persia Sands of Time" and I must say I thought it was a pretty decent movie. The story was different than the games story (I expected this so I was not surprised) but it still had a decent story.

Going to my cousins graduation party tonight. Hopefully I have a good time =)

Nintendo Conference opinions (this is kinda late i know)

I watched the Nintendo conference on G4 (pretty much the only time I ever watch G4 >>) and I must say this years conference seemed much better than the past years.

The games they announced look very good and I was surprised when they announced the 3DS. Im not a handheld gamer really but I still feel thats going to be a great handheld to own.

The gameplay of Skyward sword looked very good. Maybe slightly gimmicky but other than that It looked fun and I cant wait till it comes out. Im also looking forward to see how the new Golden eye turns out. The new Kirby game looked weird but im sure it will be fun.

So, what games from this years Nintendo conference do you want the most?

Omg! Im still alive! :D

Yes, I haven't logged on G spot in quite awhile. I guess it could be slight boredom with the site =/ Anyway I just thought I'd mention something I noticed about myself and shooters just for the heck of it lol.

I suck at shooters when it comes to mainly using joysticks to aim D: I was never really into shooters back when I had only a ps2 because I couldn't really aim with a joystick correctly. About a month ago a friend of mine had me try MW2 on his 360 and I was pretty terrible at that also because aiming with a joystick seems kinda hard to me lol I am decent though when it comes to using something like the wii mote for aiming though. I guess its just preference lol

Anybody else like this?

Yay I'm legally an adult now =D

Today was my 18th birthday =D

I got a new cell phone too. The Samsung Impression.

I also made some game purchases. I got Okami for the wii and I downloaded Super Mario 3, Super Mario 64, and Kirby's Adventure from the Virtual Console.

Well thats about it lol

Movies =D

I just watched two different movies today. They were Resident Evil Degeneration and Dead Space Downfall. I must say both movies are pretty good and I don't really have any complaints for either of them. I must say though that Dead Space is pretty freaky lol.

My return?

Well I haven't been on that much but now that I started gaining my interest in video games again I decided to come back to gamespot. Not much has really happened lately that I can really blog about lol. I mainly play brawl lately online so if you want to try to fight me online then send me your brawl codes =D

Games I'm hoping to buy sometime: NMH 2, and Mario Kart wii

I might be leaving D=

Lately I notice I barely log on Gamespot anymore and I also barely have the interest to play video games. I seem to be losing my interests in video games and even anime a lil. I dont know why exactly I feel this way... I have barely turned on my wii or ps2 in weeks and I havent watched an anime in like a month. Kinda why I probably wont be on much anymore.

I might still log on from time to time though. I would like to thank all the nice people I have met on gamespot for making me feel welcome =)

Well this is good bye... for now...

My opinion on a new game and my 30th blog post =D

I just got Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles 5 days ago. I have enjoyed playing it ever since I got it.

The only real problem I have with the game is sometimes the camera does get annoying when trying to aim but I also like how the camera kinda makes you feel like your there. Kinda gives realism to it. I give this game a score of 8.5 =D

Oh and Gamespots review on this game is total crap! A 6.0?!

This is my 30th blog post! Yay! =D