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Someday You Will Be Loved

Hey guys, I'm back from Otakon. I don't know if I'll post a blog about it or not. Not that you care. But that's not the point of this blog. This blog was only because Sorax64 tagged me.I would be fine, if I didn't listen to such strange music.

1. Put Your iTunes (or other music player) on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write down the name of the song no matter how silly it sounds!
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5. Tag at least 10 friends.
6. Anyone tagged has to do the same, because fun pointlessness spreads like a virus.

1. If someone says, "Is this okay?" You say:
"I Need All The Friends I Can Get" - Camera Obscura
(Hell yeah. I love meeting new people.)

2. How would you describe yourself?
"Basement" - Puddle of Mudd
(The hell?Doesn't make any sense. Unless it's some strange metaphor.)

3. What do you like in a girl?
"I'll Follow the Sun" - The Beatles

4. How do you feel today?
"Everything Will Be Alright" - The Killers
(Woah! How accurate. I know that if I persevere, I know everything will be alright.)

5. What is your life's purpose?
"All You Need Is Love" - The Beatles
(My goal is to shoot everyone...with my lovebeam!)

6. What is your motto?
"Whenever You See Fit" - Modest Mouse
(I'm pretty spontaneous.)

7. What do your friends think of you?
"Because" - The Beatles
(Because I'm worth it...or maybe it's Maybelline.)

8. What do you think of your parents?
"With You" - Linkin Park
(I'm with them, yes.)

9. What do you think about very often?
"Can't Buy Me Love" - The Beatles
(You need to have a good personality and be interesting for me to date you, I don't care about how much money you have.)

10. What is 2 + 2?

"Snowed Mountain" - dBu music
(I love this song. This makes perfect sense to me.)

11. What do you think of your best friend?

"Shanghai Girl From Meiji 17" - dBu music
(Pretty awesome description there, if not accurate.)

12. What do you think of the person you like?

"Flower of Japan" - ZUN
(Seriously. Get out of my head!!! So true. She's a beautiful flower. ( :oops: )

13. What is your life story?
"東方萃奏楽 ~ Touhou Collective Performance" - Silver Forest
(Touhou is my life.)

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
"Final Maiden's Master Capriccio Spark" - dBu music
(Because I want to be the maiden. ;_; )

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
"Sleeping Terror" - dBu music
(I guess it can be true. If I see her, my heart skips a beat.)

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
"No Surprises" - Radiohead
(Hopefully I don't have any surprises on my wedding dance. Or if there has to be one, a pleasant surprise.)

17, What will they play at your funeral?
"Rock and Roll Music" - The Beatles
(I want people to celebrate my life, not grief for my death.)

18. What is your hobby/interest?
"You Should Drink Cucumber-Flavored Beer" - IOSYS
(Beer is great. You should drink it.)

19. What is your biggest fear?
"Vicinity of Obscenity" - System of a Down
(I'm scared. This area may be too obscene for my pure eyes.)

20. What is your biggest secret?
"Happiness is a Warm Gun" - The Beatles
(Like I said, I secretly want to shoot the world with my lovebeam.)

21. What do you think of your friends?
"I Don't Know" - Beastie Boys
(No seriously, I don't know.)

22. What will you put as the title?
"Someday You Will Be Loved" - Death Cab for Cutie


Something must be wrong with my shuffle function. There were a lot of Beatles and only a few of my weird songs. Not to mention a lot of the same artists are repeated one after the other. Anyways, I tag no one, because I don't feel like making anybody obligated to do this. You can if you want to.

To: People Tracking Me

Ever since I put my profile on public, I've been getting a lot of tracks again. I don't recognize most of you people tracking me, so if you want me to track back just send me a friendly message introducing yourself and stuff. I'm really not into the random tracking.

It's not like I don't like the tracking, it's just I don't know who you guys are, or I don't even remember talking to you guys. At least say hi to me, especially if your name is RPG-er.

Happy Birthday Me! ^^

Hey everyone. Today's my birthday and I turn the ripe age of 19. In the morning, My family and I are going to go eat at Macaroni Grill, it's my favorite Italian restaurant near me. Then my friends and I are going to go laser tagging. It seems like birthdays are just like any regular days as you get older. I used to be excited for my birthday, but these days I don't even realize how close my birthday is when the day comes. I don't know what I'm going to get myself, I don't really need anything right now but Gran Turismo 5. Though, a new guitar, new amp, or car/motorcycle will be awesome!

Speaking of motorcycles, I've also gotten my motorcycle permit and I'm going to receive my license pretty soon! I won't be riding a motorcycle until next year though, when I can afford to buy one.

Hard to believe that three blog posts ago, I had another birthday blog. That goes to show you how much I've been blogging. :P I've prolly lost many of my followers though, but I will continue to blog if I find some new material to write about...maybe.

And I leave you with the same fun fact as the last birthday blog:

Fun fact: Nikola Tesla's birthday is today as well.

Oh Hi There

If you were trying to stalk me, you may have noticed that I had my profile set to private. The good news? Well, now you can stalk me without the headaches, I'm putting my profile back on public due to increasing demands. I may also make my photobucket public again.

And who knows? Maybe I'll post some more blogs.


Site Relaunch!

Well, I finally got a host and now I officially own a website. It's a great community really. We're quite active. It's a laid back atmosphere, less strict, and friendly. I'm really proud of it and the members can speak for themselves.

All I ask is that you check it out, and if you like what you see sign up. Do note that some boards are hidden so you have to sign up to view. :P

Birthday! ^^

I'll keep this short, since I don't know what to write or what I'm doing today. Today I'm 18 years young! I can vote, play bingo, and smoke. Though, I don't think I'm going to do any of those things. :P

Fun fact: Nikola Tesla's birthday is today as well.

Site Launch!

I'll get a real host if it becomes popular enough. Anyways, register and make/post in some threads. There's not much now, but it'll improve. I'm pretty lax about stuff, but make sure you guys read the rules. It's only 5 simple rules.

If you have any suggestions, stop by in the suggestions area. I want to make a great community! Hope to see you there!

Remember that new forum I was going to make?

Well, yeah I'm going to make one now. Since it's summer now, I have time to do it. I have a lot of reasons for making this forum, some of which you guys probably know about. Anyways, just give me some time, I still have to get a host and set things up. It should be up within the next 2 weeks or something, I'll keep you guys posted.

Just give me a name for it. :P

Operation Terra Update #1 *MUST READ*


My previous blog about Operation Terrawas all just fantasy and something I wrote up. The graphics? Yeah, they look realistic and lifelike, but that's because I took them from real life photographs I found on google images.

Though, to be fair the reason I wrote that is because that is my dream of what the future of gaming should be (especially PC gaming). I don't think it's far fetch that in the near future, graphics will be like that. Yes, in my dream game I want fully destructuble environments, realistic graphics, and THE BEST PHYSICS ENGINE! *drools* The only limitation right now is hardware, but we're advancing!

But, graphics aren't everything. Gameplay is more important than graphics. What's the point of great graphics when the gameplay sucks? That's why I want awesome graphics and awesome gameplay for the future of gaming.

Sorry I fooled you all! Who knows, maybe they'll announce something at E3 about something like this. :P

(btw, I tagged my previous blog under "Humor" just in case you missed it.)