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my first RROD

after my xbox came back from repair (read previous post)

somebody from the xbox team says to me

take off the faceplate

maybe some thing is broken in the connector thing

so within no-time the frontplate was off (with help of youtube :D )

i start my xbox on the old fashinet way (with the big button)

and i got three red stripes :(

after say 1000 times kut

i put the faceplate on it

and start it again to show it to my mom

and strangely it starts normal

plays games (assasins creed this time) but i still cant control it :(

this was my very long mini blog with m bad english

so game''ze because i cant :P

Xbox repair service germany

when my xbox360 came back from repair in germany (e74)

i saw directly that the frontface was broken

i tried to start the xbox with the controller but the Xbox dont response

the controller is searching for the concole but it never finds it

so the german repair servece is nit very good

that was the only thing i say

not very much i see :P