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Finally got the 1,000 in Burnout

That was a major pain. Probably one of the tougher games to get the 1,000 in. Those last couple traffic attacks and road rages were annoying. Along with a couple sig takedowns. I am finally done with it and am glad. I had close to 70 hours into that game. Not all those hours were just achievements though.

Should top 21,000 gamer points tonight

I should go over the 21,000 when I finish X-Men tonight. I have played some crappy games to get this far. I did not enjoy Blazing Angels, X-Men is pretty lame, Table Tennis wasn't my cup of tea, and Fifa is hard to get into. I didn't even get any points out of Rumble Roses. There was a couple of surprises. Tomb Raider was better then I thought it would be and Top Spin was kinda fun after I created my second player the right way.

Call of Duty 2 finally completed.

I finally finished Call of Duty 2 today and about wanted to cry. It was tough beating it on veteran. I got hung up in capturing the town in the D-Day mission.I finally learned the tricks for beating it. I am glad I did not foolishly use my smoke because that is what got me through.

So close to completing Call of Duty 2 on veteren I can taste it.

I am just one mission, actually 3 because there are 3 sub missions, away from 1,000 points for CoD2. That will make my 11th game with getting 1,000, except for Condemned because there are only 970 in that one. Just when I think I am getting a high score I see all these guys with numbers in the 20,000. I should go over 15,000 in the next day or so. I should be at 14,500 by the end of tonight if I can complete CoD2. This has been one of 3 games that have been a challenge to get all points. The other 2 are GUN and NFS:MW. The other 8 have been easy to get the points.

Ready to surpass 13,000 points.

It is getting much harder to collect these points due to the tougher accomplishments you must do. Some of those online points are very tough. Some are very possible if you own the game but very hard to do through a rental. The road to 14,000 is going to be a tough one. Time to complete CoD2 today for the rest of my points on that.

I ended up at 9,145 only 855 short

I ended up renting NBA Live 06 last night and got a easy 1,000 points. The part I thought would be the hardest would be the win a online game. I got lucky and won my very first one. I just started Kameo. I am not sure how easy the points will be for that but I also need to finish up on CoD2, 650 more to go there. If I can ever find NHL 2K6 to rent I could get another easy 1,000. I am still lacking on a few other games I own such as PDZ, Amped 3, PGR3, and DOA4. I think out of the 4,000 possible points for those I have about 400.