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Pictures From Yellowstone, New Avatar and Sig, and More!

Well, here are the pictures from Yellowstone I promised, I just uploaded a couple of my favorites for you guys to see. I also have pictures from The Badlands National Park, Wyoming, and Bear Country USA. Hope you guys like them! But before I show you those have a look at my new avatar and sig. I decided to retire my Ferrari F430 sig and stormtrooper avatar for a band of brothers themed look. My avatar is Major Winters from Band of Brothers, and here is my new sig,

And here are the pictures from Yellowstone and more. Enjoy!

Elk at Yellowstone

Golden Mantle

Buffalo Holding Up Traffic

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone



Devils Tower

Bear Country USA

Somewhere in Wyoming

New Dirt Bike!...And 1 Picture From Yellowstone.

Today I bought a used dirt bike. It's a 2003 Yamaha TTR 125L. I haven't gotten to ride it much but it's a lot of fun! Here are some pictures of it,

She is a beauty isn't she?

My trip to Yellowstone was a blast. I got to visit many different locations, Mt. Rushmore, The Badlands, and of course Yellowstone. It is amazing out there and there is plenty of wildlife to see. I saw bison, elk, moose, bighorn sheep, and a lot of bears. I saw all of those animals in the wild except the bears. I saw all of the bear at a place called Bear Country in South Dakota. I also have one picture from Yellowstone, the others haven't been uploaded to the computer yet,

I'll do my best to upload some more and post them later.



Tommorow I will be going on a 2 week trip to Yellowstone National Park. I am very excited about this trip and can't wait till I'm there. My family will be driving from Missouri so it will be a while before we get there. When I come back I'll make sure to post some pictures and tell everyone how the trip went. Even though I will be away from home I'll still be able to get on here because of my mom's laptop.

School's Out!

Today was the last day of school for me. It was a good year but it went by a little too fast. Now I have the whole summer ahead of me.

What Are You Doing This Summer?

Do any of you guys have plans for the summer? Vacations, summer job, or anything in between?

I'm Going to an MU Game!

Tommorow I am going to see an MU basketball game (here is there website). I am really excited to go watch them play, they are going against Nebraska. This will be my first college basketball game I have gone to. Other than that there is not much more happening in my life right now thats exciting.

I also put up a new review on Medal of Honor: Airborne, it was a good game but a little on the short side.