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Lost My Pokewalker...Kind of Bummed Here

So in HeartGold and SoulSilver you get the Pokewalker, which personally I believe to be AWESOME :D

Anyways, crap on my luck I lose mine...I think I lost it on me at work which doesn't surprise me. I'm the idiot who brought it and thought it would be cool to train my pokemon at work. Anyways get this, so I check Nintendo to look into buying a new one...guess how much? 15 DOLLARS! 15 bucks for that pokewalker. Now I am not entirely surprised but if you think about it, that means when you bought the game you spent 15 dollars to have that pokewalker. Now for anybody who does this it makes more sense to me to buy a new game and sell the game on ebay or something (without) the pokewalker and you could get more out of your money. I don't know, it makes sense to me... I'm just astounded that I managed to lose the thing... I loved my little pokewalker. Anyways, yes this is my short blog for the time being.

First blog ever... lets make it epic

So lets make this first blog... like the epic of all epicness. I decided I am going to give you my top 5 games as of today... which is June 8, 2010. It's an awesome day to be alive, haha. Anyways my top 5 games are...

1. Pokemon Yellow (GBC)

2. Mirrors Edge (Xbox 360/ PS3)

3. Donkey Kong Country (SNES)

4. No More Heroes (Wii - As of Now)

5. Tales of Symphonia (GNC)

Now why do I like them? Lets talk about that... that sounds fun.

1. Pokemon Yellow... came out on the Gameboy Color like way back when. I love this game for many reasons. One, it was one of my favorite games because as a young kid and even now I love Pokemon. I was more of an addict back when I was a kid. This game was also the start of a long revolutionary chain of other Pokemon games. Of course not all the Pokemon today are that awesome looking (personally they are getting a little out of whack in my opinion), but they are still cool. Needless to say, I love Pokemon and I am glad that the games do continue.

2. Mirrors Edge... it is one of the greatest games ever created in my opinion. Many people didn't like the game and in some ways it kind of failed, however, I loved every single second. I have played this game on each difficulty (have not had time to completely beat it on hard... almost there but not quite) and it never gets old to me. I find the game to be a great adrenaline rush followed by stunning graphics and great music. I don't think the game will ever get old, and pray to God I do that Dice decides to come out with the second one... hopefully soon.

3. Donkey Kong Country... I wonder how many people know this game. This was like the second series of games followed by the 80's donkey kong where mario goes up the latter to save the princess. Anyways the first one consist of Donkey Kong (of course) and Diddy who are headed to defeat King K. Rool who has unfortunately stolen there bananas. Now when I was a kid I could never beat this on my own but once I got older and some more since, it is very obvious that the game is short... playing non stop and at the right pace you could defeat this game anywhere from 2 to 5 hours. Of course it is on the SNES so it is not surprising.

4. No More Heroes... who has played the game? Well if you haven't it is one heck of an enjoying time. I will not go through the storyline but just know that the main character, Travis Touchdown makes the game very entertaining. I love the game... hard to explain why... I just find it to be tons of fun. However, the second one greatly disappointed me. Many repeated characters and the same storyline really wasn't what I wanted.

5. Tales of Symphonia... this was my first game of the Tales series which I played. I am very glad I bought it. My siblings and I beat it 3 times through and enjoyed every play through. It also led us to buying many other games in the Tales series, well at least what we could get our hands on. The storylines to the tales games are very fun and enjoyable. I love them a lot.

Well then... we survived. First blog complete. Next time I might discuss a game or something. I don't get to play as much games as I like anymore due to my busy busy schedule in life but who knows, we will see.