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Lost all game saves!

So get this I was getting to the 20 hour mark on final fantasy 13 and just before a boss fight I decided to save. The save bar came up stayed there for 2 minutes before I realised the PS3 had crashed. I waited another 5 minutes before thinking the only option was to turn it off. Pressing the off button (it's a slim) didn't work so i turn it off by the plug. When I turned it back on again it came up with a message saying : the hard disk's file is corrupt do you want to restore it? So of course I want to restore it. It finished restoring and then stays on the main PS3 menu without the icons like friends, network, PSN etc and there is only the little loading icon in the top right corner. So I got my brother in to help. And in the end it took five hours to fix the PS3 but it came with a price. Lost all my game saves. AC2, LB2, MW2, BFBC2, RE5, Blur and final fantasy 13. Fortunatley I still had my trophies but I have to start those games all over again.

Hello Gamespot

I've been using gamespot as my games reviewer site for about one and a bit years but now I have actually bothered to sign up. And I think its perfect time to sign up as E3 is just around the corner. (Can't wait to see the last guardian)