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The headache and strange aversion to any sound other than the music in Journey after watching it played reinforces my insisting that the game should have been so much more than a mere platformer with primitive-but-stylish graphics and a haunting musical score to carry it out of mediocrity. It was clear after watching that this game NEEDED and really badly suffered from a lack of interactivity, since the only part of my brain working here was really my auditory and perhaps a bit of visual and memory. More parts should have been firing here, and to give examples there was definitely a missing element of suspense and perhaps urgency to get the adrenaline up just enough to wake players up from the hypnotic presentation. No, this game could have been more, and I feel cheated by what we have been left with.

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Hey, man, know what? You are absolutely right. I am with you, and come to find out, all my suspicions on how bad this game are have been confirmed. This game just isn't what people are saying, and in fact it is an addictive nightmare. I have 'lost' friends to this game in a way that only WoW could compete with, and still the game is just empty. You can play and play for hours and in the end it just doesn't do the trick. Besides the game just doesn't feel right.

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Well it's as well that this post probably comes 8 years after you asked the question, even what I am going to say really wouldn't help you get a good grade on that thesis of yours, not if the teacher is like most gamers...Even then I walk the paths least travelled in terms of preferences, I have very basic but essential guidelines. You see, I was raised on the dairy of RPGs and have played many games, so I am not so easily impressed by hype, platform specs, eye-candy, dubious publisher/developer names and in some cases reviews by industry critics. More often than not I buy a game AFTER reading and recognizing that it had been railed on by 'pro' critics often because they mentioned elements they didn't like which I knew would be winners. So even if I was to spout my views in specifics I would be better off to say that it is different for different people, and how!

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K, since you said you played Dragon Age, then yes, definitely DDO. I understand Tera is decent, got good action elements, but you have to pay a fee for play *violently wretches and turns gray-faced.* But again, refer to my other post, dude-named-jackie, 'cause there is a lot of others.
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I wouldn't consider that an mmo, though it is a really good game.

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I would definitely suggest DDO, though I don't know quite what else to suggest since I don't know what you like or don't like and there are some things that I definitely don't like about some, though I never really refuse a free one. Do you care what type of game? There are so many mmos out there, and some are really good, some are okay, and some you should never play, but those are few. I play Mythos, Lineage II, Guild Wars, EQ I and II, DDO and a smattering of others. What are you looking for in genres? Questions like these are always so loaded...

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Why don't you ask women? They have as much right to a happy marriage as anyone, more in some cases. That's actually a solid consideration that should guide most of the decisions we make as men. If that's missing, you are really going wrong in ANY relationship, so long as legality is not crossed of course and with other obvious exceptions. They're outstanding people by and large and marriage was always meant to be an equality.

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Just playing a recent CV game and was wondering what all you guys thought the manliest Belmont was--POST-Simon!!
I realize none of them are quite as manly as Simon, but in my opinion the manliest post-NES Belmont would have to be Juste, and that I say because appearances aside, he seems the most manly from his dialogues. So it would seem to me, although I like the 3D CV games best, and that would include LoD.

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HA! I think it was actually Heretic! Very good one if I might add.

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