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I a bit baaaaaaad...

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Apparently, I am a bad boy because I have written reviews that are disruptive, and including spam. I am not angry, I am Gracious in Defeat, and have been taken 2 moderation points. And added a few.



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I now...FINALLY have my second emblem, and its because I have very nice friends.

I accept all friend requests, and don't mind being tracked, but I shall track you aswell.

Your good Friend, terrarosenburg

level 6

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YES! I'M FINALLY LEVEL 6! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! ETC...:!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!::!:


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hello? hello?! is this on? well fix it then! ahem. BRETHREN OF THE UNDERWORLD! YO! bye.
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