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Arcane empires cheats

Game Introduction - Arcane Empires---------www.app-coins.com Arcane Empires gold is a persistent city-building game developed by Kabam (Kingdoms of Camelot Gems) where you build up a city, gather resources, and battle other players. Gamezebos quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game. From the very begining start building up your stash of food, wood, crystals, iron and silver. Best tactic for star is to build three each of the farm, crystal mine, saw mill and iron works, go get your mission rewards for all of those, and then start upgrading them as needed. You can generate more silver by doing one of two things: either upping the taxes on their city (which runs the risk of decreasing their happiness) or simply building more homesteads in the castle area, which increases your population and the total amount of taxes that get paid to you. Leveling: Building and upgrading structures, expanding your territory and most importantly, completing the games missions is critical to leveling up. Leveling up adds new structure types and gives you gold, speed tokens to reduce cooldown times of your research and building creation/upgrades. Missions: Missions are critical to your success in the game. They are your guide in the early going to make sure that you have enough means of production to defend yourself against other players attacks. (After a week, your city is vulnerable to attack by other players) Follow the suggested missions to build up your city and claim the mission rewards, which are usually resources but can also include gold and speed tokens. Completing these missions will also help you level up and continue to get stronger to expand your city and defend yourself against incoming attacks. Earning Free Gold for Arcane Empires: As always with games with this type, there are a few incentives of free gold by doing various tasks. The main one is creating a Kabam account, which nets you a cool 75 gold. You can also link the game to your Facebook account for more free gold.

The Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle-earth: the conquest of middle earth

An epic battle for domination of the Middle Earth has just begun! And 'in fact just landed on the App Store an interesting multiplayer title that allows you to join thousands of players from all over the world to drive hordes of goblins from the lands that lie beyond the Misty Mountains and play The Hobbit: The Realms of Middle-earth . Gandalf, Bilbo, Thorin and thousands of other players who need our help to get rid of the threat of the Goblin in this new game of combat and strategy Kabam. We may be an Elf or a Dwarf, build our city and defeat the Goblin. But, taking into account that the relationship between Dwarves and Elves have long been cracked and therefore not always easy ... The application format is universal and therefore usable with the same download on his iPhone on the iPad. As already mentioned, the title is available for free in the App Store.Obviously this is a title freemium and therefore expect to dip into their portfolio after the input field. These purchases available and their prices: 1. The Hobbit Mithril 1400 USD57.99 -- WWW.App-Coins.Com 2. The Hobbit Mithril 2800 USD127.99 -- WWW.App-Coins.Com We provide the Cheap The Hobbit Mithril. Buy Cheapest The Hobbit Mithril at www.app-coins.com now,the lowest price,over 50% off and more. The cheap The Hobbit Mithril for Iphone ,Ipad and iPod Touch. Delivery time is usually within 24 hours,App Coins shop safely and securely!Paypal and Credit card Security Payment,Quickly and Easily.

koc gems

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Cheap Kingdoms of Camelot Gems

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Buy Castle age favor Points

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Castle Age HD Guide and Cheats

Two main things you should know: Making money and your army size. 1. Of course you should be making money in the city - Castle Age HD Cheap Points - www.app-coins.com. In the city you can have great income generating buildings that will help you win your battles. The main tip for this is simple: build more than one building at a time. It is a bad idea to build one at a time if the buildings keep up going up 10%, this will turn out to be an exponential loss for you especially as the prices dramatically increase for the higher tiered buildings. Try to save up enough to buy 5,6,7 buildings instead of just 1 or 2 at a time. This should also be your first move since land value keeps going up as you have more. 2. When you invade your army size is all that matters. You basically know ahead of time who will win so plan accordingly. Dueling on the other hand your army size is basically irrelevant. This makes for a riskier fight, but hey can be more fun as well. FEATURES: Climb the LEADERBOARD and collect ACHIEVEMENTS to compete with your friends! Obtain powerful MAGIC, recruit powerful HEROES, and create legendary WEAPONS! Get FREE and FREQUENT updates with new quests, monsters, and so MUCH MORE! ANNIHILATE other real LIVE players! GROW your CHARACTER and ARMIES! ERADICATE DRAGONS and other EPIC Monsters! App Store - www.app-coins.com