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Another great performance.

Got back from the concert 30 minutes ago.Really good show.Lots of surprises.DMB is definatly the best band to see live still.There was rain but fortunatly I dident get wet.Sucked for those people on the lawn.But they dident care.To busy having a good time.

Update 6/3/08

Just a few things I want to mention.I beat GTA 4 today.And I was preaty impressed with the story overall in the game.Definitly the best GTA has offered.It was kind of a cliff hanger but there is going to be DLC so its not like halo 2 again.I also finnaly saw Hot Fuzz today.I got to say that movie was some funny stuff.If you havent seen it yet you got to.

Grand Turismo 5 impressions.

I rented GT Proluge today.And heres what I think about the game so far.

Graphics: Stunning.These graphics are up to neck with Crysis they are so good.Maybe even better,but its a racing game so.

Gameplay: In terms of driving,this game really isnt the most accurate.Its called the real driving simulater but compared to other racing games all its got going for it thats better is the in car view and the graphics.The car handling really doesent fell that realistic to be honest.Its like your just driving in a straight line unless your using the in car view.Also when you crash into cars....well you actaully cant touch cars from what it seems.Theres like a invisible force field or something around other cars.Also there is no damage modling at all.

Overall:Iv never really been a fan of the series.Though the only kind of racing games I like are realistic ones.I tried grid for a bit and I hated it.Though this game isnt really that much more realistic then Grid.I honestly like Forza 2 alot better than this.Forza 2 has great graphics and a huge setlist of tracks,events,and cars.Also there is actaully damage modling,even though its not really real looking.Also the custom paint is just awesome.(to bad I have it and I cant play it..soon....soon...hopefully.)But GT 5 isnt bad.Id give it a 7.5 out of 10.

I miss my xbox 360.

Its been like abit under a month since Iv seen that dashboard.I picked up my 360 controller just now..... and the feel.....I just love that controller.I now this sounds pathetic but I really just want to be able to turn on my 360 and see that dashboard again besides seeing : one red light.....E74 and silence.Just waiting on the money to come in.SO many games but nothing to run it on.And I honestly dont like the ps3 better than the 360.Those initails installs piss me off.It took like 30 minutes for the DMC 4 install to finish.Its a good console,but doesent live up to what it should have.The xbox 360 just lived up to the hype completly besides the errors.

Recent purchases

Today I bought a few things.I was going to buy Call of Duty 4.But then I thought.....Na.I rented DMC 4 and have GTA 4 so thats enough gaming for me.Heres what I bought




The GTA strategy is well worth just $20 if you really want to find things.This guide has EVERYTHING.Also 007 casino royale is a great movie.The new 007 movie is coming this fall.Also everyone check out my youtube profile and tell me what you think of the background picture I made.