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I'm Digging This New Thing Here

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I''m digging the new look. Of course there are kinks, but I'll get over it.

You all really did the overhaul. It's much better than most and the other site I use has yet to fix their 'issues' and it's been years too.

TV shows I watched

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Hello to all who are still around and read blogs.

I haven't blogged in a while, because my head has been all over the place. Life is an interesting creature.

The TV Shows I have enjoyed. Yes the fall season has ended, and of course I'm probably late as all hell, but things happen.

Once Upon A Time

As you can see, when you look at the top of this blog, you see the photo of my favorite TV villain in long time. I'm a sucker for great evil female villains, with a tough of some heart, and Regina is one of them. I'd put her on par with Kate from Days of Our Lives and Dorian from One Life To Live.


Lana Parilla who is the Evil Queen, play sit in such a manner that you root for her to get her comeuppance. I've never, ever been one to root for the heroes in a lot of the fairy-tales, so the villains were always my favorite. She does he job so well that you forget what the show's about. Once Upon a Time was my top show this season and that's rare, because football was on too, along with Pro-wrestling at times.

Lost Girl

I stumbled upon this after WWE Raw was over and I was just flipping and at midnight, the re-peat of the "Oh Kappa, My Kappa" episode. For some reason, it had me rolling and I knew I wasn't supposed too.

It's a Canadian show that SyFy has gotten the rights to air over here in the states. Thank you SyFy!

The cast is here:

From left to right they are Trick, Hale, Dyson (sitting), Bo (the star/heroine of the show), Kenzi (her best friend) and Dr. Lauren.

It's a well written show with twists and turns and names that you wonder where you get them from.

Desperate Housewives (I'll miss them)

I'll admit this much, I barely watched the last season leading up to this one. What I had to do was read some summaries of the show to get to where I was going with this one.

I felt the series finale was done well, with just one thing missing and was was Edie. It's shame that things escalated the way they did.

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (I'll miss them)

First off, yes they are being cancelled. they are being cancelled for, get this, a show named "Avengers Assemble" a a tie in series to the good movie that was put out this summer, which I saw.

The show has been so flawless and for Disney to kill a show, yet again, pisses me off!

ThunderCats (to be cancelled)

As a person who is usually against re-booting or re-doing a show or movie, I was hell bent on not enjoying this, but man was I proved wrong.

I am used to a deep voiced muscular handsome Lion-O and I get a scrawny kid who sounds like he's going through puberty. But even without what the original Lion-O had this scrawny version has made me a fan. I've actually stopped comparing it to my 80s fave too.


First off, Mr. Andy Whitfield, the original Spartacus dies on Sept. 11 2011, so we got a new fella to try and fill his shoes, Liam McIntyre. This season saw deaths and so many other gruesome things happen.

Illythia and Lucretia were just so great in their roles. I did not like the guy who portrayed the new Roman person that took over the area where the Gladiators were. He did not click with me at all.

This season was fun and with the next and last season coming up, how they will top it, I have no idea.

WareHouse 13

I was able to catch a marathon about this show and it made me slap myself because I never watched it. It was probably due it being when wrestling is on and shows rarely top it in me watching.

Avatar: Legend of Korra

It's a new Avatar and she's from the Water Tribe. And she has to master, airbending. But she also has to battle the evil Amon (who's secret I figured out after 2 episodes and was proved right during the season finale today), the man who wants to end bending forever.

Welp, those are the shows I watched. I think I forgot some and if I do, I shall write about them again.


I am reading this book right now:

I'm on page 146 of 168. It's been good so far.


I'm still playing Professor Layton and the Curious Village.

Movies to come in another blog. I saw a lot.


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Something will be written soon and it'll be about TV shows and maybe gaming.

Have a good one every body!

The Rabbit That Came and Went In Too Short A Period Of Time

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We met on a midwinter's night in January of this year after coming back from a ride with my mom to drop off some donations to people in need.

I had gotten out of the car and I saw this white thing. I thought it was yet another cat. We have lots of strays and try as I may to help keep the population down and educate people, they still do not get them fixed. But I digress.

And what did I do, I ran in the house and found whatever I could find to feed her. I recall as a young one when we had our rabbits, all 22 of them, that we fed them lettuce, carrots and then rabbit food from the pet store.

All we had were carrots and some day old white bread. At first every other day, she'd eat the carrots. Then after a few weeks, no more carrots. Bread was all she ever wanted.

We would come home from church on Sunday and she'd be n the yard scrounging for food. It took me a while to get her back in the backyard. The reason is that we have lots of children on our block and not all kids are nice o animals, so I am a protective person. I do that with my cats too.

Welp as time went by, in the month of March, all the info about said rabbit is told to me. The kids next door were the reason for the rabbit being loose.

One of the kids, we'll call him Bill, was outside, while I was feeding the birds and squirrels their food. Yeah I do that too. But any way, Bill told me that the rabbit is indeed a woman and she is pregs. His friend or cousin has the dad, but the mom did not get along with either the cat or the dog, so he let her loose. That pissed me up because it made no sense. Why set the animal loose and not give them to the **** school so kids can learn how to take care of said animal? Or give her to us, we are the designated animal protector people. Ugh.

The rabbit, I named he Floppy, had her babies. She had a lot. I lost count at 8, were born and moved to a burrow under my annoying neighbor's tool shed. The father of the girl who lives next door is an ass, so visiting them was not an option. They caught one and gave it to a friend of their family because she did some research and found out that she can handle the care of the rabbit.

For some reason after that, dead rabbits kept being on our back steps. I live in the basement of my house, yes you can insert gamer/wrestling fan pun there. :D The necks were broken, but not like a human did it, but like an animal did it. I figured it was an animal, just not which kind.

3 were killed and in our yard, so we buried them. The first one bothered me. The second one was fresh and I thought they were alive at first, because they were still soft. I was wrong, the neck was lingy lingy and it was dead. I had a breakdown moment, stayed in shock, was silent for the rest of the night. The 3rd one was at around 1am and I put them in a bag.

After that, the mom refused to come to our yard. Of course that's fine because those are her babies. But one day a few weeks ago, I saw her, talked to her and noticed she was scraggly, her eye was closed shut with stuff on it and she allowed me, for the first time to pick her up. I pick anything up, bugs, animals, birds and so on. I love them.

I brought her in, called my mom downstairs and she cleaned her eye. Floppy clung to me for dear life. I talked to her and reassured her that she was loved. She stayed for about half an hour and then I let her go, never to be seen again.

I came out the next few days looking for her and she was not around to be found. Then out of nowhere, the little girl next door told me that the momma had been killed. she bled to death from the eye. the same f***** eye that my mom cleaned. A cat, the mean one from around the block, supposedly chased her and clawed her eye causing traumatic blood loss.

It hurt and still hurts.

That's the story of Floppy, the white rabbit that was here just in time for Easter (you know the Cadbury kind) and that was nice to see.

Her little ones, the ones that are still alive are doing well and roaming the yard and playing with the squirrels.

That Wascally Wabbit

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Hello everyone! I am hoping all is well and all that good stuff.
I know it's been 7 months since I wrote a real blog. I've had my brain focused on other things.

Now onto the meat of the blog.


Last Summer, I think it was in July, I got went to a concert with two of my closest male friends at Jones Beach. We saw Soundgarden. Boy did they suck major ass. It was one of the worst concerts I have ever been to. They were boring, so damn boring, I wanted to leave, but alas, I was not the one who had the ride. It was $80 set to s***.

This was their setlist:

Searching With My Good Eye Closed
Jesus Christ Pose
Blow Up the Outside World
My Wave
The Day I Tried to Live
Ugly Truth
Hunted Down
Fell on Black Days
Rusty Cage
Beyond the Wheel
Black Hole Sun
Burden in My Hand
4th of July

Hands All Over
Loud Love
Like Suicide
Slaves & Bulldozers

First off the set up looked b-level. It's as if they didn't care. I wasn't expecting an elaborate thing the way Manson, Zombie, Godsmack or Priest do it, but man, show us something.

I had never noticed before how much screaming and screeching he did until I heard him. I swear, I was hoping the torture would stop. I was bored, bored I tells ya. They had the never to play encores. That was a waste.


All of the summer, I was entering this Bud Light Free Concert Series they were having through Live Nation. I had wanted to see Motley Crue, but I didn't win that one. I won a 2 tix for a concert of my choice for the month of August. Def Leppard dropped out to I got to see Whitesnake as Jones Beach just like Soundgarden. Anyone who knows me, knows of my love for hair/smut/sludge/sleaze metal. Though they were never heavy, they got lumped in there for some reason. I always said they were Love Rock.

Well, I got my sister to go with me, because no one I chill with likes or wants to admit that they dig this sort of thing. We got there a little late due to a wrong turn.

It was their Forevermore album tour. Coverdale got the band, or what was left of it, back together. They toured with Sebastian Bach and Tesla. We missed Bach (I didn't care) and Tesla (who I really wanted to see).

The seats for the tickets were shit, but since it wasn't sold out, we got primo seats.


Best Years
Give Me All Your Love
Love Ain't No Stranger
Is This Love
Steal Your Heart Away
Guitar Duel
Love Will Set You Free
Drum Solo
The Deeper the Love
Bad Boys / Children Of The Night
Here I Go Again

Still of the Night
We Wish You Well

My sister, who knows I love them, knew the songs too, which is rare. She's not a rocker, but since we are totally stuck in the 80s and 90s for a lot of music, she remembered them.

One thing I hated, it was the song that really got them over as a HUGE MEGA STAR BAND, seemed be all these fans were waiting for. Really people? I was waiting for my jam, which was the encore part, Still Of the Night. It was a great, great show and I'm so glad I got to see them.

My next concert might be Evanescence. I've seen them 3 times. Hopefully they bring it like always. My sis and I are trying to see some Indy Wrestling this year that's in our area.

My birthday was also in the month, I turned a double number. I got 2 games, Professor Layton and the Curious Village and Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.


Nothing huge happened. My semi- wrestling blog on tumblr has been good. Right now, I'm in the midst of writing about my favorite black wrestlers that I grew up watching. It says I have 50 followers, but only 3 correspond with me and out of the 3, only 1 is about wrestling. Go figure.

As for TV shows, that's another blog to come.

Media stuff

Has anyone noticed how ESPN has turned into a sports CNN? Think about it.

On CNN from 9-9pm each night, it's the same stories but with different hosts.

On ESPN (the Sportscenter one), from let's say 1am-3pm, it's the same stories with different hosts after a few hours at a time with the same people.


ESPNU is just s***.

ESPN classics, I have no idea where it went. I know it's on, but it's on a station number that I probably never use.

ESPN2 has turned into the Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith show.

It's rather annoying.

One good thing is, Jim Rome is gone. He's going to CBS Sports on April 3rd to do his show there. I swear, if he asked questions correctly and let a person get a word in edge-wise, the world would be better. I can't say I'll miss him.


The photo up above with said rabbit, showed up in January on a rainy day. My sister had seen he or she and he or she has yet to leave.

He's wascally because, like Bugs Bunny, he or she is very slick. He was caged, due to how his side looked when I first saw him. the rabbit is a cutie and I hope to catch him and take care of him.


I have been playing the Diabolical Box. I've logged almost 7 hours on it already.

Thanks for perusing my blog

Merry ChristmaHannuKwanzaa Everyone

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No your eyes are not deceiving you. I's writing here. I shall tell of my tales of summer fun and winter fun too.

Other than that, to my Christian brothers and sisters, Merry Christmas.

To my Jewish faith friends, Happy Hanukkah.

To my fellow black folk, Happy Kwanzaa.

To my Pagan friends, have a great Yule Tide.

To all the others just like to give and get gifts, Happy Holidays.


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Five favorite TV shows

Pick 5 shows, then answer the following questions. don't cheat.

1. Golden Girls

2. 227

3. Designing Women

4. Are You Being served?

5. Seinfeld

1. Who is your favorite character in 2?

Pearl. She was hilarious.

2. Who is your least favourite character in 1?


3. What is your favorite episode of 4?

The Apartment.

4. What is your favorite season of 5?

Season 3

5. Who is your favorite couple in 3?

Julia & Reese.

6. Who is your least favourite couple in 2?

Brenda & Calvin

7. What is your favorite episode of 1?

The Case Of The Libertine Belle

8. What is your least favorite episode of 5?

Most of the last 7 was unbearable.

9. What is your favorite season of 2?

Season 2

10. How long have you watched 1?

Oh wow, since season 2.

11. How did you become interested in 3?

My mother.

12. Who is your favorite actor in 4?

Mr. Humphries.

13. Which do you prefer, 1, 2, or 5?

1 for life.

14. Which show have you seen more episodes of, 1 or 3?


15. If you could be anyone from 4, who would you be?

Mrs. Betty Slocombe

16. How would you kill off your favorite character in 1?

I'd have Dorothy die in her sleep.

17. Would a crossover between 3 and 4 work?


18. Pair two characters in 1 who would make an unlikely but strangely okay couple.

Blanche & Miles

19. Overall, which show has the better storyline, 3 or 5?


20. Which has the better theme music, 2 or 4?

It's so hard to choose. But I do sing the them to 227 all the time.

Hot, it's so damn hot!

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Click here for more Nightwing info

Hello everyone. It's been quite some time since I have written. It's been hot and I've just been lazy with writing on here. Hope all is well with everyone.

We've got some heat so much so that leaving the house is a damn task. My poor cat's only go out at night and if I put the sprinkler on one more time, my grass is going to drown.

Let's see, what has happened since I've been away from this here site:

-The great wrestler that was Macho Man Randy Savage passed away. As many of you know, I've been a wrestling fans for a long time and he was one of the main dudes during that late 80s to early 90's WWF era that put on some great matches and great promos too.

-The Dallas Mavericks won in what was one of the best NBA Finals I've watched. The NBA Playoffs for 2010-2011 season was so good, that I even got my mom and sister to watch a few games with me. I don't think they can or will repeat, but hey, they can be one of the few that can say they won it.

-The NFL Lockout is still ongoing, but today there are talks for a vote of some sort. I stopped watching Jim Rome, he just annoys me and the ATH fellas are too repetitive along with Skip Bayless.

-There is an NBA Lockout and I swear, I don't know what I'll do if NBA is not on my TV in some shape or form. And before anyone says this, I care not for Hockey or Baseball.

-I and my family watched the USA lose to Japan on Sunday in a really good game (soccer).

-I started a new blog elsewhere and it's only for pro-wrestling. I signed up on tumblr a while back but never wrote anything. I figured I wouldn't bore people on here with it. I've got I think 5 followers now. I'm in the middle of the 15 days of wrestling thing.

-I also dislike my next door neighbors and I hope they move soon. They suck!

I saw some movies. Some of the posters I can't put up here, because well, it's just not site friendly. And no they are not that kind of movie.

French Roast (it's a short film)

-It's about this snobbish fella who forgets his wallet at the diner. The ending is priceless.


Exterminating Angels

-Terrible movie on so many levels. 1/5


-I want my brain back. 1/5

Eloise's Lover

-Very good foreign film. 4/5

Easy A

-Good movie, but I don't know why people foamed over it so much. 3/5

X-Men: First Class

-It was good here and there. 3/5

There have been some TV shows that I have been watching.


-I grew up on this show. I used to sing the awful songs they had and act out what they did on stage in my house. Good times and great show too. They had the best PSAs ever! It airs on the channel HUB.

Pretty Little Liars

-I have no idea what this show is about, but it's really good. I have an idea, but I'm probably wrong. It's a good watch though.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King
-It's based on some books I will never read. She's supposedly the new Buffy. It's pretty good so far.


-I've been able to catch up on it due to it being on in the day. Good show.

I am awaiting the new season of Wicked Attraction on Investigation Discovery.

As for music, I've been listening to Dope Stars Inc.

-Good Industrial Rock bank with lots of electronica stuff mixed in.

-I have played no games.

Thanks for perusing my blog.