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How much are you willing to pay?

The new cost of games is $60. Allright, that stinks but I can deal with it. Extra DLC online for more $, again still stinks, but if it's worth it you got me. Now they are selling "Special Edition" games for more money to get more unlockable content. Why isn't this just part of the regular game? Case in point, Rainbow 6 Las Vegas 2. For an extra $10, you get the bonus pack with unlockable guns. The interviews I can live with out. But what if I want the guns? Well, more money.

This is a scarey new tatic to get more money out of the customer. A tatic that I am not a fan of what so ever. Video games are still a pretty cheap form of entertainment if you actually divide the cost by how many hours you spend on the game. However, if the price keeps going up, you have to really stop and consider what games you want to buy. Instead of just buying a new game to check it out, you will have to do research to see if it's worth the price.

This latest trend has me spending more money on less video gaming. I shutter to think about the next gen of consoles.

Achievements should = MS points

I started a thread in the Xbox 360 forums about achievements should be MS points. While some took the side of the developers saying I was greedy and wanted something for nothing, others like myself thought that it was a valid idea. I mean after all, my credit card gives me 5% back on every purchase. There are buy one get one free offers. Heck, even my elite came with one month free Xbox Live service. Am I asking too much for a gamer pic, or theme, or even a T-shirt?

Some stated that it would be a money loser to do this. I think it would be a brilliant marketing tool for the publishers. Think about it. Get all 1000 points and we send you a T-shirt with our products name and logo all over it. Then you wear that T-shirt to school or around town...............FREE ADVERTISING! Or in the example of a gamer pic, now everyone on Xbox live sees it. Does this sound too far fetched to you?

For some reason or another, the thread was closed. I didn't get a reponse as to why, but it is what it is. Now here, where no one will read this, lies the question.................should achievement points = MS points.

I only wish someone would answer.

Donkey Kong

I find it humorous that a middle aged man would try to go after a long standing high score on Donkey Kong. A feeble attempt to challenge the best. With both video evidence, and a live witnessing, the true King of Kong is Billy Mitchell.