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Persona Trinity Soul

This is definitely a first for me, considering the anime adaptions of my favourite games or visual novels end up being crap. Persona -Trinity Soul- may not be revolutionary, but comes very close.

From animenewsnetwork:

"The stage is Ayanagi City, a city near the Japan Sea. It is a futuristic city that was built to carry out the recovery from the calamity caused by the "Apathy Syndrome" ten years previous. High school student Shin Kanzato with his little brother Jun, meet with their elder brother Ryō, who is the chief of the Ayanagi City Police, again after ten years. At that time, a series of strange incidents happen in Ayanagi City such as the crew of a submarine that suddenly disappears while in their submarine, or a spiritless symptom which disturbs the world after ten years, or the case of the inside out corpse where a student took on a cruel appearance. Ryō tracks down the organization behind the string of incidents, and having become involved in the incidents, Shin awakens the "Persona"."

The animation and art are a treat for the eyes. The story seems to be progressing nicely and has managed to keep me interested for all the 10 episodes I've watched till now. The occasional remix versions of the game's soundtrack every now and then is a nice treat for the fans. The Voice Acting is top notch as well. Overall its one of the best anime I've watched in months and I highly recommend it to all anime fans even if you haven't played the game. Though you might want to wiki persona 3 and go through the backstory a bit to get a better understanding of the setting for the story.

So... I got a wii..

And I gotta admit its pretty awesome. The implementation of motion sensing is pure genius and makes the sixaxis look plain stupid. My only and biggest gripe with it is the crappy graphics, which looks to be on the same level as ps2 games. Then again, I'm a total graphics whore and I find even the occasional jag to get in my way of enjoying a game. And I still found no more heroes a lot more fun than uncharted. Its just that much fun. Though I'm also a total sucker for games with insane levels of gore >_>...

YAAY!! (caps)

After two sleepless nights, today, I finally finished Resistance. And let me tell you if you own a PS3, you owe it to yourself to try this game out. Also 100 profile views, and a new emblem. Hurray for me! Anywayz, I'm off to kick some more chimera ass.