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Back on gamespot

It's been almost a year but I'm back and it feels good. I'll stat posting on your guyses blogs. I'm on a school computer so I don't have a lot of time but I will try to get on every weekday. Thanks ttyl.

It's been a while

Yep it's been quite a while since I've been on here. The past few days I've been thinking about coming on here and posting but I haven't really gotten around to it until now.

Alot has happend in my life since I've been gone, the death of my grandma, me no longer being single. Who woulda thunk? Getting a haircut that's always a big event lol.

Haven't been gameing alot lateley though. Well yesterday I went to my aunts and sung karoke and just spent time hanging with family. So I just wanted to give you a little update and thankyou guys for reading my blog. It's something just to know someone out there is intrested.

I'm going to go check out your guy's blogs last time I was on here I remember things were pretty quiet. Don't know how active I'll be on here anymore.


Can't think of a title oh, wait!

I was at my mom's on the weekend and hung out with friends and family and I bought brothers in arms: ds and I am really enjoying it it got me playing my ds again I played for at least a couple hours yesterday.

Tommorw we go to Marshall (nearby town) for a career fest which will be nice to get away from school lol.

I've been looking into Hikaru no go again after a while, it's the only manga I've really liked so yeah. I'm also planning on buying lego star wars one day, one day...

Not much

Well I wasn't able to do the clean-out for when I hit the untrack button it didn't work but it's not a big deal.

I haven't been up to much had detention today, that was boring of coarse. I'll be going to my mom's this weekend and hopefully on Halloween me and a friend want to mess around.

I'm going to brick back my games and system a friend here wants to buy some and there's a couple I want to sell so.

That's about all for me except that this girl I like has me confused about if I have a chance with her.

Girls are confusing creatures.

Oh also has anyone noticed how sick John Mccain has looked recently, he does have a deadly form of skin cancer..

What I've been up to/ friends list cleanout

Well I just decided it was time. You guys know who you are that get to stay on my list. (Just2yoshi, RenVar Tristainh12and all the rest of those justyoshis, whoever they are :p)

If anyone one else is here and wants to stay just post. I'll cleanout my list on Monday.

In other news sorry I haven't been on. Though I haven't been up to much just hanging out with friends and school. And all that.

I went to the school dance last night, that was fun and amazingliy I danced! I changed my icon just because I wanted something diffrent it's from the short animation Called Vincent about a kid who thinks he's Vincent Price.

Well that's I'm going to post on your guy's blogs now.

Beaming like the sun

Yeah, you know it just feels good to - can't belive gonna say this but have a school and a place to just belong. So yeah not much else to report but I'm reading the godfather for school and I got to say it's pretty awesome. I'll be heading to my mom's tonight for the weekend my friend wants me to hook him up with some girls so I'll try to pull some strings like the godfather lol.

As for my situation with this girl i like I am becoming so frustrated with myself that I might actually do something.

So yeah, have a great weekend :D

Top ten reasons

Just trying to be funny tell me what you think.

Top ten reasons you love/hate the media, politics, famous people.

10. You like to sit at a desk and talk- even if no one's there.

9. You tried to report on a neighbor who smokes weed- that person is Raplh Nater.

8. You wanted to interview the president but you had to stop to pee on a bush.

7. You wanted to interview Hannah Montana but found out she isn't a real person.

6. Your microphone got lost in Nancy Pelosi's washing machine.

5. You made beads with Harry Reid in kindergarten.

4. You thought Paris was named after Paris Hilton.

3. You wanted to dress like Hillary Clinton so you wore a suit pant.

2. You wanted to hold a political rally so you went to a nursing home- no one could hear you.

1. You became a lobbyist for the chocolate laxative corporation.

No idea for a title

No poetry from me for a while I jst haven't been intrested in it latley and have been doing other things. At lunch someone asked if I am intrested in being a radio personality because even though I'm short I have a deep voice, a mismatch if you will.

I'm an now kind of intrested in that otherwise I have no idea of what I want to do. Not much else to report except that I really, really, really like this girl at school.

Thanks for the song reccomendaitons, I have to visut my mom this weekend and I wanted to burn some songs for down here. ( No computer raido gets a couple staticy channels.)

What has been happening (not alot)

In my life.

Well I hung out with some friends last night and have been learning the ropes of the school. Other than that though not much watched happy gilmore ( the fight scene with Bob Barker is hilarious). I've also watched a little bit of the daily show with John Stewart, pretty funny.

Even though I can't vote (next election I'll be 19) I have been following the election pretty closely I consider myself an independent and haven't decided who I like for president.

That way even though I can't vote I can complain if the one who I don't want to win. You know how schools have those fictional votes just to see how the school voted.?

Well in 2000 I voted for Bush because my friend said Gore was going to get rid of chees. lol