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Why The PS3 is Better Than The 360.

The ps3 has rechargable controls,the 360 ones use batteries and u have to buy a rechargable kit for it.

The ps3 has a wider variey of games e.g Mass effect=shooting game,Gears of war=shooting game,Halo=shooting game

ps3 has 2% failure rate 360 has 39%

360 has overheating problems and u have to buy a fan to stop them

Xbox live is 60 euro a year but PSN is just as good and costs 60 euro less

PS3 has built in WI-FI 360 dosent

PS3 has internet browser 360 dosent

360 scratches disks

PS3's blu-ray has extra layer which makes them harder to scratch

PS3 has Home,Life of playstation and Vidzone all free

360 has a Huge power cord while the PS3 has a very small one

PS3 has motion sensor

360 copied the avatars from Wii

Top 10 Playstation 3 Games.

This is my list of the top 10 PS3 games that i have played since i have got it.I will be getting God of War 3 in the next week or two so it will probably be my favouite game so far.

10: Killzone 2 (Great Shooter,Too Hard)

9: Saints Row 2 (Very fun open-world,Bad graphics,GTA Clone)

8: Fifa 09 (Really fun,Too easy)

7: Uncharted: Drakes Fortune (Great graphics and gameplay,Too short)

6: Batman: Arkham Asylum(Very funny,Awesome graphics and gameplay)

5: Dragon Age: Origins(Really fun,Graphics aren't great)

4: Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion: Game Of The Year Edition(Huge world,Many Quests,Lots to do)

3: Infamous(Awesome Story that can go 2 ways,Great Powers)

2: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves(Best Graphics i've ever seen,Deadly Story)

1: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots.(Best Cutscenes Ever,Great gameplay,Long Story will keep you busy)

Fallout 3 DLC Review.

Broken Steel: The Good:Continues the horrible ending of Fallout 3,Gives you a few cool weapons.The Bad:Not Very Long.8.5/10.

Mothership Zeta: The Good:You get some cool weapons to play with.The Bad:Long,boring,drains your supplies.5.5/10

Operation Anchorage: The Good:Gives you some really cool stuff,Story is a cool change from the way Fallout 3 usually does things.The Bad:Story gets repetitive sometimes.8.0/10

The Pitt: The Good: You get to be a Slaver,Story is interesting.The Bad:Can Be finished in a few hours,Very few weapons to get,though the ones that you do get are cool.8.0/10

Point Lookout: The Good:Gives you a big,new area to explore,Story is interesting,Gives you alot of cool weapons to play with.The Bad:The whole place is really depessing looking.9.0/10.

My Game Of The Year 2009 Awards...

I know its been 2010 for over a month now but i didn't bother to do this until now.I will be including the games i've played in 2009 and early 2010.Most of the games werent actually released in 2009.

Best Xbox 360 Game: Fallout 3. Runner Up: Assassins Creed 2.

Best PS3 Game: Metal Gear Solid 4. Runner Up: Uncharted 2.

Best PSP Game: God Of War: COO. Runner UP: Metal Gear Portable Ops.

Best PS2 Game: Metal Gear Solid 2. Runner Up: Metal Gear Solid 3

Best DS Game: GTA Chinatown Wars. Runner Up: Didnt play any other DS games in 2009.

Best PC Game: Fallout 2. Runner Up: WOW(Only played 10 day trial version)

Best Shooter: Call of Duty 4. Runner Up: Killzone 2.

Best RPG: Fallout 3. Runner Up: Fable 2

Best Sports Game: Fifa 09. Runner Up: Football Manager 2008

Best Wrestling Game: WWE 09. Runner Up: TNA Impact.

Best Fighting Game: Tekken 5:dark Resurrection. Runner Up: Dragon Ball:Raging Blast.

Best Adventure Game: Uncharted 2. Runner Up: Batman Arkham Asylum.

Best Horror Game: Resident Evil 5. Runner Up: Dead Space

Best Comic-Book Game: Batman Arkham Asylum. Runner Up: Spider-Man 3.

Overall Game Of The Year: Fallout 3. Runner Up: Metal Gear Solid 4

List Of Things And People That I Hate The Most.

This is a list of things and people that i hate the most:

WW2 games

Sheva Alomar (Resident evil 5 character).

Jordan (Katie Price).

People who play Call of Duty way too much.

People who think the 360 is better than the PS3.

Nintendo Wii (piece of poo).

Tekken 6 (HUGE disappointment).

Dumb AI.


Gossip magazines.

I might think of more in the future and if i do i will come back to this blog and update it.

Update: People who don't put Dvd's/Games back into their cases when they are done with them.

My First DLC...

The other day i gave PAT12KENNY a fiver to use his Fallout 3 DLC disk so i could install the downloads on to my 360 which makes this my first DLC now all i need is a working Fallout 3 disk to play them on.

Thoughts On Elder Scrolls MMORPG.

In my opinion i think an Elder Scrolls MMORPG would be a great game unlike the Fallout one because it is being made by Bethesda who are much better at making Rpgs than Interplay plus look at World of Warcraft and how succesful that was but i would rather if they just made an Elder Scrolls 5 on the PS3 but it dosent look like that is going to happen anytime soon.

Modem and Games.

Today i went into town with 100 euro and planned on buying a modem so i could play online with the ps3 but i found out that my internet cant support it so there was no point in getting one so instead i got dragonball:raging blast and uncharted:drakes fortune plus two dvds.