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I'm actually going to speak to you just as a guy to another guy, Gelugon, and I'm going to bow out of this eternal feud that we somehow always got locked into and I'm done.

You know, I never understood why you hated me so much. Your friends, what few you had anyway, all came to me and told me how you'd google my name and obsess over articles I had done on other sites and make snide remarks about them. For whatever reason, you've always been really obsessed about me and intent on making yourself look bad by insulting me. I always tolerated it, simply because I have my own worries in life...but I'm going to address it once, now, in this final post.

Gelugon, if you go through life being jealous of what other people have and hate on them in some passive aggressive fashion, wasting your time away with angry replies and hurtful lies intended on making others hate you back for attention, then you're going to live a very short and unfulfilled life. A big part of the reason your friends left you and came to me, and why I had so many followers and appreciation heaped at me is because I treated people with kindness and fairness. You didn't. You attacked people, let your bitterness get to you and allowed jealousy to influence your actions.

You want to be a writer and you're angry that I've had so much success doing it myself both here and elsewhere, and it eats you up. Problem is, rather than using that as a launching pad to improve your own situation and seize your own destiny, you angrily attack others and ruin your hopes of ever attaining that dream of yours. Me? I never have to try hard for attention, since my writing always spoke for itself. I went to college and finished my Bachelors in Journalism. I worked for several websites until finding a legitimate one that not only loved my work, but was willing to *pay* me for said work. I didn't waste my time attacking others or letting myself be destroyed by jealousy. I seized what I wanted and took it. Through hard work.

You have a mental illness, I think. You are a man controlled by his anger who will never get the things he wants. I know what those who were close to you said about your personal life, and I won't repeat any of that here because I don't think anyone needs to know it: But know that I do, and what I know is very sad. Things won't change for you until you start working on yourself and stop obsessing over people that you feel unfairly got what you felt you deserved instead.

Take that to heart, Gelugon.


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Ah... Carl Batchelor.

I remember him. He was (and still is) the user taxonomic. Those of us who had been here for a long time would remember that he can be an especially caustic person when dealing with things which he dislikes. He was also quite given to ranting.

He still is, apparently. Little wonder why he was banned from GameSpot back in 2011. He also left - or was banned - from many other sites for his high-horsed attitude and massive ego.

Also, he is wearing a lot more tin-foil than ever too. I suppose paranoia and suspicion goes hand-in-hand with sanctimony.

Take his rant with a pinch of salt, people. He's not any better than Sarkeesian or Thornton.

P.S. I remember having stated long ago that the only gaming site which would take him seriously is one which he runs himself. I suppose that he finally had that site.

P.P.S. Also, do note that this petition was not started by Sarkeesian. It's one of her "ultra" supporters. That's such a silly thing to suggest to Valve, really. Not to mention that Valve only cares about off-loading its share of the work to its customers and content partners.

P.P.P.S. Apparently, due to the site migration two years ago, he's unbanned now. :/

Actually, I don't own the site. I'm one of his writers and I was hired based on the positive feedback I received on Gamespot, as well as Giant Bomb and Youtube. He was so impressed that he specifically asked me to be his PC RPG and Editorials writer. Considering most of my reviews here managed to garner in upwards of 80+ upvotes with only 1 or two downvotes, it makes sense.

Also, I was never really banned from anywhere else, and even Jodi, the mod here, sent me a message asking why I was banned.

Though to be honest, it doesn't matter much now since I'm paid to work for Nichegamer and it's doing quite well. A lot of people are flocking to us since we have been one of the champions of truth in this debate.

Thanks for your support Gelugon. Weedman says hi!!

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My antivirus, Avast, downloaded an update a couple of days ago. So I tried disabling the shields for it to see if anything happened. The first video I clicked buffered superfast and I thought I had solved it. But then every video I clicked after that just wouldn't buffer again. So I'm at a loss. My friends don't seem to be having problems and you guys neither. And it's weird because videos on other sites work just fine. Gamespot, Gametrailers,, no problems at all.

I'm thinking it could be my computer, but youtube did work for me a little while this morning plus that one video a couple of minutes ago.

I use avast *and* I use Adblock plus as well as several greasemonkey scripts, so if anyone should be having problems it should be me. Do you experience these problems while using Chrome? If so then it is on your end.
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Well, some people just shouldn't be writing or gaming. This fellow is both.

I've worked for sites big and small and everything in between, and if I ever saw unprofessional critiquing I'd call people on it.

...though I think this guy is just a troll.

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i'd also give my vote of fps goty to bulletstorm, but lets wait for rage

So far, I don't see any FPS that deserves such a distinction. Bulletstorm was 5 hours long with horrible multiplayer and Crysis 2 was Killzone 2. My money is on Rage or maybe Serious Sam 3. Duke 4 could be good, but I'm approaching it with skepticism lately.
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It's because your 360 and your PS3 aren't running Windows.

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Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I don't care about speed, I care about driver stability. Whoever is bringing out the better more stable drivers has my money.

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It still doesn't hurt to use Driver sweeper. I use it still (rebooting in safe mode, than running it) and it always picks up remnants after I run the ATI installer to delete them.

It won't *hurt* anything, so anything that wipes out the old drivers is a good thing. Only takes a few mintues.

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Just a follow up, you were right, the 4870x2 and my new 6950 were the same size. Had to mvoe around some cables but it's in and kept crysis going on extreme for an hour at 1680x1050 with ease.

Two things that shock me though is that #1: The fan is inhumanly quiet. It doesn't even sound like it's on. I'm used to my last 3 cards (A 4870x2, 7800 and a 6800ultra) being as loud as vacuum cleaners but this card sounds like a whisper. #2: It's 20 degrees cooler than my 4870x2 ever was. It idles around 42c and after an hour of Crysis 2 at Extreme it's around 71-72. My 4870x2 was about 10-15 more than that on its best day.

Really amazing card so far. Quiet, fast and powerful.

I didn't get the preview drivers you recommended. I stuck with the 11-2's and they seem to be performing very well in Crysis so I'm not going to rock the boat. (I still have nightmares with the Omega drivers from years ago and I'm leery about using non-WHQL stuff)

Thanks for all the help though guys, I appreciate it.

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I've been hearing a lot about the 6950 being a LONG card (no jokes, please) and was wondering if my case would fit it.

Currently, I have a Saphire 4870x2 in there (which I'm getting rid of) and they say it's 10.5 inches. I have a bit of space left beyond that, and was wondering if a saphire 6950 would still fit in my mid tower.

So basically, if my 4870x2 fits, will the 6950 fit there in its place?

I just replaced my 4870x2 today with a 6950 (imagine that!) it fit pretty much identically as the old card, you shouldn't have any issues.

Was it the 2GB or the 1GB one you bought?