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My antivirus, Avast, downloaded an update a couple of days ago. So I tried disabling the shields for it to see if anything happened. The first video I clicked buffered superfast and I thought I had solved it. But then every video I clicked after that just wouldn't buffer again. So I'm at a loss. My friends don't seem to be having problems and you guys neither. And it's weird because videos on other sites work just fine. Gamespot, Gametrailers,, no problems at all.

I'm thinking it could be my computer, but youtube did work for me a little while this morning plus that one video a couple of minutes ago.

I use avast *and* I use Adblock plus as well as several greasemonkey scripts, so if anyone should be having problems it should be me. Do you experience these problems while using Chrome? If so then it is on your end.
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The combat looks far too much like Gothic 4. With all the rolling around and slow enemies it feels so watered down and effortless.

Ugh...another CRPG that disappoints me? Great.

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Well, some people just shouldn't be writing or gaming. This fellow is both.

I've worked for sites big and small and everything in between, and if I ever saw unprofessional critiquing I'd call people on it.

...though I think this guy is just a troll.

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i'd also give my vote of fps goty to bulletstorm, but lets wait for rage

So far, I don't see any FPS that deserves such a distinction. Bulletstorm was 5 hours long with horrible multiplayer and Crysis 2 was Killzone 2. My money is on Rage or maybe Serious Sam 3. Duke 4 could be good, but I'm approaching it with skepticism lately.
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It's because your 360 and your PS3 aren't running Windows.

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Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I don't care about speed, I care about driver stability. Whoever is bringing out the better more stable drivers has my money.

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It still doesn't hurt to use Driver sweeper. I use it still (rebooting in safe mode, than running it) and it always picks up remnants after I run the ATI installer to delete them.

It won't *hurt* anything, so anything that wipes out the old drivers is a good thing. Only takes a few mintues.

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Just a follow up, you were right, the 4870x2 and my new 6950 were the same size. Had to mvoe around some cables but it's in and kept crysis going on extreme for an hour at 1680x1050 with ease.

Two things that shock me though is that #1: The fan is inhumanly quiet. It doesn't even sound like it's on. I'm used to my last 3 cards (A 4870x2, 7800 and a 6800ultra) being as loud as vacuum cleaners but this card sounds like a whisper. #2: It's 20 degrees cooler than my 4870x2 ever was. It idles around 42c and after an hour of Crysis 2 at Extreme it's around 71-72. My 4870x2 was about 10-15 more than that on its best day.

Really amazing card so far. Quiet, fast and powerful.

I didn't get the preview drivers you recommended. I stuck with the 11-2's and they seem to be performing very well in Crysis so I'm not going to rock the boat. (I still have nightmares with the Omega drivers from years ago and I'm leery about using non-WHQL stuff)

Thanks for all the help though guys, I appreciate it.

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I've been hearing a lot about the 6950 being a LONG card (no jokes, please) and was wondering if my case would fit it.

Currently, I have a Saphire 4870x2 in there (which I'm getting rid of) and they say it's 10.5 inches. I have a bit of space left beyond that, and was wondering if a saphire 6950 would still fit in my mid tower.

So basically, if my 4870x2 fits, will the 6950 fit there in its place?

I just replaced my 4870x2 today with a 6950 (imagine that!) it fit pretty much identically as the old card, you shouldn't have any issues.

Was it the 2GB or the 1GB one you bought?
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Good, it comes tomorrow. I'm really excited to get it, I want a DX11 card bad, and this seemed the best bang-for-the-buck.