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please put comment for me !!

oh man:):shock:

2011, what a good year! it's like evry year is going to be beter than last year.

it all stat with little big planet 2,what is better than playing whole as sackboy but then portal 2 came out and i dont know why Im still playing it?portal is something special for me,later the blue and red fight begins.outland is a good game i can feel it but Idont finish it yet!after finishing L.A noire I always wonder why we dont play whole game as jack kelso!(this was the first time in 2011 that i cry for a game)at that time Istill play dirt 3 one of the big trilogy in the year.but it was until august that I go thorough Deus Ex four time to see all of its ending. at the end of the summer my most anticipated game of the year gear of war 3 came out and how good was it ... there is nothing that i can say about it (also the second game that make me cry). at the last month of the year big title like MW3 and Battlefield3 came out, but games like dark soul,Batman AA and uncharted 3 was stars of the show and at 11.11.11 elder scrolls V become the goty of gamespot. but these are only half of games that I play in 20011 what is your best memory about games in 2011 :) ! !


2011 is the year of trilogys, gears,uncharted,mass effect and ...but I want to compare this two big titles with each other and want to remind you how similer these games are !?!

graphics:these game was't release at the same time but gear's 1 and uncharted 2 were both big game in terms of graphics and they are still good but you now uncharted graphics are flawless so G:0 U:1:cry:

gameplay: both games have an awsome gameplay but there is an important thingh that is third persion cover shoter need cover and the firs game that got this feature was gears 1 so you got the point. G:1 U:1

story: both game do not have a really raech and original story but in fact gears story is much darker and emotional than uncharted but on the other hand uncharted story is more focused.G:2 U:2;)

online content: at least until now both game featured a solid online that promise to be beter and bigger.G:3 U:3 :shock:

at last these are both amazing games and I hope this we see a great performance from them!!8)

graphics at all

all the time I was wondering how ghraphics coulde efect the game and I could say that graphics should fit the game and every game should have it's own feel,so for reaching to that step games need art and tech both. for a lon time i thought that crysis was the best graphics ever made, in term of technologhy crysis is the best but when i play that I find out thet every time you reloud your gun the frime rate suck's now this is a list of best graphics in diffrent genre;

best action/adventure graphics:uncharted 2 among thiefes :cry: I want ps3

best driveing graphics : forza motorsport 3 ;)

best fighting graphics : mortal kombat:twisted:

best platformer graphics : super mario galaxy 2

best puzzle graphics : limbo:?

best music graphics : the beatles rock band :o

best rpg graphics : witcher 2

best shoter graphics : killzone 3 :cry:

best sport graphics : fight night champion

until the next time !!

best charaster of past ten years

it is a list of a characters that i choice, for there personality and there effect in the story. how i choice them? not by playing all of them but with searching them i read all of this games story and discuss with a lot of people that i know, lets get started:

1.old snake (or solid ) - metal gear solid

2.gordon freeman - half life

3.mario - let me count there is 1000000000 games :D

4. ezio - assassins creed 2

5.glados - portal

6.john marston - red dead redemption

7.master chief - halo

8.bruce kibbutz - grand theft auto IV

9.nathan drake - uncharted

10. sack boy - little big planet

please put comment for me !!8)

best first persion shoter of past ten years

lets have a look in best shoters in my opinion. and be sure that i played all of them at least for two hours; 1.halo reach 2.orange box 3.call of duty 6 4.battlefield bad company2 5.crysis 1 6. left 4 dead 7.killzone 2 8.call of duty 7 9.call of duty 4 10.halo 3

the way of gaming

in my opinion how to control a game is the most important factor. NO! do not think about move or kinect or the other.I mean that the thing that the character do in your hand . don t get me wrong i do not mean it should real or thing like that i mean it should be useful , and the only person who can say is YOU ! believe me. so every game that can affect you is a good game but of course things like graphics,story & music. but you can enjoy an unknown game very much! ali taherghasemi (tataaaar)!!!!!!!!