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Cows are complete idiots who flip-flop to whatever situation suits them. During the Wii's reign in sales, cows all said "it's about the games, sales mean nothing." and now that PS4 is doing well out of the gate with no good games, sales suddenly mean everything. And with crap software like Knack scoring low, they're all "scores mean nothing, strong sales of games mean it's good." All last gen they were calling all Wii software "shovelware that only sold to soccer moms and casuals".

No matter what happens, cows have a bullshit excuse for everything. When Wii was out-pacing the competition by miles and miles, sheep didn't talk about sales in every thread.

Now the Wii U destroys PS4 with games, but cows don't care about games and pretend PS3 early sales failure (very similar situation) never happened. It's no wonder everyone agrees that cows are by and large the most annoying group of fanboys.

too much truth in this post, all cows love is sales going by all the threads im seeing from cows, when they aint got the sales its all about the games, just like they did with the ps3, they are the most annoying group peroid, they are just too dumb too see it

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the list is endless with cows, "killzone shadowfall to be next gens half life" "knack will out score mario galaxy"

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Cows had their premature fun for a day or two but now they got their ass kicked once again. Good game

they have had this ass whooping coming all year

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@Rage010101: oh i get it now, u mad a $400 console runs circles around 95% of pc the so called hermits use lol no one in their right mind hypes killzone ever, series is garbage

are you serious?, cows were hyping the crap out of shadowfall since early this year, not to mention they even said killzone sf coud be next gens half life, thats how sick in the head they are, now all thier big talk has fallen all around them and they cant take it

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Uncharted is easily my fav sony franchise, and no doubt it will sell gangbusters and be critically recieved, but it's not going to destroy the xbox.

No 1 game could ever destroy a console.

Xbone has no good franchises left.

Halo is trash. Halo 5 will get a 75 on meta, and that's the Xbone's premier franchise... LOL...

So you admit its better then Killzone right? Killzone got 74. You know Killzone, that game you tried hyping up and said it was gonna get a 9.0 by GS.

Halo 3 like it or not has sold more copies worldwide (over 15million) then all uncharted and TLOU COMBINED.

Halo 4 has sold more world wide then any uncharted and TLOU game. Like it or not, Halo is king. Fable franchise and Forza franchise has also outsold all naughty dog franchises. These are facts child, so keep posting your worthless opinion.

lol dat ownage

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cows just never learn do they?

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cows were naive to think the ps4 would be like the way the ps2 was back in the day

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Cows are salty now that their launch has been besmirched by faulty hardware and mediocre review scores. With the 360, I at least have confidence the frying pan won't slide off the console due to flawed design. You can at least use all that salt on the eggs. We could also bring up how this isn't the first time PS has had a lame launch if we are to play these little games. SW is about the present and watching cows these past two days has been a hoot!

they have had this ownage coming for the whole year, all that bragging and big talk has suddenly came to a halt, they cant take it and are resorting to cheap damage control

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lol cows and their hypocrisy, you lot got fucked hard and here you are trying to act like the victims as usual when you lot have done nothing but bash the hell out of everything else, lems have earned this ownage against you guys

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their prob too busy enjoying the COWageddon that's happened on here