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juxtaposition: the importance of color and simplicity in gaming

let's just be blunt for a moment and get some cold hard facts down before we get to my ego-rich opinions shall we??, the world isn't as bland or as dirty or colorless as most game developers think it is, for every grey-ish brown industrial sight there is a red moon, blue sky, and purple sunset. the world is full of juxtaposition, which, in layman's terms just means there is always an opposite of some thing, something that balances out something else for example, for every crazy looking final fantasy character, there is always a realistic texture to go along with it. but games that have bland, colorless visuals don't really compliment reality in anyway, there should always be something to balance it out and feel cohesive, like a rich color palette or stylized character designs. real life is full of color, and anyone who says that call of duty looks realistic is going to hell for lying. though I am willing to admit that stylized games don't look any more real, but they are a lot more true to life even just by judging their colors. In my opinion "depth" in gameplay is pointless and is one of the reasons why I find most mainstream games are bollocks. Depth usually refers to the complexity of the main mechanic of a game, like say the depth of combat in a god of war game, and while it is fun when there's depth to a game but if that "deep" game mechanic is the only thing you do in the game, then it just becomes boring and repetitive. you have to have more than one game mechanic to make a game entertaining, or at least have something else in the game that gives it the variety it needs to sustain the interest of the player, whether it's the art, or the story or even the music. thats why I love ninja theory (yes them again) their games are full of juxtaposition in art, story but not so much in gameplay but the simplicity of the gameplay is put against the backdrop of diverse story and art, making it an enjoyable game. every part of a game should be juxtaposed against something, without this symbiotic relationship a game becomes shallow and pointless. that's why most fps games are total crap.

the new devil may cry has potential, why doesn't anyone see it?

I've been one of a disturbingly small group of people that believes that the next devil may cry game, being developed by UK studio ninja theory will actually be decent. No matter what there will always be nay sayers and some of them have relatively valid points but I still can't get my head around it. first I want to get this out of the way, I personally love the new art design, and ninja theory creates some of the most incredible artwork in the history of gaming (in my opinion). with that said I think the new design for dante is fantastic and as an obsessive fan of the previous games (excluding 2 and 4) I think that the new look and tone fits with the character. the aggressive nature of the game fits with dante's troubled past. it is no secret that dante was and always has been a bit callous about his demon heritage, therefore it would make total sense that he would feel totally disjointed from the world and that he would be angry about it. hence the new themes of disenfranchised youth and punk rock. as for the white hair, I could honestly care less, as for his new attitude, well, just read the previous statements above. It's an origin story that is taking a few liberties, and from what i can tell these are only aesthetic, his hair color and length change, as well as his clothes so by the end it will be the dante we know and love, it's an evolution, he starts out one way and ends as another, and I find that a very interesting journey to follow. we see how dante becomes dante, how is that NOT cool? it's like watching bruce wayne become batman! The gameplay looks fine to me, looks just like the other games, and as for the graphics engine... OH BOOOHOO!! so it's gonna be a little slow, how could that possibly make it a total flop? shadow of the colossus had an absolutely horrid frame rate and yet it's often regarded as one of the greatest games on the playstation 2, graphics don't make a game, as long as the game is fun why should it matter if it's slow? fun doesn't come form speed, it comes form the sheer enjoyment of playing the game, I was never a fast paced dmc player however the fluidity did allow for good combos and slow doesn't constitute non fluidity and who's to say that ninja theory won't make tweaks in the engine to allow for more speed?

Call me an artsy fartsy type if you want but I'm of the opinion that a game is no longer just about the gameplay its self but the culmination of the music, story, AND gameplay. Thats what devil may cry is, so as long as ninja theory gets that balance right why should it matter if a few things are changed? change is good, everything needs to evolve and dmc hasn't evolved since dmc3 back in 2005(I could have the wrong date but hopefully you understand what I'm getting at).

A reboot isn't such a bad idea, the series cannon was totally screwed up by the inclusion of nero, who was a terrible character in his own right. the dmc series was a perfect balance between eastern and western sensibilities and dmc4 overthrew that balance by making it offensively japanese, nero was basically a cliche anime protagonist shoved into the story, the only thing that helped him fit in was his attempt at copying dante's snarky attitude. and that failed horribly, with nero constantly having pre-pubescent temper-tantrums every five minutes due to the blue balls he developed in his romance with his cardboard cut out love interest kyrie. all of that in combination with nero's nonsensical relation to dante which was never explained and will clearly never be explained totally threw continuity out the window. The story had nowhere to go, and with no story, came no excuse for a cash grab on a series the developers clearly didn't care about anymore. and so with this in mind, a reboot made total sense, going back in time because there was no way for them to move forward( they could have if they actually tried but obviously they were too lazy) the new westernization is a possible balancing act for dmc4's japanese overhaul and the art design going for a new up to date, modern-punk aesthetic infusing it with new types of cinematography, clearly inspired by david fincher movies and throwing away the now outdated anime inspired fight scenes which were stripped right out of final fantasy7 advent children.

Let's face it what was cool in the 90's is, for the most part, not particularly cool now, yes dmc is still cool, but it doesn't stand out like it was meant to back in the day, it has become the standard, almost to the point of cliche, and the new ethos wether you like it or not, stands out. nothing that has been done or shown about the game is any sort of proof that the game is going to be a dud or that it will "ruin the series", as far as I'm concerned it'll be a great game, as long as ninja theory stays their course. unless there is undeniable proof that the game will be bad, (and at this point there is none) I will not change my mind, you're entitled to your opinion but unless you have real proof that is not based on anger or fear, you will never change my mind. I'm excited for this game, why aren't you?