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Long time, no speak

Haven't accessed gamespot in quite a while. Now that I'm in college in another city, I really don't have as much time for gaming as I used to (not that in the last year of high school I was gaming too much either). Anyways, I don't think I'll be blogging here anymore. For those of you who still want to talk, though, add me on facebook :)http://www.facebook.com/Chris.inFamous

Sighisoara :D

Well, I don't know how many of you have heard about it, but last weekthe Medieval Festival took place in Sighisoara . It was uber-mega-extra-triple-awesome xD At first I thought it wouldn't be too cool since I wouldn't meet Wooz and Darky till Sunday, and I thought Friday and Saturday would be boring mostly, especially that I went there with my family. But things suddenly shifted. In the train, I met a girl that I knew from a pub in my city, so I had who to talk to all night xD Sadly, she was going to Cluj, not Sighisoara, but she gave me her brother's number, who was already in Sighisoara so I could meet up with him :D Of course, the road was long, so when I got to the hotel I logged on to wi-fi on my phone to talk to sum ppl on messenger and then I went to sleep xD After that I called her brother (whose name is Cristi, just like mine xD) and I met him in the town center. We went around, took some pics with the landscapes and buildings, and then thought of taking some pics with the "mascots". We stumbled upon a group of "knights" and "princesses" xD and I asked if we could take a pic, and guess what... two of the girls I had met a pretty long time ago from an antimanele forum :D So after all... I thought I would be alone that day, but instead we were now a group of aprox. 10 ppl xD

We had tonz of funz and beer :P I'm too lazy to write the entire story so stfu xD Anyway, Sunday was the day that I awaited most, the day I would meet Wooz'n'Darkey :D First off we went to haev a beer, then we went through the city, bla bla, laziness ftw D: then we met with the other dudes and dudettes :D And finally, we stumbled upon another group that came from the same city as Wooz and Darky so we were now liek 20 people. I don't need to mention that it was awesome xD

Btw Darky, remember when we took a piss in the Cetate? =))


Hell yeah... we were piss-drunk xD

Oh and this is the trio of GS: from let to right taraboi1, woozienebunu andVercettiTommyyhttp://i29.tinypic.com/rjmm1x.jpg

That's pretty much it :D Talk to ya'll laterz

Been a while, so why not...

Well, it's been almost a month (or more than a month?) since I last posted a blog here, so I thought I should post something. February was a pretty good month for me: on the 14th of feb I still didn't have a girlfriend but it was a buddy of mine's bday, we partied all nite :D One week later, another buddy's BDay (daytime) and then a heavy metal concert (Perpetuum Cross, a not too well-known romanian band) (nighttime). Another week past and I got re-connected with an ex-classmate of mine who is coming back to Romania in april, and I can't wait to see him, cuz he's been one of my best friends in school :)

So, yeah february was a blast :lol: apart from school anyway lol

Now we're in March, I saw a very cute chick and I wanna "propose" to her :D It's a long story about how I saw her lol I was with one of my current classmates in the school courtyard and he met his GF there (who is from another class than us) and his GF was with a friend of hers so I took the chance and talked a little... I think she likes me :) the way she looks at me... ROAR :lol:

Well, that's all I have to confess... :P Now to gaming: I got silent hill 3 and I finally managed to emulate MGS1 correctly :D I really have to say that Hideo Kojima is a GENIUS That game kicks major 4$$ out of most of the games that are released now :o Anyone who played it knows what I mean !

And out of inspiration again... so talk to ya'll laterz :D

The Samsung Omnia review that G-Unit1422 requested

Well, I finally did it :lol: Hope you all will like it, and don't expect too much, it's an amateur review, not a profesional one, like Noah from phonedog.com does :lol: Oh and my voice sounds kinda weird bcuz i caught a cold, so yeah, don't u start laughin :lol: :lol:

Anyway, enjoy: http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=2agvhac&s=5

Hmm, seems for some reason that it hasnt uploaded all of it... but i cant upload it anywhere else (like GS or YT) bcuz of the time limit, so sorry, but I hope you enjoy the part that did upload :)

Anyway, if you still want the full review you'll have to download it from rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/192255237/Samsung_Omnia_Review.wmv.html

Guess what I got :D


Yuppo, that right there is a Samsung Omnia :D I explored just a bit and it really is astounding. My friend, G-Unit1422 requested me to do a review of it, but as u can see its at its first charge, so i cant show u much right now, but I promise the review will come soon, G :D

And how about u, Roman? U said u were buyin sumthn too :D

PS: If you remember one of my last blogs before Christmas, I was barely hoping for a Sony Erricson K850i, and now whooaaaa :lol: :lol:

Happy new year!, updates and an oldy but goldy


Well guys sorry for commenting on your blogs so late, but I had some guests for Christmas and really forgot about my PC for the most part :lol: It was awesome, they were from out of town, and I showed them around here, went to some clubs with them, bla bla none of ur business :P :lol: j/k of course :D I got a few presents this year, mostly games (just look on the now playing section of my profile here :lol: )

Oh, and about that oldy but goldy: It's POSTAL 2 :D I think it's a pretty good PC game, works even on a pentium 3 I think, and you should definitely try it out if you like sick humor :lol: Here are some clips I made from this game *click me*

Also on my XFire profile where I posted the vids you can find some screenshots from the game and others :D, so now most of you see what XFire is about :P

Anyway, I'm off now, Happy New Year, may it be the best up till now and may all ur wishes come true :D

Christmas is just around the corner

Since Christmas is coming I thought I'd make a blog to wish everyone Merry Christmas

I hope Satan Claus will bring you nice presents



Anywayz Merry Christmas

Oh and for my XFire-GS-Yahoo special group (wooz, tommy, headshotter) here'sCAEK

I just saw Quantum of Solace + updates



Besides that, here are some updates: I went to Vienna 2 weeks ago (sorry again, Monica) and it was great, I made a tour of the entire city center and Christmas Market (loved how they decorated for the holidays), went to Castle Schoenbrunn, Belvedere, did some shopping, etc, t'was great :D. On the school side, things are OK up until now. For Christmas and New Year ima get a Sony Erricson k850i (thanx G-Unit1422 for convincing me :lol: ), visit some relatives and friends, go to parties, etc, you know what everyone does on this time of the year :)

And... I haz no moar inspiration, so talk to ya laterz and Happy Hollidays :D

LvL 15

Well, since I don't have anything to blog about, I thought I would just let you know that I'm level 15 now here on GS :lol: , and besides that I got every game I wanted this month: Dead Space, Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, Spider-Man Web of Shadows, Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Bully, and two others that weren't released this month but I wanted to get them for a long time: The Witcher enhanced edition and Penumbra Requiem (which is very disappointing compared to Overture Ep1 and Black Plague). Other than that not much news except that it was halloween, but instead I went to a friends birthday part lol :lol: