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2 badges!

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yeah! ive got 2 badge. and the funny thing is that i only tuned in to the INteractive Achievements award for 20 mins! :lol:


My new banner

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Thanks to SHAUGHNZ, my gamespot mate, i now have a gamespot banner. My opinion of it is that it looks hell good and that for someone who does this for fun it is magnificently goooooooood! so thanks SHAUGHNZ for making my banner!


Big friends list!

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YO my friends out there, wats up? anyways i'm on a quest to get alot of gamespot freinds so if your willing spread the message, and track me. Peace OUT!


MARIO Galaxy Funny!

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DO you think this was done on purpose or not?

Look closely at the cover of Super Mario Galaxy. Look at the shining, twinkling stars under certain letters in the title. These stars are placed under the letters U,R, MR, GAY WOW!!!!!!!! do you think that was done on purpose? leave a comment on your opinion.

MY B'DAY is 2morow

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HAppy Birthday to my self 2morrow! time for me to get some some birthday money and spend it on some new wii games!:D

Rockband coming to WII

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It was only a short time ago that Harmonix had finally announced the release of standalone instruments for Rock Band. At the time there was no word of a standalone mic. As it turns out, it is already on sale. The packaging teases us with a single word. Wii.

No, that doesn't simply mean yes in France. It means that Rockstar should be hitting the Wii sometime soon. This isn't the best picture, but if you look in the top right corner of the package, you'll note which systems it's compatible with: Playstation 3, Wii and Xbox 360. This is interesting because so far Harmonix has been strangely silent about a version of the game for Nintendo's console.

One can only assume that the packaging wasn't supposed to hit store shelves until an announcement had been made. Opps. In the meantime you can pick up the mic for about $50.