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Another year..wahoo

Hello an haappppy new yearrr!!! I finally finished uncharted for the vita earlier tonight. It was a pretty awesome adventure tho kinda short. Hmmm I wonder what I'm going to play next...I may just play some most wanted...or finish that tempting copy of saints row or just pop a bottle of champane and relax....

3DS...pokemon black/white...it's going to be a good month

Yes, finally the 3DS is going to be launched this month...I am actually thinking about selling my XL to go towards it but....still thinking about it. I mean do I honestly need three systems ( i have a DS lite, DS XL and soon going to get the 3DS).

For portables though it's going to be a good month. Pokemon Black/White comes out this week (happily preoreded at toysrus for wall clings). Prolly be the first game I'll try on 3DS since well I don't really see any good launch titles yet. I am not into button mashing games (DOA or Street Fighter) the pilotwings looks very arcade-y and resident evil (both titles) will not be out for a while. Oh well I might just settle with ridge racer. OK signing off c-ya!

Yes my first reasonable preordered game....

So I finally preordered a game that probably my first decent deal in a while.

NOTE: Walmart is having sweet deals on certain games for example I just bought New Super mario bros. for 33.00NEW! and free shipping!

Anyways back to the preordering-I bought Split/Second for 20.00 {PC} and recieved a free $10 gift card.

compared to the other prices this was a great deal! and now I am hooked (but I am not sure for how long because after 3 hours of playing it gets easy and a bit of the repititive.....) Still... Cheers to racing games!!!!!!!!

I'm back!

Hi ya' all!!! I have finally risen from the my studio bombshell and am ready to finally get playing, browsing, and reviewing some games. Honestly though even during school time I managed to finish F.E.A.R. (finally) on PC, have been playing my PSP religiously (from Joan d' arc to daxter to gta vice city!) It's been one hectic semester from having to accomplish five classes and my senior thesis and thesis art exhibit while working! WHEW! but it is finally done! YAY!!!! hmmm now what to play or continue playing.....maybe Castlevania symphony of the night on my PS2......i bought a mint copy a few months back and ahhh the memories, ok clocking out!


Ahhhh snow, memories of sledding, getting hit with snowballs and sitting and gaming.in the warmth of my home- yes freedom and no school to top it all off!


Konnichiwa! welcome to my blog and read on to get to know what I play. I recently jut aquired a PSP 1000 plus some games with it such as Resistance retribution, Burnout, and Daxter. So yay! Favorite genres: Adventure, 1st person shooters, racing, 2-D scrollers Favorite series: Max payne. castelvania, metriod (2-D scrollers) F.E.A.R., DOOM, Gears of war, NFS, Driver, Sword of Mana Systems owned: PC, Wii, PS2, PSP, DS, GBA