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Finished Killzone 2 today...

...and it's not bad at all. I believe I have preview code, because I can't connect online, but the single player component is pretty good. Sluggish controls don't detract nearly as much as the frankly pathetic characters you have to deal with - Scolar Visari is more useful as a figurehead of the Helghan people than as the character you meet in the end, and Radec would've been redeemable if he'd been fleshed out more, but I couldn't give a damn about the ISA people.

They're lifeless husks, jerkily animated fiends who's ugliness is matched only by their brute stupidity. The sheer hypocrisy of their complaining about the Helghast killing their friends whilst they invade Helghan is overwhelming. Diplomacy has apparently been abandoned, with only one mention of 'Oh, and a peace would be nice at some stage', that being at the very beginning, swiftly forgotten after the seven hundredth Helghast you kill (the number of kills I got to by the end of the seven hour long campaign).

Weapons are good, for the most part, although the LMGs sound like you're firing a nailgun at a granite wall, and most are fairly fun, especially the ungodly lightning gun which not only can strike multiple opponents at the same time and is basically a one hit kill, but also has unlmiited ammo.

Boss fights were fun, the Heavy, Arc Trooper etc, although the final boss (no names until launch) was slightly dissapointing, considering how awesomely hardcore he seemed in cinematics. Vehicles handle fairly well considering, although even slower than on foot, which is a feat in itself.

Trophies are superbly done, with the majority achieveable through simply playing through the game in both single player and multiplayer modes, with you not ahving to go far out of your way to get them. As I've just got my PS3, this is a great thing for me, as I think I'll become as much of an trophy whore as I was an achievement whore.

Overall, though, the single greatest thing about this game is the score. Forget the beautiful visuals (even on my antique television they were beautiful), and instead listen to the music, especially what plays on the main screen - I can't get it out of my head, and I've fallen in love with that fact.

A fun, but flawed game, which I cannot wait to play online - even if I have to finish the single player campaign again to get there.