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BF: Bad Company 2 or Red Dead Redemption?

I want a new game. I am considering BC2 because I im kinda tired of CoD: MW2 and I like the big multpilayer maps with vehicles, lots of players, destructibility and so on.

Now, RDR has a large open world with amazing gameplayand storyline with OK multiplayer. It seems like GTA, only western style and I am a major fan of GTA.

This seems like a choice between multiplayer and single-player. Both games are $60 so there is no price difference. The single-player in RDR will be something completely different for me since I've been playing so many shooters, but BC2's multiplayer might last me through the summer, until all of these other shooters are released in the fall. Keep doing the same fun thing for a long time, or do something different that is short but sweet?

Sold all Xbox360 games

I did this because I just wasn't playing it at all since I got PS3. I can't sell my system because it isn't working, of course. It will be the 4th time I have to get it repaired and my warranty has expired. I don't feel like paying $100 for it. So, what do I do with my system?

My experience with PS3 so far

All I can say is, what are all of you X360 fan boys talking about?! To start off, I always heard PS3 network is laggy and bad quality because it is free. Total bullcrap. I actually used to lag out of games more on XboxLive. Second, the games do have longer load times but that is because the graphics are better. Example, I've played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on both X360 and PS3 and it looks better on the PS3. Metal Gear Solid 4 came out 2008, same year as Gears of War 2, and it looks much better than Gears of War 2. Games are just simply better. Resistance 2 is 100x better than Halo 3 because it is actually intense and the multiplayer can have 60 Players, lag-free. And, the rumors about hardly anyone being on the PS3 network, another complete lie. CoD:MW2 at night has over 120,000 people just in Team Deathmatch. Might I add, Blu-Ray movies look and sound much better than DVD movies. All of you Xbox 360 fan boys need to stop lying to justify why you think your system is better.

My 360 got red rings, again

well actually my system wouldn't even turn on. I've had it, no more 360 games for me, except for GTA: Ballad of Gay Tony. I cancelled my CoD: Modern Warfare 2 reservation and I'm gonna buy it on PS3 now.


Yup, my 360 got the E74 error. At least now my repair is free 'cause it's under warranty. Well, I guess it's time for some F.E.A.R. Combat!

360 is back

I finally received it on Tuesday. I'm back on Live. I'm getting CoD:WoW this weekend. I feel great.

I officially hate Microsoft

OK. So let me start out by saying that I'm REALLY PISSED OFF! Alright. So, I was tracking my repair status on www.support.xbox.com and I kept thinking, "Oh my God! When is it gonna get here?!" So I decided to call 1-800-4MY-XBOX and ask for a UPS tracking number for my console. They give it to me and it says that it should be shipped later on in the day. So I'm thinking, "YEAH! FINALLY!" When UPS rings my doorbell, I get very excited. Then they hand me a large, white envelope addressed to me and I ask him, "That's it?" and he said yeah. So I get pissed off and like, "Where the **** is my console?!" I open it and it is the game Dirt and the note said that they are returning this to me first because this accessory was found in my X360 console during repair. I was thinking, "BULL****!!!!" because I never bought the game Dirt and when I shipped it my disc tray was empty. Now, my status on www.support.xbox.com says that my console was shipped, but I never got it. Last night I call 1-800-4MY-Xbox to see what was going on, They said that they received word that my X360 was shipped back to me. They told me that if not, it should still be in transit. They told me to wait this week and to hope that any 360 shows up. I think that my 360 got mixed up with someone else's. This is just straight up terrible customer service. I really regret getting a 360 and I should have gotten PS3. Note to the wise, if you don't have a next-gen system yet, get PS3 and if you have a 360, sell it and get PS3. I don't want anyone else to go through what I'm going through. They said that more than half of 360 have sent consoles back for repair, so it's bound to happen.