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I feel asleep..

I definitely fell asleep guys.. here it is, in the end of September 2012. The last time I posted anything was back in 2007. Yes, I walked out of Gamespot, over the stupid kane and Lynch debacle. Whatever, I feel I should hop back in, and continue this crazy train of fun.

Goodbye Forever GameSpot!!!

HoHUM.. level 23 Super Bagman....

Here is where I tell you how cool it is to have another ranking on Game$pot. Yes, Game$pot spelled like that for a reason. Apparently game reviews on this site are meaningless unless you have the MONEY to buy a good review. This will be my last posting, I will cease all payments to LAMESPOT, and end all my dealings with this MONEY for RATINGS company, I am sure out there I can find REAL game reviews, REAL UN-BIASED game reviews from a company I know I can trust, that will tell me about a game based on its merits, and not by how much money it got to review a game. I know, you guys at Game$pot are gonna laugh this off, saying oh its one person and that his input doesn't matter. Who cares if t0adphr0g leaves us, we can still get more and more money from other gamers who will pay monthly fees to watch our SKEWED REVIEWS. Yes, I won't be missed, but Game$pot... NEITHER WILL YOU!!!!!!!!!

Blaster Master!

Here I am again with another GameSpot ranking ... Blaster Master .. ahh Level 22. Yet, so much farther to go :)

Mired in the Metal Slime!

Yes! Ding! Here I am, I've made it to level 20, also known as the glitch level... Metal Slime, therefore I should be stuck at level 20 for quite some time if the glitch was never fixed...groan.

The Metal Slime is one of the mascots of the Dragon Quest series. Looking like a smiling Hershey's® Kiss, this creature, if you could kill it before it ran away would net you huge XP!

Looks Like I am gonna be here a while, mired in the Metal Slime..

Da Phr0g

Gitaroo Man

Gitaroo-Man is a video game for the Sony PlayStation 2, published by Koei. The player character is U-1 ("Yuuichi": a common Japanese boys' name), a young boy who is frequently ridiculed by classmates and passed over by Little Pico, the girl of his dreams. The story proper begins when Puma, a dog with the capability to speak, teaches U-1 to play the guitar--simultaneously teaching the controls of the game to the player--and subsequently revealing to him that he is the last legendary hero of Planet Gitaroo, a title which sets him up as a target by many varied individuals.

Despite a number of positive reviews, the North American and European versions of Gitaroo-Man were produced in very low quantites by Koei and, as a result, have become somewhat rare, and is regarded as a cult video game.


Flicky is a female bluebird who debuted in the arcade game 'Flicky' as the main character and has since become a part of the Sonic the Hedgehog series as a species commonly used for Eggman's robots, or badniks. They also play integral parts in Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic Adventure. Flicky's original designer was Yoji Ishii, a member of Sonic Team until August 1999.

I must apologize for not being so active in my Gamespot duties, since I had been working hard at hardly working. Glad that I am back, tho! Felt bored, and added more of my PC titles to my list tonight. I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving, and that in the closing of this year, we all can look forward to spending time with all our friends. because in the end, all we really have is each other.

Minus World

Okay, well, I too got to "Minus World" while completely blowing past Level 16's "Magician Lord" status.  For continuity's sake, here is the "Magician Lord" screenshot:

"Minus World" is named after the secret level in the NES game Super Mario Brothers.  The trick takes place at the end of World 1-2. In order to be able to perform the trick, Mario must be large. Mario must destroy the brick next to the last one, stand on top of the pipe that leads to the flagpole and then jump and hit the left side of the last block while facing left. The secret lies in the correct angle of entry. Mario must not jump up into the brick, but almost jump next to it and slide on it. It may be easier for some players to jump from as far left as Mario can stand on the pipe. The player must not hold right from the second Mario jumps, as then Mario will hit the block diagonally from below and will just bounce back. With good timing, Mario will slide straight through the brick and all the way through the wall. It is then preferable to not walk right, as it may cause the screen to shift too much to the right and cause the "WELCOME TO WARP ZONE" message to be triggered. If the message is indeed triggered, the warp pipes will act as normal. Also, if Mario jumps while sliding through the brick wall, he will jump out of the wall and will have to walk back and perform the trick again. When Mario reaches the other side, the player can take either the leftmost or the rightmost pipe, as both lead to the Minus World.

(Minus World information courtesy: Wikipedia)


Ok guys, usually when I achive a new rank in Gamespot, I post it in this blog.  Today, I made level 15 (Nobunaga's Ambition), and I now want to dedicate this ambitious achievement to the greatest showman that I have ever known... Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter.  His ambition to teach others about reptiles and amphibians at the Australian Zoo. His ambition, to show the televised world his love for all the many animals both known and unknown to civilized society. His ambition to show no fear when facing these deadly creatures, and his ambition to live life to the fullest.

Rest in peace, mate.