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My new toy

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My new toy is a 2006 Yamaha FZ6, this thing is a death machine.

The previous owner installed some nice mods, such as a Two Brothers exhaust, PowerCommanderIII, frame sliders, tinted windscreen, and a fender eliminator kit.

Built my new computer

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So after years of waiting and debate, I finally decided to take the plunge and build a new gaming rig, mainly because of the great upcoming games(and current ones) that my PC couldn't handle worth bob saget.

Looking forward to World in Conflict, ET Quake Wars, HL2EP2/TF2/Portal, Crysis, UT3, BIAHH, and playing Bioshock, STALKER, and all those other great games.

07/3008 Update: Been running great, it plays every game I throw at it on high-max settings.

I've done a couple upgrades and had a problem with the sound card, but creative sent me a new one.

Updated specs:

ThermalTake Armor w/25CM fan, OCZ GameXStream 700W PSU

DFI LanParty NF680iLT SLI-T2R, Intel Core2Duo E6750 2.66GHz

OCZ Reaper 4GB DDR2-800, dual eVGA 8800GTS 640MB SLI

Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty Champion, Lite-On SATA Multiburner

150GB 10kRPM Raptor X, 500GB Samsung T166, 500GB WD SATA

Samsung 22" 226BW Widescreen, Logitech Z-5500 500W Speakers

Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme, Cooled by 11 fans total

Paintballing is fun. Ow, my muscles.

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It was something I hadn't done in a few years, but I don't remember my whole body hurting the next day when I first did it.

So I went paintballing with some friends at the local field. We ran, dodged, rolled, kneeled, went prone, and did things that I shouldn't have done with me being so out of shape. The welts from balls that bounced were the least things that hurt. In fact I only remember a couple balls breaking, so I got to stay in longer. Then there was the fact that I could barely see out of the goggles which caused me to trip and slide face first, right before jumping back up and laying 100 rounds down range from the adrenaline.

Infact it was so much fun that I am going to buy my own equipment, however I am also buying a gym membership.

Ow, ****, my legs hurt too much to stand.


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Here is my $270 paperweight. It served me well for the past 8 months. Just a few minutes ago it was working fine, then it spazzed out and now it just sits there with the lights on, but no screen, no sound, no tears. It won't work off, it won't reformat, it won't even go 007 on it's own ass. Is it karma? Is it fate? Is it the fact that it slammed against my car when I turned that sharp corner?

Goddamnit. I really liked that thing. So much that I've ignored that stack of bills and ordered another. Now the evil blue lights on this thing will haunt me while I sleep until it drains itsself of power...


The PS3 conundrum

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After seeing just how sexy the Playstation 3 looks, I've been thinking about buying one. However, before I do that, I'm going to list some of the pluses and minuses of buying one, and comparing it to another console.
I've left out the lower priced PS3 and X360 SKUs on purpose.

So the 60GB PS3 costs $599, $200 more than a premium Xbox 360.
What do you get for those extra clams?
- A bigger hard drive, 60 vs 20
- Built in 802.11b/g, a $100 value compared to MS
- Next gen DVD format, a $200 value compared to MS
- Memory card readers, a $30~ value(price of a USB reader)
- HDMI support
- Built in power supply, no huge power brick to take up space

Negative aspects
- Only 1 original launch title, with other 20 being sequals, ports, and shoot offs
- Price. Yes, I've established that the price difference is worth it, but $600 is still expensive for a console. The PS2 was $300 at launch, and dropped in price pretty quickly. Currently it is less than a fourth of the PS3 price
- No HDMI cable in the box. If you want HD goodness, be prepared to drop an additional $50-100

What else could I get for the price of a PS3?
- 30" HDTV, which would be put to a lot more use.
- PC upgrades.

Then there's the aspects of Sony's cockiness and poor business practices.
- First they claim that the Xbox 360 and Wii are "overpriced".
- Their massive laptop battery fiasco.
- Forcing Lik Sang to close, while admitting their own employees and directors broke the laws they were trying to enforce.

In order to save their business and their reputation, they better have something up their sleeve in the coming PS3 launch.

Your input is appreciated.

The War on Christmas

by on
When is this bullsh** going to stop?
I'm sick of hearing Bill O'Reilly's fat ass saying "THE LIBERALSZ ARE ATTACKING CHRISTMAS BY SAYING 'HAPPY HOLIDAYS'!!!!"
Happy Holidays is anti-christian? Really? How about the fact that the bible states Jesus wasn't even born on december 25th?
How about the fact that around this time of the year there are 5+ holidays? WHEN YOU SAY "MERRY CHRISTMAS" DURING THANKSGIVING, NEW YEARS, OR ANY OTHER RELIGIOUS WINTER HOLIDAY, YOU SOUND LIKE A DUMBASS. So you just say "Happy holidays", but that's an "attack on christmas!". Give me a fu**ing break.

70+% of America claims to be christian. I say claim because 99% of the christians I've met don't practice their religion or were just born into it and indoctrinated by their stupid parents.
(By the way, if you use that number to attempt to support the credibility of christianity, you're dumb).
Yet Christmas is a corporate holiday. The real meaning of christmas is get this: Presents.

Back on the topic of this so called "war on christmas", one, get it JUST ONE retailer had a display that said "Holiday Trees" instead of "Christmas trees", and every retarded pundit got their whitey tighties in a bunch over it. IT'S MARKETING. SIT DOWN AND BUY YOUR HOLIDAY TREE YOU FAT ****.

All I want for christmas is my 12 guage, a new jag, an escort girl(disease free), and SOME GODDAMN SANITY IN THIS COUNTRY.

HCU? more like LOL

by on
I seem to have offended the little children at gamespot's oh so great headcrab union :lol:
Oh man, I didn't think they'd be that immature. Gotta love the internet.

Little run down on the situation: I offend the christian, childish, ignorant, and dumb posters on the headcrap union, they go OMG! U SUX!(note: they kissed my ass left and right before this), then the pompous leader of the union "bans" me...uh, I could join again if I wanted, which I don't. Then a wannabe rapper tries to make fun of me, and when I send him a non offensive PM, he reports it like the little punk he is. That's not all, the leader cries to his daddies at gamespot to get them to remove my sig, which was 1. A joke, 2. Justified, 3. Me expressing my opinion. But no, we can't have people expression their opinion on gamespot! ****ing censors.

I saw alkaline trio

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Along with rise against and some crappy band at the warfield in san francisco, it was leet.

All of a sudden everyone is a hardware expert

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This Xbox 360 hype and the ignorance surrounding has really got to me, as a PC gamer and computer geek.
People are reciting the X2 specifications as if they know everything, spewing ignorant comments left and right.
I do not know if this is just plain ignorance, or "fanboyism", either way it's not safe to have the bewildered herd running around.

A lot of people seem to think that PC gaming will take "2-3 years to catch-up", I hate to break it to you bubba but the hardware will be the same when your "godly" system is released, and what was the Unreal 3 Engine made on and for? That's right, PC.
They also seem to think that just because the Xbox2 has such nifty hardware for such a cheap price, wait a minute, since when was $400 "cheap"? anyways, they think that all of the games will automatically be graphically superior to PC games like they just spontaniously spawned out of air molecules. Sorry, physics doesn't work that way!
I also heard a few "My computer sucks therefore PC gaming is dead" posts, which boils my blood to see someone who knows nothing about PC gaming and/or computer hardware talk about it like they know everything.
They also say things like "but it has 3 processors!!", obviously with comments like that they don't know what they're talking about.
They need to make System Wars more visible, a lot of these kids are flocking to the PC forum to troll with ignorant comments.
I honestly believe microsoft has further advanced the stupidity of the world's youth.

I could spend hours writing about how these kids are seriously uneducated, but I will just tell you that someone who is biased towards consoles has absolutely no right to comment on PC gaming, it just makes them look like an idiot.

But what does the Xbox2 mean to me? absolutely nothing. I was once hyped and everything, thought it would be cool, I couldn't wait for it. But then I realized that spending a monthly paycheck on a system that will probably not have any games worth playing is just insanely moronic.
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