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4th of July The 2012 Edition

The 4th of July. A day to celebrate the moment in histroy when we fought for independence. The day we split ourselves apart by showing we support freedom in all its forms. Make sure to party tonight everyone. Do whatever makes you happy.

Wow, this is the first blog I've made in a while isn't it?

Mother's Day

Yes, once again it is that special day to thank the person who helped create you. Make sure you do something special for your mothers today. We're going to celebrate it next week due to events now, but there are still plans.

Riders of Fate Finale Part 2

All three heads charge attacks and fire. The blasts hit Dragon and reduce it to dust. Yusuke is hit and is almost knocked back. He stands his ground and glares [Yusuke LP = 600].

Vergil: ?Why? Why is it? Why, no matter how much I wound you? Why do you refuse to remove that glimmer of hope in your eyes?

Yusuke: Simple Vergil. I will not lose hope because I can?t afford to lose hope. With hope I can keep fighting!

Vergil: Fool! I am trying to help you! By destroying hope I am saving you pain! I had my hope torn away and it ruined me! Why do you humans keep something so painful so close?!

Yusuke: It?s you who doesn?t understand Vergil! Hope isn?t something you can throw away. It is always there in your heart, helping you fight.

Vergil: Then what if hope is lost? What did hope give me?! The loss of my parents, a world where I knew no one, tuberculosis, and the list goes on and on! Tell me, why should I hope after all that?!

Yusuke: I knew hope can be hard to have sometimes. But if you can?t even dream about what you want to do how can you expect to live? I admit there are times when even I felt scared and there was nothing to do. But through and through I had my friends. And they gave me their hope and helped me survive!

Vergil: You are so naïve it sickens me. There is no such thing as hope! For either you or your friends! All that awaits you is death. Why won?t you just accept it like I did!?

Yusuke: Because I?m not like you. I don?t want to create a future for myself. I want to create a future for everyone. So I?won?t?FALL!

He screams as energy pours from him. Vergil?s eyes widen as light glows on Akuma. The three faces stop grinning and scream in agony as light pours of it as well.

Alicia: Yusuke?needs us.

Axel: He?s calling out to us.

Dex: Yusuke, take our power and stops him.

Tamika: We?re always besides you, never forget that.

Seth: show this guy?the future we shall create!

Yusuke: My turn, draw! I use my Trap card, Descending Lost Star. This revives one Synchro monster with a lower level. Come back, Warp Speed Dragon [ATK 2500/DEF 0 LV 7]. Trap card, Limit Reverse. Now I revive Stormy Synchron [ATK 300/DEF 500 LV 2]. Trap card, Limit Reverse! Now I revive Rainbow Synchron [ATK 900/DEF 1800 LV 3].

Vergil: Three Synchro monsters? But it?s useless! None of them are powerful enough!

Yusuke: Everything?I feel your power. Let?s take him down for good! I use Rainbow Synchron?s power! Now he becomes a regular Synchro monster as opposed to a Synchro-Tuner. Here goes. I tune the level 2 Synchro-Tuner Stormy Synchron, level 3 Synchro monster Rainbow Synchro, and the level 7 Synchro monster Warp Speed Dragon.

Stormy becomes 2 gold rings that Rainbow and Dragon fly through, becoming 10 stars. Dragon reappears and speeds up, moving into space [2 + 3 + 7 = 12]. It moves faster and faster until it vanishes completely, creating a bright light that begins to destroy the darkness.

Vergil: What is that?what the hell is that?! Is that the Sun?!

Yusuke: This is our hope. Our hope that shines like the Sun! Hopes cluster with dreams, dreams cluster with wishes, and wishes guide the way
to the future! Create a bright future and erase the doubtful past! Delta Accel Synchro! Show yourself, Omega Speed Dragon!

A card appears in his hand. The monster shoots down from space and appears, dispelling all light. The golden dragon roars and spreads its 24 wings [ATK 4000/DEF 4000 LV 12].

Vergil: Impossible?yes, impossible! I use Akuma?s power and remove my graveyard. Now his power doubles [ATK 16000/DEF 5000 LV 12]. Even with your new monster it is pointless! Is this really your new hope? Because it is pathetic!

Yusuke: We?ll see. Omega?s power! I remove from play all Synchro monsters in the graveyard. For each one, he gains 1000 points. Axel has 3, Seth has 3, and I have 4. Together that is a total of 10! [ATK 14000/DEF 4000 LV 12].

Vergil: But it still isn?t enough?!

Yusuke: Omega?s secondary power! For every monster with Speed in its name removed, he gains 1000 extra points! I count Hyper, Warp, and Hero! That?s 3000 more points right there [ATK 17000/DEF 4000 LV 12]!

Vergil: No way?17000?! This can?t be!

Yusuke: Vergil, time for you to see the light! Omega Speed Dragon, finish him! Omega! Sonic! Bang!

It charges up an attack and fires. Each head on Akuma fires an energy blast as all three are pushed back. The three heads are vaporized as Vergil is hit. He screams in agony and reaches forward.

Vergil: No?my despair?my despair ran as deep as the pointless sea. Yet somehow his shining hope broke through. I refuse to accept this. I?NGHHHHHHH! [Vergil LP = 0].

All the captured people begin to fly out of Akuma?s body as Yusuke smiles at Omega.

Yusuke: Thanks partner. Now let?s go home.

Suddenly, dark tendrils shoot out. Yusuke looks back in shock as they wrap around him and begin to pull him back inside the gate. He looks back and sees Vergil.

Vergil: I will not?allow this! If I can?t rebuild a new world outside the Underworld, I?ll pull the world in and remake it there! I will not be stopped after all this! I am already so far down this path I might as well just finish my ambitions!

???: Not cool. I thought you had more pride than that.

The tendrils shatter as Vergil and Yusuke look in shock to see Dante.

Vergil: Dante?are you going to get in my way again?! You honestly think you can? We both know you aren?t strong enough to stop the Yomishin!

Dante: Yeah, I know. But I still have enough dark power to close the doors to the Underworld before you can suck the world through it.

Vergil: But that?s suicide! You can only shut the door from in here! Are you going to trap yourself here with me?!

Yusuke: Dante? Is this true?

Dante: Yeah. This is what I planned all along. I knew this would end like it would. But I don?t have any regrets.

Yusuke: No! Dante, don?t lose hope! There?s still hope to live!

Dante: I know there is hope. But that is also why I can do this. I know I can leave the future of the world with you.

Darkness shoots from him and pushes Yusuke outside of the gate as the doors begin to shut. He keeps reaching for Dante as he turns.

Dante: Yusuke! Live a good long life! Have countless kids, do countless things, and fight countless people. But above all else, die without regrets and live without regrets.

He grins and gives a thumbs up as Yusuke looks in shock as the doors almost close.

Vergil: Are you okay with this? Trapped in nothingness forever?

Dante: Yes. Us together, the cause of this. All is right with the world now. Thanks Yusuke?for showing me that we?re friends. I can stay here knowing I?m not alone anymore. My wish is finally granted. Thank you Yusuke. And now I return the favor to you.

The doors slam shut as Yusuke flies towards the ground. Everyone looks on in shock when the Fates reappear, using their power to lower him safely. As soon as he does, all his friends run and hug him.

Alicia: You?re alive!

Axel: Don?t do that again! You almost became a pancake!

Seth: You are okay now though.

Yusuke: No?I?m not. I failed to save Dante. He?s still trapped in the Underworld.

Tamika: Yusuke?it was his choice to do that. There was nothing you could have done.

Leon: Besides, look at all those smiling faces. If you ask me, you did more than anyone could have asked of you.

Yusuke looks around and sees people celebrating. Baron embraces Charlotte as Rika and her uncle reunite. Seth runs over and sees Salia, who collapses in his arms and is tackled by Koga and Arnold. Neo is helped up by Chimera as he notices a hole in his arm and rubs the back of his head nervously.

Yusuke: Yes. I suppose so.

Fate 1: Yes, you did an excellent job. First you saved the world from darkness, then from advancement, and now from darkness again.

Fate 3: You didn?t completely suck. But right now we?re taking our Fate Crystals back. Better have taken care of them.

Fate 2: We created the Fate Crystals to give people the ability to change the future. We were sick of humans not being able to change their fate. Now you have shown us humans can change without the Crystals as long as they have hope. Thus we shall take them back and see what you do next. We look forward to seeing the future you build.

The Fate Crystals float in the air as the Fates vanish.

Chimera: So, that?s it huh? What happens next?

Baron: I don?t about you guys, but I?m going home. It?s been fun and all, but father is waiting for us.

Charlotte: Father probably has a meal planned. I don?t want him waiting any longer.

Rika: Besides, we promised to get you home right away.

Ren: What a mess. We?re late.

Salia: Seth?are you okay staying with me? I know most people won?t think as highly of you anymore?

Seth: That doesn?t matter. If they don?t like it, they can act differently. But I choose my own path. Salia, I need you in my life. Nothing could change that.

Koga: And don?t forget about us right?

Arnold: Indeed. Is there room down this path for us too?

Seth: Sure. All four of us can walk down this path. The path I and I alone create.

Axel: Well, that was fun. But I?m exhausted after all that.

Tamika: So, what about us?

Axel: What do you mean?

Tamika: You know?US. What?s going to happen next?

Axel: Hmph. I see no reason why things should change. We know each well enough and we are adults. But?I did enjoy kissing you I suppose.

Tamika grins and embraces him. Chimera watches and grins, turning.

Chimera: Take care of her. Or I?ll rip your head off.

Prometheus and Leon watch this. A portal opens as they turn.

Leon: They?ve really grown. One day they might stand among us as allies.

Prometheus: Yeah. I know one day they will. Everyone?s fate is intertwined. I know for sure we?ll meet again. Let?s go. There?s a lot to rebuild back home.

They head inside the portal. Dex walks over and looks nervous.

Yusuke: Dex! There you are!

He runs over as he steps back.

Dex; Sorry. I?m not ready to be your friend yet. I?ve done so many bad things. I was always so angry because I felt inferior to you. We can?t be friends if I think like that. But I?ll get stronger. And one day we can be again!

Yusuke: Dex?okay. If you really want that. Do as you please and become great.

He smiles and all three hug,

Alicia: Hey?Yusuke? What I was going to tell you earlier? I?let?s keep fighting okay? Let?s be friends forever.

Yusuke: Huh? Okay. Sure thing!

Alicia: Things don?t need to change. I can?t see him as more than a friend. So?things are fine like this.

Yusuke looks up to the sky with a smile.

Yusuke: Come on. Everyone?s waiting back home.

He looks up at the sky as it changes to show an older Yusuke racing down the road, talking on a cellphone.

Yusuke: Sorry. I?ll be there as soon as I can.

Alicia: Jeez, you kept everyone waiting again. That?s so like you.

Yusuke: Hey, like I said, things pile up! I promise I?ll be there soon, promise!

He drives by the graveyard and stops. He walks over and kneels near a grave.

Yusuke: It?s been a while Dante. How have you been? It?s been?what, four years since you sacrificed yourself. Well, everyone?s doing well. Alicia became a teacher here in Cynemia City. I?m still the king of the Road Stadium. Of course, Seth had to go and one- up me again. He?s trying to become the best duelist in the world, and he?s almost there too. I look forward to fighting him again. Dex helped expand his dad?s business and it?s really gotten a name for itself. As for Axel, he really expanded the size of his company and pretty much paid back all the funds he lost. Tamika?s glad too. She and her brother become police officers and were able to clean up the city streets. You wouldn?t even recognize the slums. Baron?s home now and he sometimes calls. Charlotte?s doing well too. The Olympians have rebuilt their castle and we still see each other every now and again. It?s odd?without the Fate Crystal things feel too peaceful. Maybe that?s paranoia setting in. Still though, it?s all thanks to you Dante. Even though you vanished that day, people still thank you. You helped build this future Dante. It?s all thanks to you I?m even here.

He turns and heads back to his D- Wheel. He races off as he takes off down the road. As he does, his friends all appear. Seth is racing down a road with Tier as Salia, Koga, and Arnold cheer from the stands. Alicia is front of a group of kids as Neo stands in the back of the room grinning and sweeps. Axel is a in a board room and listens to a conference as a man shows rising stock and he shows some papers, making everyone clap. A criminal runs down the road as Tamika and Chimera surround him and grin, handcuffing him. In Spain, a parade goes on as Alphonse waves to the crowd with Baron and Charlotte besides him. Rika and Ren stand behind them and notice Baron is asleep and Rika prods him awake. In a meeting room, the Olympians are having a meeting as Mars sits in the middle, bound by chains. He looks down as the chains vanish and everyone looks down at him smiling while he looks confused, but then smiles. Brutus watches Seth dueling and grins, using crutches to walk towards a window. In a mountain range, Rasputin looks over the valley as Faust is behind him, pointing ahead and they keep walking. Yusuke races down the road and looks ahead.

Yusuke: We?ll create a new future from now on. I understand the Fate Crystals now. They don?t give people the power to change the future. That power already exists. It simply gives us hope to change the future. All of us will never forget that. And create a future that shines as bright as the Sun.

And so the story goes on

Riders of Fate Finale Part 1

Final Episode: A New Future Shines Like the Sun

All over the world, darkness floods the streets. People run in terror as the darkness engulfs them and they disappear. Above them, darkness pours out of the open doors and begins to block out the Sun. Inside the Underworld, Vergil begins laughing again [Vergil LP = 100] as Yusuke and the others look up in shock [Yusuke LP = 2600] [Axel LP = 400] [Seth LP = 1000]. Yomishin Rex- Saidai Akuma stands over the field as its three heads laugh [ATK 5000/DEF 5000 LV 12]. Yusuke has Hyper Speed Dragon and no other cards on the field [ATK 3500/DEF 3000 LV 12]. Seth has a set card and Radiant Aurora Dragon [ATK 3700/DEF 1900 LV 12]. Axel has a set card and Silver Storm Dragon [ATK 4000/DEF 3800 LV 12].

Yusuke: What happened?.what have you done?!

Vergil: This is the final Yomishin, the king that rules over all Yomishin. He divides his power into three forms due to how strong he is. And now that you?ve destroyed his three separate forms, he is allowed to combine into his true and ultimate form. With this release, the dark power has shattered its seal and spilled into the human world.

Axel: Damn it?are you serious?! You tricked us into bringing that thing out?! Where are all of our friends?

Vergil: Akuma has absorbed them of course. Inside of it, they will be twisted using the power of darkness and become the agents of the new world. There is still the option for you to surrender and join them. Otherwise you will suffer a long and painful demise.

Seth: As if we?d surrender to you. Say whatever you want. We?re going to take you down Vergil!

Vergil: Even in the face of such obvious death you oppose me?

Seth: Of course we do. We?d never serve someone like you.

Axel: Besides, size isn?t everything. Against our Accel Synchro monsters, you don?t stand a chance.

Yusuke: We?ll never surrender to you. Never! We?ll fight until the end! Turn end.

Vergil glances down at them and his body shakes as he breaks into laughter.

Vergil: Look at you down there. Compared to the face of my monster, you look so tiny and helpless.

Axel: Who are you calling tiny and helpless?!

Seth: Indeed. So far you haven?t done anything too impressive as of late. That ugly monster of yours can?t hurt us.

Yusuke: I?ve seen bigger and badder monsters. You really want to impress us then take us down. As long as we keep our Accel Synchro monsters on the field, we?ll be able to stay alive. Turn end.


Vergil: Then it is my turn. I draw. I use the Spell card Burial From a Different Dimension. Now three removed from play monsters return to my graveyard.

Axel: Big deal!

Vergil: If you knew the true terror of my monster, you?d be more intimidated. My monster?s effect triggers at this time. Once per turn, I can remove all Yomishin monsters in the graveyard. For each one, he gains 1000 points. I remove all three [ATK 8000/DEF 5000 LV 12].

Seth: An attack power of 8000?! So that was his aim!

Vergil: Oh. And I forgot to mention. Any monster effects, Spells, or Traps used against Akuma are negated.

Yusuke: What?! You mean?there?s no way to fight against that thing!? With 8000 attack points and a resistance to all card effects?

Vergil: Yes. That is the expression I wanted to see. That utter realization that there is no hope. That expression suits mankind well. Yusuke, you will be the first to taste true despair. Saidai Akuma, finish him once and for all! Trinity Sin Blasts!

All three heads charge up energy. Yusuke looks on in horror as the three attacks fire simultaneously and fuse together. Hyper Speed looks up as the attack gets closer. Suddenly, Radiant Aurora Dragon flies in the way,

Yusuke: Seth!

Seth: Yusuke, you have to survive! You are the only one who can defeat Vergil! After all, you surpassed me. I entrust the future to you. One day we will finally settle who the real champion is!

Vergil: So you wish to be first eh? So be it.

Dragon is hit and disintegrates. Seth screams in pain as the blasts hit him and send him flying [Seth LP = 0]. Axel and Seth look on as he turns into a light and is sucked inside of Akuma.

Vergil: Fool. He died for a worthless cause.

Yusuke: No?Seth! Damn it, why did you do that?!

Axel: Yusuke, get a hold of yourself! If you let him egg you on, you?ll lose for sure. Seth gave us another chance to take him down. Let?s not let it go in vain.

Vergil: Either way, the end result remains the same. I will end my turn with that. Come now. Show me your struggle.

Axel: My turn, draw! I use the Spell Card of Demise. This lets me draw 5 cards. But in five turns my entire hand will be discarded. This?ll do just fine though! I equip my monster with Megamorph! Now since my life points are higher, his power is halved [ATK 2000/DEF 3800 LV 12].

Yusuke: Axel! What are you doing?!

Axel: Watch and learn! I use the Spell card Reversal of Gain. Now instead of my monster?s power being halved, it is doubled [ATK 8000/DEF 3800 LV 12]. Your monster may not be destroyed by effects, but you didn?t say anything about battle. Silver Storm Dragon, let?s?

Vergil: The effect of my monster triggers at this time. When my Yomishin is on the field, I can remove all cards in my graveyard from double to double his attack points until the End Phase of this turn. With this power, I double the power of my Yomishin [ATK 16000/DEF 5000 LV 12].

Axel: 16000 attack points?! Forget it, pull back your attack!

Vergil: Now do you see? You can throw all your hope at me. But I will take that hope and crush it under my despair. Nothing you do will change the inevitable end of this duel.

Yusuke: A monster that can get up to 16000 points in an instant...we can?t win against this thing. We can?t?

Axel: Damn it Yusuke, snap out of it! Don?t let this guy get to you!

Vergil: So you are the first to let despair in. Interesting. Tell me Axel, do you wish to surrender painlessly as well?

Axel: Up yours! Axel Seshia doesn?t surrender to anyone! I set 2 cards and end my turn.

Vergil: My turn. At this time, my monster?s power returns to normal [ATK 8000/DEF 5000 LV 12]. However, there is really no need for this power. Spell card, Mystical Space Typhoon. I destroy your Equip Spell Axel.

Axel: Damn you?[ATK 2000/DEF 3800 LV 12]. Now Megamorph is backfiring?

Vergil: Time to end this! I can finish you off any time now Axel. But Yusuke I might not get another chance on. We?ll start with you. Akuma, destroy Hyper Speed Dragon! Taste defeat!

Axel: No! Dodge it Yusuke, come on man!

Yusuke: Why?? We can?t win. He?s got such a strong monster out. We?re doomed.

Axel: Damn it, you never used to think like that man! Silver Storm, take that hit!

Vergil: So you want to be next eh?

Yusuke: No?.Axel!

The Dragon flies in the way and is hit. It roars in agony and struggles to stay strong as it is pushed back. Axel gasps as the energy waves streak by him.

Axel: Yusuke! I know you can beat this guy man. You?ve never let us down before, no bad things went. I know we can entrust things to you again. You?d better not disappoint us! I?m?counting on?you?

The attack destroys Dragon and hits Axel. He is sent flying back and screams in pain [Axel LP = 0]. He turns into light and is sucked inside of Akuma. Yusuke?s eyes widen in shock and he falls to his knees, facing the ground.

Yusuke: Alicia. Dex. Axel. Seth. Tamika. Everyone?everyone?s gone. I?m all alone now?

Vergil: May that be a lesson to you. This is what your hope resulted in. Standing alone against a god. I?ll give you a final chance to surrender.

Yusuke: Surrender?

Vergil: You?ve fought a valiant battle. Even as your enemy you have earned my respect. No one could have asked more of you. But it is simple. You cannot continue this struggle against me. You will only embarrass yourself by trying.

Yusuke: But my friends?they were all counting on me. But I can?t win?

Vergil: Hope is a fragile thing. I learned a long time ago that hope cannot help. Let me tell you a story Yusuke Iruiza. About a boy whose one dream was to see the Sun.

He closes his eyes and looks off in the distance as he remembers. A small child sits in a dark cave and looks up at the ceiling.

Vergil: I was born in a country ruled by a vicious dictator. For our own safety, my parents moved me underground. I was born only knowing darkness. My name was Omoi, a word that means hope. I used that name to dream about the world above. What it was like, what it smelled like, what it looked like. I spent my entire life living a foolish dream of the surface.

Man: I knew I?d find you here Omoi. What are you doing?

Omoi: I get the best view of the Sun?s rays from here.

Man: You know it is too dangerous to stay here for too long. Come on, let?s get back to your mother.

All three sit at a table eating. Young Vergil looks down in sorrow.

Woman: What?s wrong?

Omoi: Hey?do you think I?ll ever see the Sun one day? I?ve heard so many stories about it. But is it really there? Or is it just a story?

Man: ?Trust us. The Sun is there alright. And trust me, the Sun is one of the most beautiful things you could ever see.

Woman: Do you know why we called you Omoi? We called that because you are our hope. As long as we have you, we have hope to live. Once you get something to live for, you?ll always succeed in life.

Omoi: I see?in that case, I want to see the Sun. That?ll be my dream.

He looks up as Vergil laughs in the present day.

Vergil: What a fool I was. I actually believed in hope. I believed in that naïve dream until it was shattered along with everything else.

Back in the flashback, Omoi runs with his parents towards a boat as it begins to rain. As they run, figures run after them. Omoi trips and begins to cry as his parents help him up and they run.

Sailor: Hurry! We?re going to leave without you.

The boat begins to pull away as Omoi struggles to keep up. His parents glance at each other and nod as his father picks Omoi up and throws him onto the ship as they are grabbed.

Omoi: Mom! Dad!

Woman: Omoi, don?t worry about us! As long as you are alive, our hope is alive!

Dad: Remember something son. No matter what happens, find a reason to live!

They are dragged away as Omoi collapses. He screams as the Sun begins to shine and Omoi glares up at it. Yusuke watches in shock as Vergil opens his eyes again.

Vergil: On that day, I had lost everything I ever loved. And for what? The fulfillment of a childish dream. Can you imagine how I felt? For the first time in my life I saw the Sun and it shined over a tragedy. As I saw more of the world, I saw how vile it is. The Sun only shines for those the world deems lucky while everyone else is treated like dirt. I decided enough was enough. I made a vow to change the world so that those living in despair could find solace in this world. Hope is meaningless. Things cannot change just because you wish for them to. I am going to release the powers of the Underworld and rewrite the world so that those on the bottom will rise to the top. And that arrogant Sun will never shine again.

Yusuke: Vergil?sorry, but after hearing that I can?t let you win. You can?t force people to change Vergil, especially through means like that. That makes you just like that dictator you insulted!

Vergil: It appears you still understand nothing. Very well. I?ll open your eyes to the truth soon enough. I end my turn.

Yusuke: Alright?here goes. Draw! Descending Lost Star. Alone this card can?t help me. I just have to hope whatever cards those two left me pay off. I set a card. I change Hyper Speed Dragon to defense mode and end my turn [ATK 3500/DEF 3000 LV 12]. That ends my turn.

Vergil: It appears even your deck does not want to continue this battle. I might as well put it out of its misery. I draw. Spell card, Painful Choice. Now I select five cards from my deck. You select one and it goes to my hand.

Yusuke: Three copies of Fairy Meteor Crush and two Big Bang Shots? Damn?he?s going to deal Piercing damage. I choose one of the Fairy Meteor Crush cards.

Vergil: As if you had a choice. Now this results in the end. I equip Akuma with Fairy Meteor Crush, giving him the power to deal Piercing damage. As you know, my monster?s power doubles by removing my graveyard from play during my Main Phase. I can only use when I have five cards minimum. This is over. Akuma, wipe him out!

Yusuke: Trap card, D2 Shield! This doubles my monster?s defense points [ATK 3500/DEF 6000 LV 12].

Riders of Fate Episode 164

Episode 164: Triple Accel Synchro, This is Our Hope!

Above the clouds, the Fates continue to struggle as the Yomishin scream and pound on the doors.

Fate 3: Damn it?these things just won?t give us a break.

Fate 1: They are definitely fighting tooth and nail.

Fate 2: Regardless, we must not let them through. We have to wait until Yusuke and the others can stop Vergil. Keep going! Until the bitter end!

On the ground, everyone keeps dueling. Baron and Rika fight together.

Baron: They certainly won?t go down easy.

Rika: What do you expect? This is their last stand.

Tamika and Chimera fight together in the worst part of the city.

Tamika: Things are getting worse. You aren?t going to ditch right big brother?

Chimera: No. I?ve done enough running in my life. I?m going so stand steadfast and strong no matter what!

Koga and Arnold help each other stand as they keep dueling.

Arnold: Ha! Try a little harder would you? We personally worked with Seth Kuranma.

Koga: If we let scrubs like you take us down we couldn?t work with Seth anymore!

Alicia and Neo also stand together.

Sigma: Tenacious aren?t they?

Neo: I?ll say. They don?t know when to stay down.

Alicia: That doesn?t matter. Yusuke and the others still aren?t back yet. While they protect that world, we?ll protect this one!

They all look up towards the Gate.


Yusuke, Seth, and Axel continue to watch Vergil [Yusuke LP = 4000] [Seth LP = 3000] [Axel LP = 3400] [Vergil LP = 2300]. Axel doesn?t have any cards out. Seth only has Color Warrior- Grim Grey [ATK 3000/DEF 2500 LV 8] on the field. Yusuke has a set card and Mach 5 Flyer [ATK 2100/DEF 1000 LV 5]. Vergil has Yomishin Diablo [ATK 3000/DEF 1000 LV 10], Yomishin Beelzebub [ATK 3500/DEF 2500 LV 11] and Yomishin Iblis [ATK 4000/DEF 3000 LV 12].

Axel: Jeez?this isn?t good. Three of those things.

Seth: This guy really is serious about what he wants to do.

Yusuke: Come on guys, don?t talk like that! We still have to keep trying. If we let him win then how can we go back home?!

Vergil: Oh, you need not worry about that. I will ensure that you do not need to go home in shame. Here I go, draw! Time to begin the slaughter. My Yomishin may not use their abilities due to my card. Beelzebub, destroy Mach 5 Flyer.

It roars and grabs the monster with its claw, snapping it in two. Yusuke looks on and steps back [Yusuke LP = 2600]. The claw hits him and sends him flying back as he screams.

Seth and Axel: Yusuke!

Yusuke: My?ribs. I think one of them cracked. What?s going on? Even when I fought Diablo these things weren?t that strong.

Vergil: Isn?t it obvious? It is humanity?s evil influencing the Yomishin. The Inferno powers them and gives them the power to escape this cursed dimension. You are the only ones standing in the way. Iblis, finish Yusuke off! Smash him and his hope!

Seth: That isn?t happening! Yusuke, my monster will defend you!

It flies in the way and gets destroyed instead. Seth grimaces in pain as he falls to a knee [Seth LP = 2000].

Vergil: Oh, so you want a taste also? Very well. Diablo, finish off Seth!

Axel: Jeez, acting like that! I?ll take that hit!

He runs in the way and gets knocked back [Axel LP = 400]. All three struggle to stand.

Vergil: So, how was the despair? Ready to give up?

Axel: As if!

Vergil: Hmph. That bravado act will make you suffer in the long run. Oh well. Don?t say I didn?t warn you. Turn end.

Axel: Looks like my turn now. Draw! I set a monster. Spell card, The Dark Door! As long as this card is out, only one monster per turn can attack.

Seth: When did you put that in?

Axel: I had a feeling something like this would happen. So I came prepared. Now I use Dragon?s Prophecy! In two turns, I can flip the top card of my deck. Then I release monsters on my field and summon that monster instantly. Turn end!

Vergil: My turn, draw. My monster?s effects now resume. Beelzebub, attack. You may limit my attacks, but damage is still just as genuine. Take this fool!

Yusuke: Trap, Airbag! This negates your attack. Even if you fight us, we?ll still protect each other until the end!

A bag shoots out and blocks the attack.

Vergil: It matters not. Turn end.

Seth: Alright, my turn! I set a monster. I also place a card face down and end my turn. Right now we can?t worry about the Yomishin. We need to concentrate on staying alive. If he gets the opportunity to hurt us, he will definitely take advantage of it. Turn end.

Vergil: Draw. Your petty attempts to avoid damage are useless, as are your petty attempts to do damage. Enough of this playing around. I?ll hurry up and put this to bed. Draw! I change all three monsters to defense mode [ATK 4000/DEF 3000 LV 12] [ATK 3500/DEF 2500 LV 11] [ATK 3000/DEF 1000 LV 10]. Then I use the Spell card Curse of Fiend and change the Battle Position of all monsters.

Axel: My Wish Dragon [ATK 0/DEF 100 LV 2].

Seth: No?a combo with Diablo! My Bloody Crimson? [ATK 0/DEF 600 LV 2].

Vergil: All monsters, big or small, have no options but to bow before me. Let me show you why. Diablo, slash him apart!

Axel: Trap card, Negate Attack! Sorry, but none of your attacks are going through.

A barrier blocks the attack and knocks all three back.

Vergil: You truly are annoying, you know that? The Yomishin laugh at your pitiful attempts to wound me. Turn end.

Yusuke: Guys?alright, let?s keep it going for just a little while longer! We can take him out as long as don?t let up. I draw! I use the Spell card Spell Books From the Pot. Now all players draw 3 cards.

Vergil: To even let me draw?you must be getting desperate.

Yusuke: I?m not helping you Vergil. I?m helping my friends take you down! I summon Armored Turbine in defense mode [ATK 0/DEF 600 LV 2]. I set one card and end my turn.

Vergil: Your friends eh?

Seth: That?s right. We are friends.

Axel: Someone like you could never understand that!

Vergil: Someone like me eh? Yes?it must be so easy to see the world in black and white. To see me as the ultimate evil and you as the ultimate good. The world isn?t all black or all white. It isn?t even shaded in greys. This world is colorless and without light. Let me show you. I draw! I use the Spell card Stop Defense!

Yusuke: What?! Of all the lucky?[ATK 0/DEF 600 LV 2].

Vergil: Take this! Iblis, strike down his monster! It won?t be destroyed but you?ll die instantly!

Seth: Don?t think so. I use my Trap card Waboku! This negates all damage we take and all destructions that would occur.

The monster hits a wall and bounces off.

Vergil: Keep fighting fools. It will not do you any good. Do you see? Every second you waste with me, the doors get one step closer to opening.

The real Yomishin keep pounding on the doors. The Fates are barely keeping them shut. Everyone looks up.

Tamika: Damn it?we?re running out of time.

Chimera: They can?t lose here?

Alicia: Yusuke! Seth! Axel! Don?t lose here! You all still have futures to live!

Axel: Looks like we better take off the kiddy gloves and get really serious. Alright Vergil, get ready! We?re going to show you our power! Draw. I use Wish Dragon?s power. Now I summon two Tokens by releasing him [ATK 0/DEF 0 LV 1 x2]. At this time, I?ll use the power of Dragon?s Prophecy. Since me and the others share turns, two turns have passed. I release both Tokens. Now if the Dragon monster on top can be summoned, he is. Come on out, Blue- Eyes White Dragon [ATK 3000-0/DEF 2500 LV 8].

Vergil: Haven?t you learned anything? Even your mightiest monster cannot wound me.

Axel: Funny. I don?t recall showing you my best monster! I summon the Tuner monster Magna Drago [ATK 1400-0/DEF 600 LV 2]. Since there are two other Dragon monsters on the field, I summon Newborn Dragon [ATK 0/DEF 0 LV 1]. I tune level 2 Magna Drago and level 8 Blue- Eyes White Dragon.

Drago becomes 2 rings that Dragon flies through, becoming 8 stars [2 + 8 = 10].

Axel: A silver lightning bolt descends and rips heaven, hell, and the earth. Synchro Summon! My surging soul, Blue-Eyes Silver Dragon [ATK 3800-0/DEF 3000 LV 10].

Seth: Hold on?he?s going to?!

Axel: Now for the Spell card Incomplete Revival. I revive one monster. However, it loses all of its attack points and a level. Come back Magna Drago [ATK 0/DEF 600 LV 1]. I tune level 1 Magna Drago and level 1 Newborn Dragon.

Drago becomes 1 ring that Newborn flies through, becoming 1 star [1 + 1 = 2].

Axel: Stir up the storm as lightning and shock the world below you. Synchro Summon! Synchro- Tuner, Stormy Synchron [ATK 300/DEF 500 LV 2].

Vergil: Hm!?

Axel: Here goes! I tune the level 2 Synchro- Tuner Stormy Synchron and level 8 Synchro monster Blue- Eyes Silver Dragon.

Yusuke: Axel?

Synchron becomes 2 rings that Dragon flies through, becoming 10 stars [2 + 10 = 12]. They both vanish and a new monster appears in lightning.

Axel: The heavens guide the shining light to the earth and cleanse the earth with its pure white lightning! Become the savior of the sky and earth! Accel Synchro! Show yourself, Silver Storm Dragon [ATK 4000-0/DEF 3800 LV 12].

Vergil: Accel Synchro?but useless.

Axel: Better get ready. I attack Yomishin Diablo! While I attack, I use the Spell card Shared Chaining. Now my monster?s effect is negated to negate your monster effect! Strike down Yomishin Diablo using this! Heaven?s Force- Destruction Silver Lightning!

It roars and fires [ATK 4000/DEF 3800 LV 12]. Diablo looks up and hisses in pain as it burns up. Vergil snarls in anger [Vergil LP = 1300].

Axel: Alright, one down! I set a card and end my turn.

Vergil: Hmph. So your puny monsters keep their attack points. Even so, it will not make a difference. Let me show you. Draw! Beelzebub, attack his monster. Now your monster will be destroyed and you?ll take 2400 points of damage. I?ll end you instantly!

Yusuke: Guys?I use my Trap card! Negate Attack!

A barrier blocks the attack and the monster falls back.

Vergil: You?irritating pests. I set a card as well.

Seth: My turn then. So now we have a way of fighting. Alright then, let?s hit him fast and hit him hard! Draw. I use the Spell card Brief Aurora. I send all Color Warriors on the field to the graveyard. I send Crimson away so that I can summon Aurora Borealis Dragon from my deck [ATK 700/DEF 0 LV 9]. He gains attack points as he normally would through Guidance to the Northern Lights, but he leaves the field at the end of this turn. Now I summon Color Warrior- Lovely Pink [ATK 800/DEF 600 LV 2]. Using her power, I change Beelzebub to defense mode and prevent it from changing modes [ATK 3500/DEF 2500 LV 11]. And now another Spell card, Color Converter. I pay 1000 life points [Seth LP = 1000] and remove a Color Warrior to summon a Color Token [ATK 0/DEF 0 LV 1]. I tune my level 2 Color Warrior- Lovely Pink and level 1 Color Token.

Pink becomes 2 rings that Token flies through, becoming 1 star [2 + 1 = 3].

Seth: This is the power of Seth Kuranma! Synchro-Tuner, Rainbow Synchron [ATK 900/DEF 1800 LV 3].

Yusuke: Hold on?you too?! When did that happen?!

Seth: Come on Yusuke. I promised to match your skill again and again. Rainbow Synchron?s power! Now one monster on the field has its type changed. I select my Dragon and make him a Synchro monster. This is the only way I can match you. This is the road of Seth Kuranma! I tune the level 3 Synchro-Tuner Rainbow Synchron and level 9 Synchro monster Aurora Borealis Dragon.

Rainbow becomes 3 rings that Dragon flies through, becoming 9 stars [3 + 9 = 12]. It vanishes and rainbows weave in the sky.

Seth: A rainbow shines and guides the path to tomorrow. Seven colors, seven hearts, seven souls, shine the way! Accel Synchro! Show yourself, Radiant Aurora Dragon [ATK 3700/DEF 1900 LV 12].

Vergil: Two of them??

Seth: Battle! Radiant negates the effects of a DARK monster it battles. Destroy Yomishin Beelzebub! Glorious Rainbow Ray!

It charges up and fires, burning up Beelzebub as it turns into dust. Seth grins as his monster hovers above.

Seth: I set a card. Turn end.

Vergil: I will not?I will not let this duel continue! How dare you make a mockery of me?! I?ll teach you. Draw. I set a card. Battle! Yusuke, I attack you directly. Iblis, wipe him out!

Yusuke: I don?t think so Vergil! I discard another Battle Gate! Now that attack is negated.

Iblis hits a gate again and falls back. Vergil snarls and looks on in rage.

Vergil: Why continue? Why fight? What force is driving you this far? Is it hope? No such thing!

Yusuke: Just because you?ve tossed away hope doesn?t mean we have. Come on, we?ll show you hope! I draw. I summon Power Generator [ATK 800/DEF 600 LV 2]. I tune the level 2 Power Generator and level 2 Armored Turbine.

Generator becomes 2 rings that Turbine flies through, becoming 2 stars [2 + 2 = 4].

Yusuke: A rip opens in both space and time, and through it, a new hero ascends to the sky! Synchro Summon! Appear, Synchro-Tuner, Speed Hero [ATK 1900/DEF 1500 LV 4]. Trap card, Synchro Abyss. Now I remove monsters in my graveyard to perform a Synchro Summon. I remove Power Generator, Mach 5 Flyer, and Cracked Windshield.

Generator becomes 2 rings that Flyer and Windshield fly through, becoming 6 stars [2 + 1 + 5 = 8].

Yusuke: Speed reaches the highest level and becomes a power that warps space and time. Appear now, lord of speed, Warp Speed Dragon [ATK 2500/DEF 2000 LV 8].

Axel: Aw yeah, I like where this is going!

Yusuke: I tune my level 4 Synchro-Tuner Speed Hero and my level 8 Synchro monster Warp Speed Dragon.

Hero becomes 4 rings that Dragon flies through, becoming 8 stars and both vanish [4 + 8 = 12].

Yusuke: Speed rips apart the foundation that creates space-time and becomes a power beyond power. Accel Synchro! Show yourself, Hyper Speed Dragon [ATK 3500/DEF 3000 LV 12].

Vergil: Impossible?three Accel Synchro monsters?!

Seth: We set things up for you. I remove three LIGHT monsters, two in my graveyard and one in Axel?s.

Axel: Now Iblis loses 500 points for each one [ATK 2500/DEF 3000 LV 12].

Yusuke: When I attack, I?ll remove one Tuner monster to deal 500 points. Together, that will finish you Vergil! Witness it! This is hope! Finish him, Hyper Power Stream!

Dragon fires and takes out Iblis. It maintains its form as it slowly peels away. Vergil screams as he is engulfed, creating smoke. The three grin.

Axel: We win!

Seth: With this, the doors to the Underworld will close.

Yusuke: ?Wait. Something isn?t right. We?re still here. And look. The door is still there.

The smoke clears [Vergil LP = 100] as Vergil stands there.

Seth: Not possible! He should have zero.

Vergil: Omoi. That was my original name. It meant hope, according to my parents. I lived in a dark cave for most of my life. I used my name as hope I would finally see the Sun. What a fool I was. Now I see that hope does not do anything. It cannot change the world nor can it erase the darkness within it. And now with this, the face of this world will change! Trap card, Dark Evolution! Now since three Yomishin are in the graveyard, I can keep 100 life points. Then I can fuse Yomishin Diablo, Yomishin Iblis, and Yomishin Beelzebub!

The three appear and collide. Darkness spreads in all directions as the doors shatter. The Fates scream as they are engulfed by the darkness.

Leon: What the..?!

All duelists below scream as they are swallowed by the darkness. Neo looks in shock and he and Alicia try to run. All over the world, duelists are swallowed by the darkness and vanish. Alphonse, Marie, Tier, Shimmer, Grayson, and so many others vanish. Baron and Rika try to run as they are swallowed as well. Tamika and Chimera huddle as they vanish as well as Koga and Arnold. Neo trips and vanishes as Alicia trips and is swallowed.

Alicia: Yusuke!

Axel: Fusing them? no way.

Vergil: Show yourself! Yomishin Rex- Saidai Akuma!

The monster appears, having three heads. It towers over them and roars as all the people are sucked inside of it [ATK 5000/DEF 5000 LV 12].

Yusuke: A fourth Yomishin?no way.

Vergil: It all ends here! Your struggle and life will end here. With the ultimate power, I will shatter every last drop of hope you have! Heh heh?ha ha ha ha?.HA HA HA HA!

To be concluded

Baron: Today we?ll be going over Speed Hero. This card is a Synchro-Tuner, plus it can gain the power of a Synchro monster in the graveyard. Well, this is the last Baron?s Lecture, so from everyone here, I just wanted to say?

Man: Alright, pack it up.

Baron: W-Wait! I still have 5 minutes!

Man 2: Sorry kid. The network?s done.

Baron: But I was about to say something deep and profound! Hey!

The lights turn off as he sighs.

Riders of Fate Episode 163

Episode 163: The Apex of the End!

The Inferno glows brightly as everyone watches in horror.

Vergil: At is completed. The end of our three year mission is at hand.

Seth: No...not after all this!

Axel: Damn it! Stop him!

Yusuke: Vergil! Don't do this! You have no idea what will be awakened.

Vergil: I do not care. As long as the face of this world is changed, I don't care if the devil himself is released. And now Inferno, activate!

The Inferno glows and Vergil jumps inside of it. The light glows and everyone is teleported outside as the Inferno begins to move up. Everyone runs over as it flies into the sky, merging with the door. The doors then open as darkness pours out. Everyone all over the world watches as the Yomishin begin to crawl out, roaring and laughing.

Leon: No...the doors to the Underworld! They've been's over.


As darkness continues to pour out of the gate, Yusuke falls to his knees and looks down.

Yusuke:! Not after all this! We were so close to stopping him! We can't have come all this way just to fail!

As he lies there shaking, Axel walks over to him and picks him up. He looks in confusion as Axel punches him back down.

Axel: Yusuke...since when did that pose suit you?! So what if he opened the gates of the Underworld? Then we?ll just walk in and slam them shut again! All I know for a fact is that we didn't come all this way to go home hungry.

Seth: Exactly right. To walk away with your tail between your legs...that is not the path a king walks!

Yusuke: Guys?

All the Fate Crystals glow.

Alicia: These things again..?!

Lights shoot out and fly towards the Gate. As Diablo extends a hand, the door slams shut and slams the claws. The three Fates appear, holding the door shut.

Neo: What are those?!

Chimera: Angels? Demons?!

Leon: No way...the Fates?!

Koga: What are they doing?

3rd Fate: What does it look like we're doing? Mind hurrying? This thing is really damn heavy.

Tamika: Those things...are holding the Yomishin back!

Baron: So those are the Fates. Interesting.

Rika: I thought they weren't allowed to intervene with Fate though.

1st Fate: That is true. Fate is a force we do not control. We simply tie destiny to the world and guide it towards completion. Acting like this might destroy everything if fate is altered.

Koga: So why then?

Fate 2: We are tired of seeing destiny move as it does. We created the Fate Crystals to give people the power to change destiny, but it wasn't enough. We had resigned ourselves to a destiny of knowing which way the future would move. Then you all came. And you showed us the future isn't always set in stone. And so we here we are now, fighting for a new future. Because you were the ones who gave us hope!

All 3: Now, step through the doors! Stop Vergil and forge the future!

Yusuke: You guys?we won?t let you down! You?ll see. We?ll create a new future. Come on! Huh? Guys?

Alicia: Yusuke?we?re going to stay here.

Yusuke: Why though?

Neo: We don't have Accel Synchro or anything like that. We?d get in the way.

Sigma: Besides, you need someone here to keep the gate closed.

Seth: You're not going in there alone though.

Axel: As if. No way you?re going to hog all the glory again. Besides, the three of us are the heroes of Fate right?

Seth: That means it is our job to stop this maniac once and for all. That has been our job since the beginning.

Yusuke: You guys...alright. We'll go then. Just make you?re still going to be here when we get back!

Seth: You guys, keep this world safe.

Koga: You don't need to worry. You just'll bring Salia back with you!

Arnold: After all, anyone who would dare to touch a king deserves divine punishment.

Seth: You bet it.

Chimera: Looks like it's up to you now.

Axel: Hmph. Those jerks won't know what hit them!

Tamika: Hey Axel...good luck. When you get back, we can talk about our future.

Axel: Future? What do you mean?

Tamika: Oh good lord you're an idiot!

She kisses him again and pushes away. Axel blinks, but then grins. Yusuke looks at Alicia and turns away.

Yusuke: Alicia...if I don?t come back, I just wanted to let you know you're one of my closest friends. Me, you, and Dex...we're all good friends. I promise I'll beat this maniac and bring Dex back. But if I can't, then it's been a blast. And...thanks. Thanks for just being my friend.

Alicia: Yusuke, hold on. There's something I need to say.

Yusuke: What?

Alicia: ...Never mind. It can wait until later. Just say you'll win. So I can tell you when you come back.

Yusuke: No worries. '?ll win!

He, Axel, and Seth walk forward. They take out their Accel Synchro monsters and hold them out.

All 3: Let's go!

The three of them become lights and fly towards the door.

Fate 2: Yusuke Iruiza, Seth Kuranma, Axel Seshia! We entrust the future to you!

The doors open enough for them to fly in and slam shut again. Everyone looks up.

Baron: Up to them now. Well then?let?s make sure those doors stay shut!

All: Right!

They all activate their Duel Disks and run off. Figures all over the world see this.

Figure 1: I don't understand. The father said the doors would open. Why aren't they?

Figure 2: Damn it. Retreat for now! Let us return and make sure nothing is mucking up the plan!

Leon: What's going on up there? Yusuke...are you fighting now?'ve gotta be. Well, if you won?t give up then neither will I! Bring it on you weak little maggots!

Duelists all over the world hold their Disks out. Inside the Gate, Yusuke, Seth, and Axel walk down a black road.

Axel: So this is the Underworld eh? Kind of looks what I expected.

Seth: At least they aren;t taking us by surprise. Give them credit in that regard I guess.

All three stop. Over a pit, the Yomishin stir as Vergil sits on a throne overlooking them. He opens his eyes.

Vergil: What is it? What is that spurs you on to come all this way?

Yusuke: Nothing.

Axel: We just can't let a psycho like you have his way!

Seth: We'll put an end to you once and for all!

All three take out their Duel Disks and put them on, activating. Vergil smirks as he watches this.

Vergil: Very well. I'll smash you once and for all.

A Duel Disk appears on his arm. He stands up as it activates and his eyes turn all black except for his pink irises.

All 4: Duel! [Axel LP = 4000] [Yusuke LP = 4000] [Seth LP = 4000] [Vergil LP = 4000]

Vergil: We shall perform a three on one duel. You will alternate turns instead of three in a row.

Axel: Either way you'll lose! Here goes nothing! I draw! I summon Spear Dragon [ATK 1900/DEF 0 LV 4]. Then I set two cards and end my turn. With all three of us this'll be a breeze.

Vergil: Maintain that optimistic outlook at your own risk. I'll soon wipe it away and turn it into despair. I draw. Spell card, Two- Handed Gift. This summons a Power Gift Token to my opponent's field. But if he accepts this, I gain 2000 life points [Vergil LP = 6000] [ATK 2500/DEF 0 LV 8].

Seth: Why give us a strong monster?

Vergil: I use another Spell card, Claret Note. Now since you have a monster of 8 levels, I can summon two Plasma Tokens [ATK 0/DEF 0 LV 1 x2]. From my hand, I use another Spell. Go, Brain Control. Now I pay 800 life points and take control of the Token [Vergil LP = 5200].

Yusuke: Wait a minute...he's gathered three sacrifices!

Axel: Oh you've got to be kidding me!

Vergil: I release three monsters. When three DARK monsters are released, this card is summoned. Show yourself, Yomishin Beelzebub [ATK 3500/DEF 2500 LV 11].

The monster appears as the doors are slammed on even harder. The Fates struggle to hold the door shut. Leon looks up and gasps.

Leon: Those things really want out. I'm too busy with these guys though...

Alicia: We'll help too!

She runs up with everyone else. Leon blinks in surprise.

Leon: Why are you here?

Alicia: We're going to keep that door shut.

Tamika: At least until the others get back.

Leon: Right...good luck with that!

Vergil: Battle. Beelzebub, feast on Spear Dragon. Claws of the End!

Yusuke: I discard Battle Gate from my hand. Now all damage we take this turn is blocked. As this affects all cards, Beelzebub can?t stop it.

The monster hits a wall and bounces off.

Axel: I owe you one man!

Yusuke: Don't worry about it. Focus on him right now.

Vergil: Nuisances. I set two cards.

Seth: My turn. No time to go easy. Hit him fast and hard! Spell card, Extra Fusion. I can?t Normal Summon, Special Summon, or Flip Summon again this turn. But by sending monsters from the Extra Deck to the graveyard, those monsters are fused. I combine Color Warrior- Shining White and Color Warrior- Shadowy Black.

Both fly into a spiral and fuse.

Seth: Come on out, Color Warrior- Grim Grey [ATK 3000/DEF 2500 LV 8]. From my hand, I equip him with Paintbrush Blade. This gives him 600 attack points since he is a Color Warrior monster [ATK 3600/DEF 2500 LV 8]. I attack Beelzebub!

Vergil: My monster is not destroyed in battle. And then your monster is destroyed, its level is multiplied by 200, and that damage is inflicted to you.

Seth: That isn?t going to happen. By releasing Paintbrush Blade, all damage against me is negated and his destruction is negated. You're the only one taking damage this turn Vergil!

The weapon is destroyed [ATK 3000/DEF 2500 LV 8] instead as the shockwaves rock Vergil [Vergil LP = 5100].

Vergil: Hmph. Whatever. Your struggle is meaningless. Trap card, Symphony of the Night. When a DARK monster I control is attacked, I deal 1000 points of damage to the opponent.

Dark shockwaves fly out and hit Seth. He screams in pain and falls to his knees [Seth LP = 3000]. Koga and Arnold look up from where they are.

Arnold: Don't worry. He?s not going down without a fight.

Axel: Hey, you can still stand right?

Seth: No worries. I set a card and end my turn.

Vergil: My turn, draw. I use Pot of Greed. Now I draw 2 cards from my deck. Heh. Spell card, Different Dimension Capsule. Now for 2 turns, a card in my deck is removed from play. At the end of those turns, that card is added to my hand. I remove Yomishin Diablo from play. Then I summon Shadow Seeker [ATK 1000/DEF 1300 LV 4]. Now by removing him from play, I can Special Summon another monster that was removed.

Seth: No! Not the Diablo he removed!

Axel: That ain?t happening! Trap card, Intimidation! Now a level 4 or below monster?s effect is negated. That Yomishin isn?t coming back.

Vergil: Ngh. Annoying. Beelzebub, take out his Spear Dragon. Make him pay for raising a hand to me.

Seth: Trap card, Paint Thinner! Now the damage Axel would take is negated.

Vergil: Battle Damage though. The Effect Damage is still dealt. 200 points for each level. Stream of Pestilence!

Beelzebub slashes the monster and destroys it. It then sends out bone chips that buffer Axel and knock him back [Axel LP = 3400]. Tamika looks up as Chimera glances.

Chimera: He's fine.

Tamika: Yeah?I know he is.

Seth: Sorry Axel. I couldn?t block it all.

Axel: I'm still kicking. No sweat.

Vergil: Even with three of you, the most you can do is annoy me. Against god, your struggle is pointless. Turn end.

Yusuke: Alright, looks like my turn then! Draw. We have to start dealing damage or we?ll never win this! I Special Summon Magic Jet since my opponent has a Spell or Trap [ATK 200/DEF 100 LV 1]. Now I use the Spell card One for One! I discard one card [Needle Rocket] and Special Summon a level 1 monster from the deck or hand. Come on out Cracked Windshield [ATK 300/DEF 200 LV 1]. Then I summon Crash Dummy [ATK 0/DEF 1000 LV 3]. Level 1 Magic Jet tunes to level 3 Crash Dummy and level 1 Cracked Windshield.

Jet becomes 1 ring that Dummy and Windshield fly through, becoming 4 stars [1 + 3 + 1 = 4].

Yusuke: Faster than air, power races into a stream to save the good. Mach 5 Flyer [ATK 2100/DEF 1000 LV 5]. Using his power, I return your monster to your hand.

Vergil: I will not allow that. Trap card, Exchange of Traits. Now, both of our monsters? effects are negated. Your monster will not send mine anywhere.

Yusuke: Just as I was hoping. Now the monster is open for punishment!

Axel: Trap card, Synchro Strike! Now your monster gains 1500 points [ATK 3600/DEF 1000 LV 5].

Seth: And I use the Spell card Forbidden Chalice. That?s another 400 [ATK 4000/DEF 1000 LV 5].

Yusuke: Take him down!

It shoots out two wind blasts that tear through Beelzebub. Its eyes widen and it hisses in agony as it blows up. Vergil coughs and covers himself [Vergil LP = 4600].

Vergil: Not possible...

Axel: That's how you do it!

Seth: With the three of us fighting together you have no chance!

Yusuke: You might as well just give. The power of darkness is no hope for our power! I end my turn by setting one card [ATK 2100/DEF 1000 LV 5].

Vergil: Your power eh? Is this so called hope your power? Useless. I?ll take your hope and smash it into pieces. Then the only thing you will understand is despair. Here I go, draw! My card will not return for one more turn. Spell card, Dead Trade. I remove one level 8 or higher monster in the graveyard and draw 2 cards. I use the Spell card Graceful Charity. Now I draw 3 cards and discard 2. Then I use Allure of Darkness. I draw 2 cards from my deck and then remove from play a DARK monster in my hand. I remove the monster Necro Zombie. Now that he has been removed, I remove the top card of my deck and revive him [ATK 1500/DEF 1000 LV 5]. It is Yomishin Iblis

Axel: Wait...all three of them. Uh oh?

Yusuke: All to summon that Zombie? No...there's something else.

Vergil: I use the Spell card Inferno Reckless Summon. Now I summon two more copies of this monster [ATK 1500/DEF 1000 LV 4 x2]. And now another Spell card called Worship. I remove these three monsters and from play and pay half my life points [Vergil LP = 2300]. These monsters are replaced with monsters that have been removed from play.

Seth: No...that's why he removed them!

Vergil: I revive Yomishin Diablo, Yomishin Iblis, and Yomishin Beelzebub!

Darkness shoots out as all three appear [ATK 3000/DEF 1000 LV 10] [ATK 3500/DEF 2500 LV 11] [ATK 4000/DEF 3000 LV 12].

Yusuke: No way...all three have been summoned!

Seth: And in one turn too. This guy...he's got some real skills.

Axel: Wait! If those are the Yomishin, then what?s pushing on the gate?!

Vergil: These are only avatars. As you struggle, the Yomishin fight to break free from their chains and escape this world. When they do, the Underworld will spill into the human world and coat it in darkness. When that happens, peace will finally come to the world. Heroes of fate, this is your final duel. As with all other obstacles, I will overcome you. And then this world will fall prey to everlasting clean darkness!

The three stand watching as Vergil glares at them while the Yomishin keep pounding on the Gates of the Underworld.

To be continued

Baron: Today we'll be going over Inferno Reckless Summon. This Special Summons all copies of a monster with 1500 or less attack points when said monster is summoned.

Rika: Sir, I've just got word. There are only two episodes left in the series.

Baron: Really? In that case, we need to plan a really big party! Let's get all kinds of things!

Rika: Actually...there is going to be a party. Yusuke and the others are planning.

Baron: Is that so? Excellent! I?ll be sure to bring a cake and everything.

Rika: Actually weren't invited.

Baron: ...WHAT?!

Riders of Fate Episode 162

Episode 162: For You, My Irreplaceable Friend

In the city, most of the duelists are gone. Yusuke's father and mother pant as the figures surround them. Leon is also struggling to stand as dozens of figures surround him. In the field of battle, Tony is blasted back and falls through a set of doors. Marie is almost ready to collapse as even Tier is panting in exhaustion. Deeper in the city, the waiter is blasted through a set of doors. In Spain and the fields, more duelists are sent flying back through doors, including Leonid. In a void of light, the three Fates view this.

Fate 1: So in the end it would appear the darkness has won out.

Fate 3: Shame. I was amused by their struggling. I had expectations that they would fix the negativity of the world.

Fate 2: Let us not say that yet. After all, their fight is not over quite yet.

Fate 3: Rather upbeat for you. You mean to say they still have a chance to stop Vergil and the Underworld?

Fate 2: No, I cannot say I do. But they have shown us many times that destiny is not completely set in stone.

Fate 1: True enough. That is why we created the Fate Crystals.

Fate 2: It was to see if humans could change the future set in stone for them. Yusuke and his friends have defied destiny many times now. Let us see if he can make a miracle happen again. On that day, the greatest power just might become his.


In a white room, a slightly younger Vergil pokes the food on his plate and gazes out the window, glaring at the Sun. Someone walks up.

Dante: Hey! That seat taken?

Vergil: Yes, it is.

Dante: Come on man, don?t be a pill. Thought you could use some company. Besides, there's nowhere else to sit.

Vergil: Fine. Just sit down and shut up.

Dante sits next to him and eats. He watches people as he does.

Dante: Funny aren't they? Like ants almost. Completely ignorant of the outside world. They've no idea of the world outside. The darkness and the suffering. They fill themselves with false happiness and remain blind to the true way the world is.

Vergil: Funny. I think the same thing whenever I watch them. Almost makes you want to laugh right?

Dante: Cry is more like it. I wish we could change know? Let the big guys on top for a change?

Vergil: Yes?that would be nice. Nice to meet you. I am Vergilius Publius Maro.

Dante: Dante. Dante Alighieri.

The flashback ends as Dante grins to himself.

Dante: Kind of wish I could get back to those days. Everything was so peaceful back then.

Vergil: Yes, I suppose. But this is the way things are now. I have no choice but to do things as they follow. No hard feelings [Vergil LP = 1500]. [ATK 4000/DEF 3000 LV 12] [ATK 3000/DEF 1000 LV 10].

Dante: Same to you Vergil. But we have to end things here and now. You want to finish your insane plan and I have to stop you. One of us has to go down. [Dante LP = 1000].

Axel: Man this is messed up. Dante caused all of this to happen.

Baron: I had a feeling there was more than what he was telling us, but I never expected this.

Dante: Yeah?but you need to understand. Had you known the truth?you never would have trusted me.

Yusuke: Dante! Don?t assume things. You?ve shown yourself to be trustworthy. Had you only said that from the beginning, we would have been fine with it. After all, friends do that. They forgive each other, no matter what they did.

Dante: Friends? We're...friends?

Vergil: Useless. Friendship has no use in this world. Let me show you that Dante. Yomishin Diablo attacks your monster.

It slashes the monster as the jelly repels the attack.

Vergil: Iblis, finish the job!

It roars and punches the monster, crushing it.

Vergil: Enough of this child?s play. Let?s end this Dante.

Dante: Yeah, I agree. Let?s not beat around the bush anymore. We're enemies now. And that means one of us has to go down. Here I go, draw! I use the Spell card Melting Earth. I remove a Field Spell in my deck from play [Ring of Fire] and draw 2 cards. Then I set a card and end my turn.

Vergil: A set card? You honestly feel such a thing will help you? Fool. I'll teach you that set cards are useless. Have you forgotten Traps and Spells are useless? Draw. I will also set a card. Yomishin Iblis ends this! Crush him and win us this duel!

Dante: I discard Fire Sea- Starfish Shield. Now until the End Phase of this turn, any damage I take from a non- FIRE monster is negated. Monster effects are free game against a Yomishin.

Iblis punches the monster and Dante is pushed back, but he holds his ground.

Vergil: Hmph. You may suck at dueling, but you?ve always been good at holding on by the skin of your teeth. Even so, you won?t intimidate me. I have the strongest monsters on my field and you have nothing. Besides, even if you keep going what will it do as long as I have this?

He reaches into his shirt and takes out a Fate Crystal.

Yusuke: That's?

Alicia: That belongs to Dex you scumbag!

Vergil: It belongs to me now. That fool decided to side with us. That means his life and everything involved with it belongs to me.

Tamika: You son of your friends mean that little to you?!

Vergil: Friends? You seem mistaken. Those peons were not my friends. They were my subjects. If they lost, it is their own fault. Either way, their sacrifice helps our plan get closer to completion.

Dante: Man've really freaking lost it! You never used to be like this! What happened to the friend who used to joke? The friend who was sullen but could at least enjoy life!?

Vergil: That Vergil is dead. He has been dead ever since he set foot in the Sun 13 years ago. Besides, who are you to talk? A few years ago, our situations were switched.

Dante looks down as he remembers. Vergil and Dante sit on the hospital roof at night.

Vergil: I love this time of day. It reminds me of my childhood underground. A world of pure, silent darkness.

Dante: Yeah. You ask me, the Sun should just go out forever. It shines over this world, lying about the way it really is. There?s no happiness or joy. All of it is an illusion.

Vergil: True. But it is not as though we can actually blot out the Sun.

Dante: Maybe we could. I?ve been doing research. Have you heard of the Yomishin? In the Underworld, there exist monsters made of darkness. They give humans the power of darkness. Every heart has darkness inside of it. That much is clear to everyone. If you stack the darkness of everyone?s soul on top of each other, the darkness will build a bridge to the Underworld.

Vergil: Build a bridge? Are you serious? That's nuts.

Dante: Call me nuts if you want. I know for a fact I?m right. There have to be others out there like us. Those who the world has scarred. Let?s go out and find them. Then together we can become friends and create a new world, free of sadness and anger.

Vergil: If that is really what you want?then count me in. Friends do that right?

The flashback ends as Dante looks down.

Dante: I used to be like that, true. But that isn?t who I am anymore. Draw. Spell card, Pot of Greed. This lets me draw 2 cards. When Fire Sea- Swift Minnow is drawn except during my Draw Phase, he Special Summons himself [ATK 0/DEF 0 LV 1].

Vergil: What point is there? Any monster that appears before Diablo is so terrified it loses all power. Summon the weak, summon the strong. Either way there?s no difference.

Dante: I release Minnow and Advance Summon my Fire Sea- Magma Squid [ATK 2200-0/DEF 1400 LV 6]. Continuous Trap, Passion of Heart. Now one monster isn?t designated by effects and gains 1000 attack points [ATK 3200/DEF 1400 LV 6]. No amount of terror in this world will scare me away! Swipe through the terror!

Tentacles lash out and pierce Diablo in many places. It squeaks and its eyes roll over in its head as it blows up. Vergil covers his face from the smoke [Vergil LP = 1300]. Iblis turns to its fallen brother and its eyes shrink, roaring in anger.

Vergil: Now you?ve done it. You dare to sully a god with your filthy hands?

Dante: Sorry Vergil, I don?t believe in gods. I am not scared of something I don?t believe in. I end my turn. Using Passion, my monster changes to defense mode. [ATK 3200/DEF 1400 LV 6]. Turn end.

Vergil: Trying to hide so soon after your initial battle. Sorry to disappoint you. But I will not allow that. Draw. Spell card, Stop Defense. This changes your monster to attack mode [ATK 3200/DEF 1400 LV 6]. Iblis, show him the anger of the Underworld.

Iblis roars and punches through Squid, making it blow up. Dante cries out as the explosion slams him back. He struggles to stand up as his clothes smoke [Dante LP ? 200]. He vomits more blood.

Vergil: Please?put an end to this Dante. Your body can't stand the stress of the Shadow Game. If you keep going you?ll die for sure. I really want to avoid such a thing Dante.

Dante: I?m not?going to run and hide. If I run now, I?ll never forgive myself. And then I might as well be dead!

Vergil: Such resolve?are you so resolved to settle things like this? Does your guilt run that deep Dante? Guilt over what you?ve done?

Dante: It?s true. There is guilt over what I have done. But it is more than that.

He looks ahead as he remembers again.

Dante: We both fled from the hospital that day, knowing we would never get better. And we both mutually decided if we couldn?t change, we?d change the world.

Dante is surrounded by numerous figures.

Dante: We found others like us. Together, we became the Crossed Brotherhood, allied under one goal. Our sole mission, the mission we all shared together, was to open the gates of the Underworld and change the face of this world. And I was the one who first opened the gate?

Dante walks towards older kids, the same ones who picked on him. They huddle in fear as Dante grins and activates his Duel Disk, darkness pouring from him. They scream as seconds later they are pulled inside a gate. Inside a dark room, Dante and Vergil see a black sphere with three lights around it.

Dante: Just as we thought! The darkness does connect to the Underworld!

Vergil: Just as we hoped. With this, our goals and ambitions begin anew. Let?s see if we can make this real.

The flashback ends as Vergil clenches his fist.

Dante: Here I go, draw. I set a card and end my turn.

Vergil: And again you think that will help. Useless. Draw. I set a card. Iblis, put an end to him!

Dante: Trap card, Back From Burn! One FIRE monster is revived. Until the End Phase of my next turn, that monster cannot be destroyed in battle. During that point, it is removed. I revive Fire Sea- Singing Anemone [ATK 300/DEF 1400 LV 4].

The attack hits and is repelled. Vergil?s eyes narrow and he growls in anger.

Vergil: You are so annoying?are you going to give it your all to stop me? Just like before??

Vergil glares in anger as he remembers. In a dark corridor, Vergil knocks on a door.

Vergil: Dante? Rasputin prepared us a feast. I was hoping we could eat in the Grand Hall. I just came up with a great new attack plan.

He knocks again as the door creaks open. Vergil looks confused and steps inside, seeing no one around. He looks in confusion as he hears crashing. He runs and sees Dante standing near a window wearing a coat.

Vergil: Dante?

Dante: Vergil?sorry. But I can?t be a part of this anymore.

Vergil: A part of this? But why?! Aren?t we comrades fighting for one goal?! You can?t say you?re betraying us after all this!

Dante: I can and will.

Vergil: Dante please! Your place is here with us. Together we can create a new world. That was our promise wasn?t it?

He holds out his hand. Dante looks and turns away.

Dante: I really wish things were different. But they can?t be. Goodbye my friend. Don?t worry, I won?t stop you. But I won?t help you.

He smashes the window and tosses the shards, leaping out the window. Vergil runs over and sees no one there. Vergil falls to his knees and looks down as the other members run over. Rasputin kneels by him as Vergil pushes away, glaring in fury. The flashback ends as everyone looks shocked.

Neo: Whoa?

Sigma: I?ll say.

Vergil: I was crushed that day. And no matter how much I tried to understand, I couldn?t. Why Dante? Why rebel? And why come back now? Did guilt finally crush you?

Dante: Stop saying things you don?t get Vergil. I?ll finish this duel already.

Vergil: Yes, you?re right. Let?s not beat around the bush anymore. I end my turn.

Dante: My turn! Spell card Make Life Equal! Now I draw 2 cards since my life points are lower. Then I summon Fire Sea- Charge Swordfish [ATK 2300/DEF 0 LV 4]. I tune my level 4 Fire Sea- Singing Anemone and level 4 Fire Sea- Charge Swordfish.

Anemone becomes 4 rings that Swordfish flies, becoming 4 stars [4 + 4 = 8]. Darkness pours from Dante.

Dante: I?ve been holding back my own darkness. Now I release it all! Take a dip in the sea of lava and burn the world in a fiery abyss. Synchro Summon! Fire Sea- Infernal Fireshark [ATK 2800/DEF 500 LV 8].

Vergil: Now you, you uses darkness, criticizes us for using darkness? Not only are you a traitor?you are a hypocrite!

Dante: Vergil?it?s true. I left because I felt guilt. I thought I was doing the right thing, but then I looked around. We wanted to put smiles on people?s faces. To erase all pain and sorrow. But are we were doing was causing more pain and sorrow. I was the cause of it all. So I did leave to erase my guilt. But as time passed, I saw what you guys were doing. And I realized just by running I couldn?t change.

Vergil: But it was our plan! How could you ruin years of work just out of guilt?!

Dante: It wasn?t guilt! I came back for you Vergil! I?never wanted to change the world! Those years on the streets, alone, taught me the world can?t be changed! All I wanted?was a friend. A shoulder to pick me up and a shoulder for me to pick up. I got Yusuke, I controlled my darkness, and I returned to save you from the darkness Vergil. My best, irreplaceable friend Vergil. I equip Skill Transfer. By negating Shark?s power, it gains 1500 points [ATK 4300/DEF 500 LV 8]. Take down Yomishin Diablo!

It flies towards the monster and charges through it. Iblis roars in agony and blows up [Vergil LP = 1000].

Dante: This is a sign to you. I can?t lose this battle. I?ll save you my friend, no matter what! That is why I fight now!

Alicia: Whoa...

Yusuke: Dante...I had no idea.

Vergil: I see?but you will not get away with that. Here I go, I draw. I flip summon Shadow Seeker [ATK 1000/DEF 1300 LV 4]. I remove from play this monster and summon Yomishin Diablo [ATK 3000/DEF 1000 LV 10], who has been removed from play. Trap card, Night Falls. For each turn this card has been set, I can summon a Night Token [ATK 0/DEF 0 LV 1 x 3]. I release all three Tokens to Advance Summon my Yomishin Beelzebub [ATK 3500/DEF 2500 LV 11].

Rika: He summoned two of those things at once!

Dante: Vergil...please...

Vergil: When Yomishin Diablo and Yomishin Beelzebub are both on the field, Yomishin Iblis can be revived [ATK 4000/DEF 3000 LV 12].

Chimera: All three?.

Dante: No...way?.

Vergil: Your friendship did mean a lot to me Dante. But I am too far down this path to stop now. When Diablo is summoned, the attack points of all my opponent?s monsters go down to 0 [ATK 0/DEF 500 LV 8]. Iblis, end this struggle and put an end to all resistances.

It roars and punches through the monster. Shark cries as it dies and the darkness hits Dante. He hits the ground and rolls [Dante LP = 0]. Everyone watches in shock as he holds out a hand. A door opens beneath him and pulls him inside the doors. Dante still holds out his hand in a pleading motion.

Dante: Ver...gil...

The doors slam shut on him. Everyone looks in shock as Yusuke runs forward.

Yusuke: Dante! could you do that?!

Vergil: To become the prophet of the new world, I had to throw away my humanity. His friendship was the final connection. Now the plan may proceed.

The whole ground shakes. Everyone watches as the doors keep getting pounded on and the Inferno glows even brighter.

Vergil: The Inferno is complete.

To be continued

Baron: Today we?ll be going over Shadow Seeker. By removing it from play you can replace it with a monster that has been removed from play.

Dante: It sure can be a great card in the right way!

Baron: Hey, how did you get here? Aren?t you in the Underworld?

Dante: The Yomishin let me out to guest star on your show. It?s a huge hit down there and I said I knew you.

Baron: Well, that makes sense I...wait, there's television in the Underworld?!

Riders of Fate Episode 161

Episode 161: I?ll Save You From Your Own Madness!

All over the world, figures and duelists keep fighting. The doors above them keep rattling even harder than before as a set of claws break through the cracks in the door, trying to pry it open as Diablo, Beelzebub, and Iblis struggle to break free.

Tony: Oh boy, that doesn?t look good.

Marie: Where are you looking? The enemy is right in front of you.

Tier: I concur. The sooner we beat these fools, the sooner they will be defeated once and for all.

Leon: Even if I'm all alone I'll keep fighting. Yusuke wouldn?t give up if he were in my shoes. And that means I won't give up on him either!

Shimmer: Seth's coming home after this! Everyone, let's cook him a feast fit for a king!

Waiter: The Secret Underground Movement has finally taken down Grayson and brought peace. We won't let these fools keep us down!

Alphonse: To hurt a baron and his children is a very punishable offense. I?ll reprimand you myself.

All: Lets go!


Yusuke and the others run down the hallway.

Seth: There's murderous intent in the air. No doubt about it, Vergil's on that last floor.

Axel: Hmph. And Dante's nowhere to be seen. I knew that punk ditched us.

Alicia: Come on, you don't know that.

Tamika: He should be here right now. If he isn?t, then he clearly ditched us.

Yusuke: Dante I get that you have your own objective. But what exactly is it that you are trying to accomplish alone?

Dante continues to watch Vergil. He turns and stares as well.

Vergil: Welcome home traitor. Well, don?t you have anything to say to an old friend you cur?

Dante:, you're still a shrimp! You haven't stopped drinking milk right? Don?t you know milk helps kids grow big and strong?

Vergil blushes and turns away.

Vergil: Hmph. And what of you? You're still a twig Dante. Don?t you eat three square meals a day? You?ll get anorexic if you eat like that.

Dante: Nah,you know my body doesn?t like food.

Vergil: So the doctors have said the time has come?

Dante: Yeah I'm going to die.

Vergil: Too bad.

Dante: Yeah. Look at the Inferno though. It sure has gotten big since I took off. You've certainly been busy. Glows almost like the Sun too bad I've got to destroy it.

Vergil: I regret hearing that. But this does surprise me. Why have you returned? Have you finally come to your senses and decided to come back? After all, this was?

Dante: No I've come to stop you Vergil. I suppose you won't just let me pass and close the gates?

Vergil: So that's it? You do truly oppose our plan? Then no, I cannot. This is the fruits of our research finally ready to bloom. I am not going to throw all of that away.

Dante: That upsets me Vergil. Now things have gotten messy. You know I can?t let you get away with this.

Vergil: And you know I can't let you stop us.

Dante: Looks like there's no choice then.

Vergil: Yes, it would appear not.

He draws his Duel Disk and throws it into the air. Vergil holds out his arm as darkness covers it. Dante?s Duel Disk lands on his arm and folds out into a disk as the darkness on Vergil melds into one.

Both: Duel! [Vergil LP = 4000] [Dante LP = 4000].

As everyone runs, the Fate Crystals begin to glow.

Axel: Oh what's wrong with these damn things now?!

Rika: Is there another duel going on?

Baron: Looks like our missing friend is doing something important after all.

Sigma: So in the end he did go off and do his own thing.

Neo: He's fighting Vergil now? But why?

Yusuke: I don't know. Dante?

Vergil: You can go first if you want.

Dante: Hey, thanks man! You remember how much I love going first. Here goes, draw! I set one monster in defense mode. Then I?ll set a card face down and end my turn.

Vergil: Rather basic for you. Though wise considering what you are up against. Even so, it won?t help at all. After all, in all the years we have known each other, not once have you beaten me in a duel. Here I go, draw. Field Spell, Mystic Plasma Zone.

A giant wormhole appears in the sky and gives off dark power.

Vergil: From my hand, I summon The Bistro Butcher [ATK 1800/DEF 1000 LV 4]. Using the power of Mystic Plasma Zone, all DARK monsters gain 500 attack points and lose 400 defense points [ATK 2300/DEF 500 LV 4]. Let?s battle. Butcher, let?s fry up his monster for a snack!

It sharpens its weapons and cuts the set monster apart.

Vergil: Then I set two cards and end my turn. Well Dante, are you still going to fight me? Surely you understand how pointless the struggle is?

Dante: Come on Vergil, you?re just as smart as I am. You know I will find a way to win regardless of what you do. My turn, draw! I use my own Field Spell, Molten Destruction. Now all FIRE monsters gain 500 attack points and lose 400 defense points.

The Zone vanishes as a volcano erupts and lava surrounds them.

Vergil: I see. Delaying your own Spell card to wait for mine. Clever [ATK 1800/DEF 1000 LV 4].

Dante: I need all my skills if I?m going to win. Sorry Vergil but I can?t hold back for even one fraction of a second! I summon Fire Sea- Rockslide Hammerhead [ATK 2000-2500/DEF 0 LV 4]. Battle. I?ll hammer this into your monster!

It flies forward and turns sideways, smashing the monster. Vergil watches with a bored look as dust blows [Vergil LP = 3300]. Dante grins but then stumbles and gags into his hand, falling to his knees.

Dante: No! Damn it body, hold on for a little while longer!

Vergil: I see. The illness has ravaged you.

He stumbles and gags into his hand as well. He pulls out a syringe and injects something into his arm, breathing heavily afterwards.

Dante: Same with you. Looks like we both don?t have much longer Vergil.

Vergil: Yes. My own illness has left me weak as well. Neither of us has a lot of time left in this world. But once the Yomishin awaken, this frail and useless body will become strong once again.

Dante: You're a fool Vergil! The Yomishin are mindless creatures! What makes you think they're going to help you even if you do free them?!

Vergil: I will force them to submit. And even if they refuse, we are comrades wanting the same thing. Together, the shape of this world will change. Our duel is the step forward. Yes?I will even sacrifice you Dante. Prepare yourself.

Dante: I really had a clue?.you really became this deranged Vergil? Then I?ll save you from your own madness!

Vergil: If you can. Trap, Michizure. Now that my monster has been destroyed, I can discard one monster and take yours with it. The monster I discarded was Black Beast, which returns to my hand when discarded. Trap card, Loophole. When a monster is added to my hand, I can summon it from my hand. Come on out Black Beast [ATK 1000/DEF 0 LV 2]. From my hand, I use the Spell card Inferno Reckless Summon. This lets me summon two more copies of my monster from the deck. Come on, two more Black Beasts [ATK 1000/DEF 0 LV 2 x2].

Dante: Oh boy. I think I know what?s coming next. I set a card and end my turn.

Vergil: My turn?

Dante: Trap card, Fire Chasm! Now for this turn, the Battle Phase is skipped.

Vergil: Trying to avoid my attacks in a sad attempt to avoid damage? Sorry Dante. I?ve seen through that move. Let me show you my move. I release all three DARK monsters on the field. This allows me to Special Summon this card from my hand. Come on out Yomishin Iblis!

A door appears and is shattered as a monster emerges [ATK 4000/DEF 2000 LV 12]. It roars as Dante watches the monster.

Dante: Hey, you?ve really gotten closer to your plans. Those things look nasty for sure.

Vergil: So horrified. After all, you said you had the plan as well. Together we worked towards this. Now you say you?re not interested? Let me show you why you cannot leave us and expect to get away with it. When this monster is summoned, during my turn, I can add up the attack points of the three monsters I gave up to summon it and deal that as damage to you. Even though I can't attack I'll still deal damage [1000 + 1000 + 1000 = 3000]. Take this, Breath of the End!

Dante steps back as it roars and breathes fire, sending him flying back. He hits a stain glass window and it shatters as he hits a wall and vomits blood [Dante LP = 1000]. He falls to the ground and struggles to stand as darkness pours from him.

Vergil: I see. You're still going to hold back the dark power? Unwise of you. You think you can beat me without darkness?

Dante: Nah. Come on, I?m not that dumb. But I've still got to try right?

Vergil: You really have changed Dante. It would appear as though you have become ten times more stupid than you already were. That ends my turn.

Everyone keeps running down the stairs. Koga and Arnold are panting.

Koga: How far down does this place go anyway?!

Arnold: Any further down and we?ll emerge from the other side of the planet!

Seth: I can understand though. After all, they claim to hate the Sun.

Baron: Might as well create an upside- down skyscraper and get away.

Yusuke: They think they can hide from the Sun? But why? What on earth happened to these people?

Axel: Who cares? These fools are going to destroy the whole world. Insanity is no excuse for what they?re trying to accomplish.

Alicia: I guess you have a point. But still that can't be all there is.

Dante: Alright, here goes! Draw. I summon Fire Sea- Bubble Prawn who gains a boost in power from Molten Destruction [ATK 300-800/DEF 0 LV 1]. Hammer Vergil!

It flies forward and smacks him. He growls in anger, but keeps glaring ahead [Vergil LP = 2500].

Vergil: You dare touch a deity with that pathetic excuse of a monster? You must be desperate for victory.

Dante: Don't say that! Cards have feelings too you know. Besides, every hit means something in the long run. I end my turn.

Vergil: Back to me. Draw. You?ve always been a fan of such little strategies Dante. It is one of your worst faults. Spell card, Allure of Darkness. Now I draw 2 cards from my deck. I remove a DARK monster and keep the cards I drew. Next I play Heavy Storm. This blows away all Spells and Traps.

A storm destroys all sets. Suddenly, the ground melts and Iblis sinks in.

Vergil: Hm?! But my monster isn?t affected by Traps!

Dante: My Trap isn't affecting your monster. When Seismic Activity is destroyed, I release Bubble Prawn and then all monsters cannot attack during this turn. Too bad. Iblis can only use its power during the turn it is summoned. I most certainly won't lose to that thing!

Vergil: Dante this is what all of us were working so hard for. Ever since we met, we were planning for this day. Are you telling me you reject that now? Completely and totally?

Dante: Not completely, no. I still can understand what you're doing. This world is a cold and rotten place. But we can?t counter violence with violence. If we really want to change the world, we need to go about it a different way.

Vergil: Those fools really have poisoned your mind. Can you not even think clearly Dante? Looks like I?ll need to smack your head and make you remember.

Dante: If you can that is. My turn, draw! I summon Fire Sea- Plasma Moray [ATK 1500/DEF 1000 LV 3]. When this card is Normal Summoned, I get to add a FIRE monster of level 4 or below from the deck to the hand. Then I use the Spell card Polymerization. I combine Moray with two more FIRE monsters in my hand.

The three mix together and fling fire in all directions.

Dante: Let's burn it up, Fire Sea- Boiling Jellyfish [ATK 2300/DEF 2500 LV 7].

Vergil: I haven't seen that in a while. But three weak monsters create one weak monster.

Dante: When Fire Sea- Bright Anglerfish is sent to the graveyard by a card effect, I get to draw one card. Equip Spell, Scalding Shoot. Once per turn, a FIRE monster can deal 1000 points of damage if it is face up on the field.

Vergil: Oh. And Jellyfish cannot be destroyed in battle once per turn. Even my Iblis cannot take it down in battle. So that is your shield. An endless way to deal damage to me.

Dante: Let?s burn it up! Go, Scalding Shoot!

Jellyfish shoots out scalding water as Vergil is pushed back. He screams as he falls down, gagging and shaking [Vergil LP = 1500]. He struggles to stand and leans against a wall.

Vergil: So Dante now you are trying to erase me?

He takes out a syringe, but his hands are shaking and he drops it as it shatters. He takes out another and stands steady.

Vergil: I thought out friendship meant something to you. And you're trying to kill me.

Dante: No. I'm not. All I'm trying to do is return you to your senses. Vergil, look at yourself. You?re really going to sacrifice the entire world? You've gone mad!

Vergil: This was our dream Dante. The one we planned since the day we met. If you?ve forgotten it, that isn?t my problem. But I will ensure our goals are real. Here I go, draw! Well, look at this. Dante, you seem to be under the deluded impression that you will be able to defend against my Yomishin. That may be the case?but against two?

Dante: No come on man, don't do it!

Vergil: I summon Shadow Seeker [ATK 1000/DEF 1300 LV 4]. When this card is summoned, I can remove him from play. Then I can Special Summon one DARK monster that has been removed from play and ignore all summoning costs.

Dante: No?.that?s insane.

Vergil: I revive the monster I removed using Allure of Darkness. Blacken the world, Yomishin Diablo!

A door opens and pours out darkness as Diablo emerges, laughing like a maniac [ATK 3000/DEF 1000 LV 10]. All over the world the door keeps get slammed against. Dante backs away as the monster roars along with Iblis.

Vergil: Behold Dante. The fruits of our blood, sweat, and tears.

Dante: Maybe yours, but not mine. I quit this group a long time ago. Now I?m facing you to stop this.

Everyone reaches the floor and looks on.

Seth: Wait he's fighting Vergil?

Axel: Whoa! That guy already has two Yomishin on his field!

Yusuke: Dante?Why are you fighting Vergil? Is it to settle old business?

Dante: Yeah. Sorry guys, but this is my business. Not yours.

Vergil: Why now Dante? Did your guilt finally catch up to you?

Tamika: It was your plan. Why should Dante feel guilt?

Vergil: You never told them Dante?

Alicia: Told us? Told us what?

Vergil: How delicious. If they knew the truth, would they still be helping you?

Neo: The truth?

Chimera: I had a feeling?

Dante: Come on Vergil. There's no need to tell them about that.

Vergil: Why not? I know why. You know that if they knew the truth they would reject you in a minute.

Baron: It's time to tell us the full truth here.

Rika: How can we trust you otherwise?

Vergil: Yes, why not tell me?

Dante: Vergil, please don't!

Vergil: The Inferno, the gateway towards the Underworld? You see, I was not the one who created it. It was Dante here.

Yusuke: What?! Dante you started all of us?

Dante: Yeah. I was the one who first opened the gates of the Underworld.

To be continued

Baron: Today we'll be going over Yomishin Iblis. Even though it can only be summoned by releasing 3 DARK monsters, it deals the total attack points of all three as damage.

Vergil: I don't understand Dante. Why did you betray us?

Dante: You don't remember Vergil? You did something I could never forgive. You stole the last slice of pizza! I was going to have that for dinner!

Vergil: I did?

Dante: Nah, just kidding.

Vergil: I dislike you with great intensity.

Baron: Not to be rude but how did you get in here?

Riders of Fate Episode 160

Episode 160: These Scars the World Gives Us

In the city, more and more Olympians are getting blasted back. Juno falls to the ground and collapses. Prometheus pants and keeps backing away.

Prometheus: Can't…keep this up…much longer.

Leon: Damn it, just hold on Prometheus! We need to hold on a little bit longer! Yusuke and the others are almost there!

Prometheus: No…good.

His Spiritual Dao Master is smashed by a Smoking Dog. Prometheus screams and flies back [Prometheus LP = 0].

Leon: No…Prometheus! Prometheus!

Prometheus: Yusuke…sorry. I know I can leave things in your hands…win!

He is pulled through a door. Leon watches in horror as more figures surround him. His hand glows and he screams in rage.

Dante: Okay, that's it. Now you've done. Delta Accel Synchro! Airship Goliath, show yourself!

The monster emerges from the ground and roars as many figures cry out while Leon looks on.


Everyone begins running down a flight of stairs. In the room with the Inferno, Vergil watches through a screen and grins.

Vergil: I suppose that is enough playing with them. I might as well let me meet again. They won't be able to fight anymore either way. So it is not really going to make a difference.

He presses some switches. Everyone keeps running when the ground shakes slightly.

Alicia: Huh?

Neo: Seismic activity?

They keep running and everyone meets in a room.

Axel: Looks like they aren't bothering to keep us apart anymore.

Baron: Why bother? We all get the same impression right? They must be so far along in their plans that they're confident no one is going to get in the way.

Tamika: From the way these crystals are glowing, one of us is still fighting.

Seth: Yusuke…Yusuke has to be the one fighting now.

Koga: But what can we do? We don't even know where he is right now.

Arnold: Yeah. He could be anywhere in this damn place.

Alicia: Yusuke…this way! Let's go this way!

Rika: How can you be so sure this is the right way?

Alicia: Just…call it a hunch.

Everyone begins to follow her as she runs. Neo turns and sees Chimera behind.

Neo: What's up?

Chimera: Dante still isn't here…what is he up to?

Sigma: Hey, who cares? He'll probably catch up or something.

Chimera: Maybe…yeah, just being paranoid. Come on, let's catch up.

At the duel, Yusuke and Faust continue to stare each other down [Yusuke LP = 1100] [Faust LP = 2700]. Yusuke has no cards on the field while Faust has the face up Dimensional Fissure and Necro Archangel [ATK 2900/DEF 1800 LV 9].

Faust: Now then, it is your turn. Let's wrap this up already. The plan is about to reach its final stage. I'm not going to delay our goals because of you.

Yusuke: Yeah, don't worry. I'll finish things up quickly Faust.

Faust: I'm glad you understand. You finally accept defeat and surrender to us?

Yusuke: That's funny. I don't recall saying that. I just said…I'm going to finish things up quickly! Here goes, draw! You sure gathered a tough monster quickly Faust. But I've faced tougher monsters than that! I use the Spell card Pot of Greed and draw 2 cards from my deck. I summon Boost Motor [ATK 600/DEF 200 LV 1]. This monster can wage a direct attack no matter what cards you have out. Get him!

It flies forward and smacks Faust in the stomach. He steps back and coughs, glaring ahead [Faust LP = 2100].

Faust: That doesn't even qualify as a scrape. My monster will destroy yours in a heartbeat.

Yusuke: Maybe it will. Maybe it won't. I end my turn.

Faust: No set cards? Is he opening saying he can't win? Or…is he trying to bait me with an attack? Either way, that annoying monster has to go away. I draw. A monster card. I could finish you in one blow, or I could draw it out in two. Hmph. I'll do this and leave you defenseless. Spell card, Back to Square One. I discard one card and send one monster back to your deck. Now your monster cannot protect you anymore. And with no set cards, this is the end! Necro Archangel wages a direct attack! Black Seraphim!

Yusuke: I discard Battle Gate! When I'm attacked, I can ditch this card and negate all battles this turn!

A gate appears and blocks the attack.

Faust: Hmph! You think blocking my first attack is enough to save your life? All you've done is bought yourself one more turn. Sooner or later you won't be able to defend yourself.

Yusuke: We'll see about that Faust! Here I go, draw! I resummon Boost Motor [ATK 600/DEF 200 LV 1]. And since he's back, I'll use his power and wage one more direct attack!

It flies forward and rams into Faust. He coughs again and almost falls over as he glares ahead [Faust LP = 1500]

Yusuke: With that I set a card and end my turn.

Faust: How dare you…how dare you wound me?! You think you can still win this fight?!

Yusuke: I can't give up, I know that much.

Faust: Those eyes…I can't stand that expression in your eyes. So full of….HOPE. Ridiculous. There is no such thing as hope. You are only fooling yourself by ignoring the truth. All that awaits you is despair. Draw! I use the Spell card Fissure and destroy Boost Motor.

The ground swallows it as Archangel charges its attack.

Faust: Time for the ending. Necro Archangel, strike this fool down. Black Seraphim!

Yusuke: You're getting sloppy Faust! I have a set card right here. Trap card, Airbag! Now all damage is blocked!

The bag shoots out and blocks the attack.

Faust: Damn…lucky break, having that set card. I end my turn.

Yusuke: Alright Faust, here goes! This is my comeback! Draw. I use the Spell Greed Reuse. Now one Pot of Greed is reused, but at the end of this turn my hand is discarded. I summon Dimension Dumpster [ATK 1600/DEF 400 LV 4]. When summoned, one removed monster is summoned. Come on, Building Block [ATK 800/DEF 600 LV 2]. I tune level 4 Dimension Dumpster and level 2 Building Block.

Dumpster becomes 4 rings that Block flies through, becoming 2 stars [4 + 2 = 6].

Yusuke: Winds speed past faster than noise and slash the opponent to pieces with fast and graceful strokes. Synchro Summon, Sound- Speed Slicer [ATK 2400/DEF 1900 LV 6].

Faust: Hmph. It is too weak to match my monster. In the end you fail.

Yusuke: Don't count me out yet! Like with me, my cards work off their friends to get stronger. Spell card, Reconnecting Circuits! By negating the effect of my own monster, this raises the power of Slicer by 1000 [ATK 3400/DEF 1900 LV 6].

Faust: Over 3000 attack points?!

Yusuke: Here goes! Get him Slicer! Sickle Sonicboom!

It creates energy in its blade and fires it off. The blast cuts Archangel in half and it blows up. Faust is knocked back by the blast and rolls around [Faust LP = 1000]

Yusuke: Looks like I have the advantage now Faust! Sorry, but you won't win this duel. I end my turn.

Faust: Inconceivable…there's no way I'll let you win. I must win this duel for the father. For you to win…I will not allow that! I draw. I use the Spell card Collapsing World. Now I send the top 3 cards of my deck to the graveyard and draw 2 new cards. Unlucky, those three were monsters, so they are removed from play. I summon Necro Eater in defense mode [ATK 1400/DEF 1900 LV 4]. Once per turn, I can remove from play one card I control and gain 600 life points. I will banish my own Dimensional Fissure. Eat it and give me life anew [Faust LP = 1600]. Turn end.

Yusuke: Leaving a lot to chance aren't you? All I need is a monster with 1600 attack points and this duel is basically over. Do you…not care at all how things will go?

Faust: Things happen as they will. There's no point trying to change things. If you are to lose, you lose. If you are to win, you win. Why bother trying to change that?

Yusuke: Faust… I know you don't believe that! Last time we dueled I could tell you have a heart! I'm getting that heart back! Here goes, draw! I use the Spell card Spell Books From the Pot. Now we each draw 3 cards. I summon Dimension Material [ATK 0/DEF 300 LV 2]. I use his power and equip him to my monster [ATK 2700/DEF 1900 LV 6]. I halve his attack points in order to hit you directly [ATK 1350/DEF 1900 LV 6].

It creates energy in its blade and creates a wave, hitting Faust and sending him flying back. His mask falls off as he struggles to stand [Faust LP = 250].

Yusuke: Just give up Faust. Things don't need to continue as they are. I don't know what Vergil promised you, but you can't get it by doing things like this. Please, just quit the Brotherhood. You're an honorable duelist. Don't work for them. I set a card, turn end.

Faust: You don't. You don't understand anything at all. You don't know the pain I've experienced in life! How dare you even try to comprehend my pain?! You…you cannot possibly sympathize with me! You've never lost like I have!

He clenches his fist as he begins to remember.

Faust: I was always neglected as a child. My father was always out getting drunk and my mother was always working. I was isolated and alone, friendless and without companions. I dedicated all my time to science and research as a way to escape the world. I once believed there was no point in this world and there was nothing worth loving. But all of that changed on the day I met Claire. She was just as passionate about science as I was and of the world. I began to feel as though I was not alone in the world. That those words I read about, love and hope, actually existed. And then on that day, three years ago,

In a lab, Faust and Claire are both writing on clipboards.

Claire: Okay! You ready? This is going to change the world.

Faust: Yeah. This machine will create a new clean source of energy. The entire world will be safer and cleaner.

Claire: Then we'll know who to thank, right Dr. Faust?

Faust: I couldn't have done it without you Claire. Say Claire…there's something I wanted to ask you.

Claire: Let's wait until after the experiment. I want to help people as soon as possible.

She puts on her goggles as Faust nods and does the same. A large reactor begins to hum and glow. Claire checks a screen and nods as she and Faust grin. Suddenly, the reactor turns red and alarms blare. Faust runs over and checks the screen, looking up.

Faust: Oh no! The reactor's overloading! It…it's going to blow!

Claire: Faust!

She runs over and drags him back as the whole place blows up. In the ashes, Faust sits up grabbing his face.

Faust: Claire….Claire….

He passes out. He then opens his eyes and sits up on a table. The doctor grins.

Doctor: You are a lucky man! You almost didn't make it, but you sure are a fighter. You're going to make a full recovery in no time as long as…

Faust: Claire….where's Claire?

He looks over and sees a body covered with a sheet. He stands and tries to run over as the doctors have to hold him down.

Faust: Claire! No! Please, take anything else! Take anything else except her! Please don't take her! Claire!

Faust screams in anger and falls to his knees. The flashback ends as Faust glares at Yusuke.

Faust: Now can you see? This world will feel my full hatred. Only then can this world change. I will ensure that anger and sorrow will be erased forever and no one has to suffer like I did. Surely you won't stand in my way knowing that.

Yusuke: I'm sorry Faust. But I still have to stop you.

Faust: What did you say? You, the so called hero of fate would deny people happiness!? You would force them to experience sorrow, fear, and anguish?!

Yusuke: I know that people don't like those things. They don't want to feel sad or angry. But the fact of the matter is those things are part of life Faust! If you get rid of them then life just won't be life! Sure, despair gets people down, but it also gives them hope! And with that hope, they can get out of despair and create a better life for themselves!

Faust: You…you are even more wicked than I thought. You won't even listen to reason anymore. Very well….I'll open your eyes and change the face of this world! Draw! Spell card, Dark World Dealings. Now we each draw one card and discard one card. Then I summon Necro Puppet Master [ATK 1300/DEF 700 LV 3]. When this monster is summoned, he summons one Necro monster removed from play. Come on, Necro Slayer [ATK 1300/DEF 200 LV 3]. I release three DARK monsters now.

Yusuke: It's coming now…

Faust: Surround the world in darkness! Swallow it and together we shall forge a new and better world. Yomishin- Diablo!

The gates are torn off their hinges as the monster appears, cackling [ATK 3000/DEF 1000 LV 10].

Faust: When this monster is summoned, the base power of all monsters decreases to 0. Of course you have your equipped cards, but that is it [ATK 1300/DEF 1900 LV 6]. I use Mystical Space Typhoon and destroy that Equip Spell [ATK 300/DEF 1900 LV 6]. Any monster, no matter how tough, is weak to the power of fear, you are no exception. This is the end! Finish him Yomishin Diablo! Claws of the End!

Yusuke: I made a promise to myself Faust. I wouldn't be afraid, no matter what. Even if I'm scared, I won't succumb to terror! I'll keep hope and move forward! I release Dimension Material and negate my monster's destruction. Then I use my Trap, Predicted Violence. This turn, all damage is negated. And since my Trap doesn't target your monster, they go through.

The claws scrape against the monster as it stands strong [ATK 0/DEF 1900 LV 6]. The wind almost sends Yusuke flying back, but he holds his ground. Everyone else runs in and looks in shock.

Axel: That guy summoned his Yomishin!

Faust: Why…why won't you quit?! You are clearly scared! Why won't you give into despair?! Is your false hope truly that strong?!

Yusuke: I'll teach you the value of hope Faust! You used to have hope as well.

Baron: That guy….he is something.

Tamika: That he is.

Faust: That's because hope doesn't give you anything! Just because you want things to change doesn't mean they will. I threw away hope long ago. Vergil pulled me into the darkness and showed me how pointless hope truly is.

Faust sits in the rain as Vergil stands over him.

Vergil: Well aren't you a sad sight? What's wrong? Has despair overcome you?

Faust: Leave me alone. I don't want to do anything.

Vergil: Let me help you. There are others like you. Those who hate the world and want to change it. Join us and the shape of the world will change forever.

Seth: Faust…Yusuke will show you the light. That's just what he does.

Yusuke: Faust…I'll stop you. Here goes, draw! This is my last turn! Dimension Material returns using his own effect [ATK 0/DEF 300 LV 2]. I release Dimension Material and Advance Summon my Garbage Crane [ATK 2000/DEF 1500 LV 5]. When summoned, one Machine monster is revived with a decreased level. Come on out, Wonder Rocket [ATK 1000/DEF 1000 LV 3-2]. Level 2 Wonder Rocket tunes to level 5 Garbage Crane.

Rocket turns into three rings that Crane flies through, becoming 5 stars [2 + 5 = 7]

Yusuke: Light speeds into a rushing warrior that destroys with blinding speed. Synchro Summon! Light-Speed Horseman [ATK 2600-0/DEF 1000 LV 7].

Faust: Any monster summoned is subject to terror! What does this earn you?!

Yusuke: I equip Sound- Speed Slicer with Pain Transfer and Revenge Promise. I attack Diablo with Horseman.

Chimera: But that's suicide!

Neo: No, I know what he's planning.

Yusuke: I use his power and release himself to negate all damage.

Diablo slices it in three.

Faust: I told you it is pointless!

Yusuke: Pain Transfer and Revenge Promise activate. Pain Transfer raises Slicer's power by the damage I would have taken had it not been negated. [ATK 3000/DEF 1900 LV 6] while Revenge raises his power by the original attack points of my destroyed monster [ATK 5600/DEF 1900 LV 6].

Faust: No! My monster only affects original attack points!

Slicer flies forward, its blade growing in size as it slices downward, cleaving Diablo in half. It screams in agony as it blows up, sending Faust flying back [Faust LP = 0]. Yusuke runs over and checks on him. Faust's pendant has shattered and he holds the fragments in his hand.

Faust: I don't understand. My sadness ran deeper than anything else. I thought for sure it would drown your hope. How? How did you overcome the terror?

Yusuke: Simple Faust. I believed I could win. As long as you believe in hope, there is hope. After all, if you always look at the negative parts of life, then you'll never grow. Sure this world hurts us, but the pain isn't eternal. Someday it will fade.

Faust: You…are the dumbest, weirdest, most childish person I have ever met. And yet…you are so much like Claire it hurts. Yusuke Iruiza…show me. Show me your hope and what you can do with it.

A gate opens as Faust is pulled inside. Yusuke watches with sadness and looks ahead.

Yusuke: Vergil's right down there.

Koga: Hey, we're all not here.

Arnold: Dante's not here.

Rika: Figures. I knew we couldn't trust him.

Yusuke: Hold on, Dante? What is he up to anyway?

Vergil sits in his throne. He opens his eyes and does a quarter turn. As someone stands behind him.

Vergil: How dare you show your treasonous face….Dante?

To be continued

Baron: Today we'll be going over Revenge Promise. The equipped monster gains power equal to the power of another destroyed monster. Friends really do help each other.

Rika: There are only five episodes left.

Dante: Make sure you all come and watch my next duel! Come on, I'll give you a donut!

Baron: Security!

Riders of Fate Episode 159

Episode 159: A Rematch of Destiny!

In Cynemia City, the remains of the Regal Olympians continue to fight. Venus steps back and collapses through an open door.

Juno: We can't keep this up much longer. Sooner or later, they're going to shatter our defenses.

Prometheus: No! We need to hold on until Yusuke can save us all!

Leon: Easy for you to say. I'm running on empty here. Although now that the third hero has awakened.

The Tyrant NEPTUNE is destroyed by Super Dimensional Robo Galaxy Destroyer, blasted apart. Neptune gasps as the blast makes him fly back [Neptune LP = 0].

Neptune: Sorry…this is as far as I go.

Prometheus: No…Neptune!

He is pulled through a door. Prometheus looks on in fear and cries in anger.

Prometheus: You fools…are going to regret that! Come on everyone, let's finish this fight!


In a dark room, Faust is kneeling before an altar. His hands are clasped together and he opens his eyes, putting on his mask.

Faust: I'll be back tomorrow Claire. Claire…it has been three years since you were carved out of the world. I swear you…I will have revenge.

He looks at Claire's picture, a smiling black haired girl with glasses, and walks off, drawing his Duel Disk with the blade pointed out.

Faust: This cold and cruel world that scars us will gain scars of its own.

Yusuke walks by himself down a hallway. He looks down at his Fate Crystal.

Yusuke: This thing stopped glowing. Everyone else must have finished their battles. If I'm right in my prediction….for sure he's going to be there.

He keeps walking. Elsewhere, Baron enters a room and stops as he sees Alicia.

Baron: Finally, someone else.

Alicia: Looks like all the paths are starting to converge.

Baron: Why not? We already won all of our duels. They have no reason to separate us anymore.

Rika: They must know they're beaten.

Baron: Nah. They're just overconfident now they can't see a foreseeable future where they lose.

Alicia: Come on. Yusuke still must be fighting.

Baron: How can you be sure?

Alicia: I just….know okay?

Baron: Fine. Let's not delay then. Hey, where's Neo?

Alicia: Huh? Oh no! We must have gotten separated somehow!

Baron: I'm sure he'll be fine. He seemed like a tough young man.

They rush down the hall. Yusuke keeps walking and enters a room. He looks around with his Duel Disk at ready. Faust sits and stands up.

Faust: You. I should have expected it was going to be you. Yusuke Iruiza, the so-called hero of fate.

Yusuke: Faust…it's been a while. How have you been?

Faust: Skip the small talk. We both know why you are here. You are under the deluded impression that you can stop the Brotherhood. No good. Our plans have reached the highest point. You can't stop us now.

Yusuke: Maybe I can't stop you. But that hasn't stopped me yet! Come on Faust, let's go! I know you aren't going to let me pass.

Faust: I can't let you by. If I did…Claire would never forgive me.

Yusuke: Claire? Who's that? …Well, either way. I'm getting by Faust. Stand in my way, and well, I'll take you down as well!

Faust: …Fool. Have you forgotten how soundly I stomped you last time? Very well. I'll fight you once more Yusuke Iruiza. And this time, I'll burn the real meaning of power into your brain!

He holds out his Disk as the card slots slip out. Yusuke holds out his Disk and draws 5 cards.

Both: Duel! [Faust LP = 4000] [Yusuke LP = 4000].

Axel is looking around as he walks down a hallway. He hears a noise and turns quickly, seeing Tamika standing there. He lowers his Disk and smirks.

Axel: You survived your duel. Nice.

Tamika: Of course. Was there any doubt?

Axel: Not really. I knew you'd win.

Tamika: Sure you did. That's why you had to go and say something like that.

Axel: Either all, the fact we're here means the paths are converging. Come on, let's get the hell out. This place is messing with my eyes.

He walks off. Tamika seems hesitant, but follows. At the duel, Faust glares at Yusuke as he begins to sweat.

Faust: What's wrong? You can take the first move.

Yusuke: Awfully kind of you Faust…I'll be happy to oblige! Here goes, draw! Faust is tough. He's one of the toughest duelists I've fought. I can't afford to go easy on her. Not even for a quarter of a minute. I set a monster. Then I'll place three cards face down and end my turn.

Faust: Four set cards, one being a monster. I see, you're taking the cautious road. Some might say that's wise…other's cowardly.

Yusuke: Sorry for that Faust. But I need to win this duel. I have to go at this carefully or I'll lose for sure.

Faust: You...why are you so motivated? What is that spurs you on?

Yusuke: I'm spurred on by my friends and my family. With their support, I can't lose!

Faust: Support? Foolish. That is no motivator. It is not enough to become strong. The only real force in the world…is hatred and anger.

Yusuke: Hatred and anger? No! I know that's not the way you fight Faust! I dueled you myself and I can vouch for that!

Faust: You're a fool then. The only thing that keeps me alive is my own anger and rage. I'll show you the force that spurs me on! Draw! I use the Continuous Spell, Dimensional Fissure. As long as this is out, any monster sent to the graveyard is removed from play. Next I use the Spell card Card Destruction. We each must discard our hands now.

Yusuke: Our hands…I see [Helio Bomber and Synchro Warlord]

Faust: This is a necessary precaution [Necro Gardna, Necro Defender, Necro Mannequin, Necro Soldier]. Now I take three removed from play monsters and put them in my deck to revive my Necro Guerilla [ATK 2500/DEF 100 LV 7]. Battle! Crush his weak little set monster!

It lifts its weapon and plows it straight down through the set monster, destroying it.

Yusuke: When Building Block is destroyed, I can Special Summon two more from my deck. Come on out guys! [ATK 800/DEF 600 LV 2 x2].

Faust: Two monsters. But two weak little monsters at that. I am not concerned. I set a card and end my turn.

Yusuke: Looks like my turn again! I remove from play both Building Blocks and Special Summon my D.D Samurai Neo [ATK 1000/DEF 1000 LV 6]. He gains 1000 points for each monster I remove from play to summon him [ATK 3000/DEF 1000 LV 6]. Now attack his Necro Guerilla! Go, Fierce Dimensional Twin Sword Slash!

Faust: Trap card, Dimensional Prison. Now that attacking monster is removed from play. Nice try, but I won't let you win so easily.

Yusuke: Right back at you Faust! Trap card, New Polish! Now one monster on my field is not affected by cards until the End Phase. That includes Dimensional Prison!

It swings both blades and chops the monster in two. The pieces blow up as Faust is almost blasted back [Faust LP = 3500].

Faust: A counter for my Trap. Perhaps you have some skill after all. When Guerilla is destroyed, one removed from play monster goes to my graveyard.

Yusuke: What monster did he select? Faust, I'm not fighting for the same reasons you are. But I still have my own reason to fight. And that means I'll fight and win, no matter what! Turn end.

Seth walks as Koga and Arnold walk behind him. Koga and Arnold look around as Seth sighs, stopping.

Seth: There's no one here guys. You can relax now.

Arnold: Forgive us, but we can't.

Koga: You never know when someone is going to jump out at us.

Someone walks out from behind a wall. Koga turns and aims to punch them as the figure grabs her arm, flipping him onto the ground. Seth and Arnold turn to see Neo.

Sigma: Oh…sorry about that.

Koga: My spine!

Neo: So, you guys are trying to find the others as well?

Seth: Pretty much. Gotta give those guys credit. They designed one hell of a maze.

Neo: I'll say. Come on; let's do our best to meet up with the others.

Faust: Back to me, draw! I summon D.D Assailant [ATK 1700/DEF 1600 LV 4]. From my hand, I equip my monster with the Equip Spell Synched Souls. The equipped monster gains 500 attack points for each monster that has been removed from play. Your three Building Blocks and my Necro Guerilla. D.D Assailant gains 2000 attack points, 500 for 4 monsters [ATK 3700/DEF 1600 LV 4]. With this, I overpower you. I attack your monster. Go, Dimensional Swinging Sword!

Yusuke: I had a feeling you were going to do that! Trap card, Strike Slash. Now my monster gains 700 points when it battles [ATK 3700/DEF 1000 LV 6].

The two monsters lunge at each other and slash at the same time, cleaving each other in half. Both of them vanish inside the dimensional hole.

Faust: Are you really satisfied just tying with me though?

Yusuke: As long as there is a chance of winning the final result I am.

Faust: Hmph. That is why you are such a fool. Duels are decided by individual turns. Ignoring them will cost you. I end my turn by setting a card.

Yusuke: Looks like my turn again! Here goes, draw! I summon Magic Cloaker [ATK 1600/DEF 1000 LV 4]. I attack directly with my monster. Cloaked Spell!

Faust: I remove from play Necro Gardna and negate that attack.

The monster appears and blocks the attack, vanishing shortly afterwards.

Faust: Nice try. But you won't land a hit like that.

Yusuke: Had to try at least right? I end my turn.

Faust: You…why are you so cheerful? You do comprehend what is at stake in this duel right?

Yusuke: Huh? Yeah, I understand. But I want to have a good match. Is that so hard to believe?

Faust: …Fool. This duel is not for fun. I'll teach that lesson the hard way.

Chimera is walking by himself and looks around.

Chimera: Jeez, here we are trying to meet up again and we keep getting separated. We're bad at this.

He keeps walking and hides behind a wall, watching Dante as he descends a staircase.

Chimera: Hey, is that Dante? What's he doing by himself? Is he up to something? Darn it…what should I do? Should I follow him and see what he's trying, or do I meet up with the others?

He looks around and runs in the opposite direction. Dante looks up briefly, but keeps walking.

Dante: Sorry guys. I have my own tasks in sight. I can't slow down or stop for any reason. You have your fights, I've got mine.

Faust: My turn, draw! I use the Spell card Pot of Greed. This lets me draw 2 cards. This draw…! Yusuke let me ask you one final time. What is it you fight for? Is it really something as basic as friendship?

Yusuke: Huh? Yeah, it is.

Faust: As if I'd believe that! You honestly expect me to believe it would be for something as thin as that!?

Yusuke: Well….whatever! Believe what you want to believe, but it is true. I fight for my friends. So I can build them a new future!

Faust: I see. But why? Why support this vile and cruel world?

Yusuke: Huh? What do you mean?

Faust removes his mask and throws it aside.

Faust: Don't deny. Like me, this world has scarred you. That is all it does. It carves and wounds those who live in this world. There is no such as joy. There is no such thing as love. This world takes all of those things and spits them out. Just like it did with me…when my Claire was cut out of this world.

Yusuke: Claire…that name again.

Faust: It doesn't matter either way. Spell card, Dimension Peak. Now I can pick up the top five cards of my deck and arrange them in any order I choose. This order will do fine. I set a monster and end my turn.

Yusuke: Alright, back to me then! Draw. I summon Heavy Crusher [ATK 1900/DEF 0 LV 4].

Faust: Yes….attack. Once you do, all the victory pieces will be assembled.

Yusuke: Battle! Magic Cloaker attacks the set monster. Illusion Erase!

The monster is blown away, but slime begins to reform.

Faust: When Necro Zombie is removed from the game, I remove the top card of my deck and revive him [ATK 1500/DEF 0 LV 4]. The monster I removed as a Necro Zombie, so I remove the top card of my deck and revive that Necro Zombie [ATK 1500/DEF 0 LV 4]. And….that monster was also a Necro Zombie! I remove the top card of my deck and revive it [ATK 1500/DEF 0 LV 4].

Yusuke: No way! In one turn he summoned three monsters?! That's impossible! No…don't tell me. Three DARK monsters…a Yomishin?! No, I can't let him summon that! I attack with Heavy Crusher.

Faust: You still do not understand. I remove yet another monster from play and negate that destruction.

It smashes Zombie as it reforms again. Yusuke looks in shock and falls to his knees.

Yusuke: My monster goes into defense mode. Turn end [ATK 1900/DEF 0 LV 4].

Faust: That expression suits you well. Despair is the one true face for humans. This world is harsh and wicked. All it does is steal and rob from the beings who live there. Do not deny it. Who was it that took your mother away from you? Who was it that robbed Neo of his chance at humanity? Who was it that created Armen and Grayson? I have watched you since the beginning of your journey. I have witnessed every single one of your battles. Do you think that you can change the world simply by fighting? You can't. To really make a difference, one must change everything first. This world destroys any joy or happiness in the world. I will change the world so there is no such thing as sorrow or anger! So that no one else has to lose someone special! Just like I lost my beloved Claire…

Yusuke: That name again…tell me, who's Claire?

Faust: Claire was the only thing in this world I loved. The only person who made my life worth living. And then she was carved out of my life before I knew it.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pendant. He stares down at it and remembers a building on fire. A younger Faust grips his face and runs around screaming.

Young Faust: Claire! If you can hear me answer! Claire, please!

He turns and sees the woman from the photo trying to stand. Faust runs over to her as an explosion knocks him back. The flashback ends as Faust ties the pendant around his neck, wiping away a tear.

Faust: In a single instance, this world tore into my chest and tore out my heart. On that day, I swore vengeance for Claire. I promised her one thing in her memory…revenge!

Yusuke: Faust, that isn't true! I dueled you myself! I know anger and hatred is not all that exists in your heart!

Faust: I'm done talking with you. Claire's spirit will never be at rest until this world pays for taking her. And I will never rest until she is at rest either. I draw! I release all three DARK monsters. By negating their effects, I summon Necro Archangel [ATK 2900/DEF 1800 LV 9].

Yusuke: Not a Yomishin?

Faust: I have no need to waste such a monster on the likes of you. When summoned, Archangel removes all other cards from play. Dimension Hole.

It creates a wormhole and pulls the monsters in as well as Yusuke's set card.

Yusuke: Oh crap!

Faust: Direct attack! Black Seraphim!

It creates black light in its hand, firing and hitting Yusuke back. He cries in pain and rolls around [Yusuke LP = 1100].

Faust: Hurts? This is nothing! You and everything you stand for? I'll smash everything you are and everything you have. By the end of this duel, I will stand at the top!

Yusuke: I'm not afraid of you anymore Faust. I made up my mind a long time ago. I can see you're sad and angry. But if I lose here, a lot more people will become sad and angry. And to protect their joy…I will not lose! Faust, let's finish this once and for all!

Faust: Those eyes of yours…I detest those eyes. They are so full of…hope. I'll shatter that hope until nothing remains!

Everyone looks around at their Fate Crystals glowing.

Alicia: Yusuke…you're fighting now too. Come on everyone, let's go!

To be continued

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