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Guitar Hero 3.. FINALLY!

I was up last night for a little tournament for Guitar Hero II (which I lost!) before the midnight release of III and it was pretty cool. Me and my girlfriend were playing it a little bit and it took a little bit of effort to get used to the new PS2 wireless guitar buttons but we got it. So far I have to say this is the best one of the series to date. The graphics are about the same but they are different images so thats a plus. The notes are a lot more colorful which my girlfriend loves. The songs are a lot more challenging than the other games which is great, but it takes a while to get to the really good songs. All in all go get this game it is absolutely worth every penny.

Continuation of the ladder process

Well finally done with Grandia II... Back to the Final Fantasy ladder.  I just started FF2 last night after taking my break, I figure this ladder climbing will take a while but we will see just how long it takes.  Perhaps I might be able to finish the ladder before fall.  I know I am going to have to take a very long break when Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80's comes out and I am counting the days lol.  I am trying to come up with ideas on what other RPGs I should go to after I finish the Final Fantasy ladder... hmmm...

Taking a break

I finished up with FF1 and I was looking through my collection and started playing Grandia II  I couldn't help myself.  Playing all these classics just makes me that much more disappointed in the newer gen games.  I am not putting the new games down at all, I am just reminiscing on times past that will never be again.. but I must not let that hold me back from trying something new.  I am always on the lookout for something new with an old style feel to it.

Movin on up the Final Fantasy ladder!

I have finished FF: Mystic Quest and I am on to FF1 on NES.. I have to say that I miss the good ol' days back when games like this were the games I waited for anxiously.  I couldn't wait for the next 8 bit game to come out since it was cutting edge lol.  Well I will be back again, when FF1 comes to a close... Until then, may the Tri-force be with you! ;) hehe

Anxiously awaiting

In my spare time I like to play Guitar Hero 1 and 2 a lot.  I have been having a lot of fun with the expert levels and the songs are great I think.  I heard about the XBOX 360 version when it came out and I tried it, but wasn't too impressed with it.  I didn't like the guitar controller feel.  I guess I am just loyal to my playstation 2, I feel that there is not a better system all the way around.  I am not anxiously awaiting the arrival of Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80's.  I am glad that I don't have to go to the XBOX version to be able to play new songs.  I really hope it is worth the wait, but I guess thats what I will have to do...wait.  I will share my thoughts on it when it is released and hopefully it has a good outcome, which is what I am predicting.

Present and past.

Lately, like I said in my last blog post, I have been getting a little frustrated with newer games not being all they can be.  I wsa playing Final Fantasy XII about a week ago and it was fun and all, but just a little too much like reading a book.  I mean that the story and gameplay was pretty linear compared to past FF games.  I always remember going through all the level building and item collecting in FFIII and trying to make Sabin do his blitz moves while getting frustrated at the bosses when they wouldn't work hehe.  I remember the chocobo races in FFVII and acquiring the gold chocobo, and who can forget Sephiroth!!  I guess I am just old fashioned in my way of gaming, but as far as classics go... No matter how old classics become, they truly never get OLD!  There aren't many new games you can say that about anymore.

Old times revisted

I have recently got back into the old classic rpgs of the SNES.  I am playing Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.  I find that when I get bored with these newer games I go back and become re-energized with the classics.  These newer games mainly have been putting their time into graphics or movies and not so much into the storyline or gameplay.  Remeber back in the day when it took you a month or more to beat an rpg...thats what I am talking about, get with the program people.. make a game worth playing and think about replay values and not just your wallet.