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Mass Effect 2 - FPS screwed up after installing new AMD/PhysX drivers

I have rather weak notebook to play games on (well, it's about 4 years old so no surprise). But I did manage to set ME2 video options to be able to play it smoothly, more or less. I had about 10-15 FPS which was playable with no problem.

Now, the moment I started to update my AMD and nVidia PhysX drivers to their latest versions, FPS has dropped to 5-10 - which is unplayable. Unfortunately, I deleted old drivers from Windows backup repositories and didn't remember what drivers they were.

So, I'm screwed up now, probably...

(I don't want to play ME2 in window...)

Mass Effect Replay

I simply couldn't resist...

After so much exciting news about Mass Effect movie and ME3 I had to start to play the series again. From the very beginning, of course...


Ninja Achievements

I was just aimlessly surfing E3 content here on GameSpot and now I have become a ninja... ;)

Well, earned Ninja achievements, to say it right...


Since I've lost my job recently I have a lot of time to play games now (and looking for a new job, as well ;) ). Most of them (if not all) are adventure games. I love this kind of games because they're built around the story mainly - and I'm a story person... ;) And, they're cheap... Which suites me now, having no job.

Uploaded Images

It's been a while since I've written anything on this blog...

Well, I played some good games (The Moment of Silence, Back to the Future: The Game - Ep.1 & Ep.2, Sentinel: Descendants in Time,...), some not very good games - for me, at least - (Magic the Gathering: Duels of Planewalkers,...), some old games (Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller,...) and some awesome games (Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II Demo,...) - almost all of which were adventure games.

And I uploaded some screenshots of some of those games I played, at last => sylvaedawn's image gallery

Well, that's it for now... ;)

On-Line At Last

I managed to get on-line, at last, though my new Internet connection sucks a little - tends getting off and on again unpredictably. It is really annoying, especially when I am uploading something.

And just FYI: All my uploaded game videos here on GameSpot can be watched on YouTube, as well (and a few more), and in HD quality:

sylvaedawn on YouTube

Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker - My first impressions

I've just finished the newest Mass Effect 2 DLC, Lair of the Shadow Broker, a few minutes ago and... well... I'm really impressed.

It's awesome. Fantastic atmosphere, superb cutscenes, excellent voice acting, great music and satisfactory ending (reading all that intel from Shadow Broker's resources just made my day... :lol: ).

And... Liara is back with me again...

How long till Mass Effect 3? Oh, about 6 months only? 8)

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