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Bracket fail

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well i did miserably this year and only achived 57 points lol. I have to say this year's was really effed up and just didn't make any sense at all. I have to look at the bright side though... at least i'll get that less than 100 points achievement...

SB3 ps3

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Currently playing sengoku basara 3 and hopefully i will get the chance to buy ff13 this month


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As you can see i havn't posted anything for a looooong time. I am currently playing: FF Dissidia(I GOT THE LIMITED COLLECTERS EDITION:D), HL2, and ff7 pc version. If you havn't played any of these games please give them a try.

I also came across a book that caught my interest:"The computer game design course" it enlightens the reader by explaining the process of developing the game, how the video game industry works and tells you which games are a must play according to the genre. i.e.:fps,rpg,etc.

well as for school i got my igcse's this year (British system) which are a pain in the a** so im going to be dedicating most of my time to study. I will however post some reviews so watch out;)

oh and Ramadan Kareem to my Muslim bro's and sis

Check these out!

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I am playing bleach blade of fate (ds), mario and sonic at the olympics(both ds and wii), super mario galaxy (wii), sonic and the secret rings (wii), fire emblem radiant dawn (wii) and other more.

I highly recommend these games.

reviews will be done soon....

Wii console

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I´m currently playing legend of zelda twilight princess and wii sports, the games are excellent.  Any comments are welcome.

MY 13 birthday today

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yeah i´m 13 know and alli´m waiting for now is the wii. For know im getting breath of fire three and sonic rivals