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I'm getting to old for this!

I'd like to be a game developer, I know I have the skills to do it.


Take one grain of salt, mix it with a out washed cliche about how the "motherland of russia" attack the "federation" and home nation of heroes in a dull big bowl, add a cup of water and a large postapocalypze drawing, add a cool special feauture wepon that noone done before.

Cook it for a halfhour on the stove.

= Done, you've sucsessfully made a A title in the FPS genre!

I Love to rant on game devs. but the simple plain truth is that "we" want every game to be the same, noone thinks outside the box, noone want to streach their unshaved chin just a tiny little bit to far, because if they did they could not maximize the money earnings.

If games are not dumbed down so everyone, even the retarded boy with a green hockey helmet that lives a block away who havn't learned to ride a bike when he was at age ten can play it... ...they are certainly postapocalypze! (phew awful word, i dont even think that word excisted before FPS games all starting to look the same.)

If that should not be true the game would not exsist, the game itself would perish inside of the DVD case, or more likely the game would perish in the room of the game devs. drawing table.

Wheres the fun in that? I puke already glooming at the cover of most games, they are all the same, no wounder parents thinks games destroy their kids, every game has already predicted the game will be... postapocalypze, (again, how awful it may be it's a word.) if not, it's enough to brainwash anyone playing thru thousands of maps in a grey-brown-dark setting blasting the only ones left after the world seriously have broke down.

My eyes are bleeding the same grey-brown-dark gunk, i hate to say it but am I the only one on this planet to like a game with new thinking and intelligent design, esteticly attractive, challenging gameplay? Am I!?

My only hope is that someone can take a little step forward, the FPS genre have compleatly came to an halt, and the only few games left to play is those made many years ago.

Are we all this STUPID?

Can you remember how old games were made and designed to get you thinking?

Myst, remember that one? A brilliant game under it's prime many many hours was needed to figure and think things out, the game wasn't solved over a coffe break.

Now ewry single game out tends to think we are all stupid, i havn't played a single game released lately that don't think im a 8year old.

Many games are rated 18+ years still they dumb them games down that a partly stupid fiveyearold can play it.

Many games can be run thu the same day you installed it.

So, for Diablo 3, Mass Effect 3, and all games you look forward to, I bet we all can play thoose games with blindfold as they dumbed it down to a single movie, all you do is hitting the left click on the mouse.

I wan't some games to make my head start work again, theese last years with dumbed down games have filled it with dust.