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Xbox 360 Kinect games!!!

I need some more games for kinect. Anybody have any suggestion for some good games? So far i have Dance central,Kinect sports, kinect adventures,Zumba , and dance masters on demo. :roll:

Got some new games and one might go back to the store!!!!!

:|So I went to GameStop and bought Zumba join the party (which wasn't all that it said it would be), You're in the movies, and Kinect Sports. Well I'm disappointment with Zumba, Kinect sports is ok ,but You're in the movies really grinds my gears.

I purchase the game you're in the movies because i was told online that it would work with kinect too. It is a xbox vision (kinda like ps2 eye toy) Game.The game sets you up in these movies scenes and you get to act out, star in,and direct each movie clip. Sounds like a fun party game to do with friends. The xbox vision takes a picture of you and put you in the game like a webcam if you will.The kinect which is waaay move advance than that does pretty much the same thing except it only works for kinect games andnot xbox vision. Once i put the game in and pressed start it ask me to hook up the xbox vision cam .... which i didn't have. The kinectdid nothing.In other words it's not backwards compatible.You could own both but you have to unplug your kinect to play your xbox vision cam. So i'm bring this thing back!!! Why would i want to purchase something else for what the kinect can do, just to play one game. I rather get YooSatr which is for the xbox kinect. You're in the movies looks like a fun party game but i don't want to buy a new vision cam to do what the kinect does.

UPDATE!!! SO i Bought an Xbox 360 with Kinect!


I first bought a Xbox 360 slim for 200 dollars but later found out that it only had a flash drive memory and no hard drive which means i ccouldn't play certain games ,such asHalo Reach, Mortal Kombat andother gamesbecause it require a hard drive to be saved on. Plus my new xbox started to freeze my games. I had bought fable 2 and it kept messing up so i had toreplace the game and found out every game started to also freeze and the xboxstop reading games all together. NEW SYSTEM LETS KEEP IN MIND. Stupid Microsoft! :cry: so I gave up and replace it with the new Slim Xbox 360 250gig one complete bundle with kinect and kinect Adventures. Yes this one has a hard drive with alot of space. I love my xbox and would hate to switch to ps3 . However I am a huge Sony fan , I own a PS2, PSP and have a sony tv.

I'm a Pc gamer so i fell in love with the sims 2 game but hate the new xbox sims 3 game. So many problems not enough space to list them. So far i enjoy my fairly new system very muchincluding the Kinect. Xbox live however is getting expensive. It was only $20 bucks to get 3 months of live now they went up to $25 bucks. Why? When Psn on Playstation3 is free. Sure they were down for awhile but they gave their people free games and stuff and what xbox do they raise the rent. :cry:

Xbox Live Co-OP with Fable II

I love Fable 2 however the Co-Op multiplayer mode is getting on my nerves with all the glitches messing up me and my friends game. I find it hard to do quest in that mode and it sucks that i have to download and pay for the same download content my friend hasin order to join their game to get all the free stuff. :cry:

Does anyone know if Fable 3 will be better with a better Co Op multiplayer mode? I really love this games beside all the glitches in Co-op.

PSP great game system!!!!

I got a new silver PSP 3000 it's beautiful. It can download images, wallpaper, music, videos, and games. It also can be use for a GPS system when traveling if you get a GPS reciever. You can watch movies on it, play games and save all your music on it. However not many games out for it yet.

I'm waiting for Birth by sleep to come out. I preorder mine have you?

Hey if you know any new good role playing games for the PSP , Xbox 360 (live) or Ps2 let me know! I love RPGs and Aventure type of games. I'm so digging Tekken.

All i own for this system so far is Burnout Legends and Sims2 Castaway (which broke so i had 2 buy a new one.) :?.

I want my Sega Genesis Back!

I remember when i was first introduce to the gaming world. My brother had a Sega Genesis and i played on it all the time when he wasn't home. He had to buy me games for it cause i kept playing his games messing up his saved games. I use to play NBA jams ,Eternal Champions, Sonic Spinball (always be a fan of Sonic),Sonic 2, and Mortal Kombat.

Oh those were the good ol' days. I miss them.

MY Tears of sweet sweet joy


I finally have a reason to live!

Kingdom Hearts Chain of memories is coming to the American PS2 !!!! So I won't have to buy a GBA? and I won't need a swap magic for my PS2!

*cries tears of joy*

(Sings) Oh happy day ....Oh happy day When Sora was *cries* oh when Sora was ...He wash my Tears away Oh happy Day... aaaah happy Day

how could they not give us final mix? Gee wiz guys *nerd snort*

The Lonely PS2 Controller

Well It's that time again. The time when i hate love stories , and love songs and the fact that every attractive guy i meet is already taken. I'm getting the" I want a boyfriend blues". Another Friday night instead of hanging with a cute guy i'm stuck at home with a ps2 controller in my hand.

....Are girls the only ones that get lonely are guys to afraid to admit that they want someone to kiss and hug close to them to?

I had a crush on this guy.:oops:

He liked how I was into Anime and video games .He thought i was cute.

but after i told him i lived 13 hours away he acted as if i was the most butt ugly grosses looking thing in the world or atleast thats how i felt.

he stop answering my calls, text, doesn't even answer emails anymore. Send him a comment and he ignores it. so i do best to leave him alone maybe he found someone else who lives closer to him .....I hate to say this but almost every girl repeats these words ...but it's true ....