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Being a soccer/football fan in the U.S. is tough.

I highly doubt anyone will read this but I matter as well and update my blog.

On to the topic, it is extremely difficult to be a soccer fan in America. Why, you might ask? Well it is nearly impossible to watch all of the important games, or most games unless you purchase soccer channels from your cable provider. Also you have a 1 in every year chance to attend a soccer game and even if you do attend its only a MLS game. Not to be rude but MLS is nothing compared to the Premier League. It is still fun to watch though.

My second reason of not liking being a soccer fan in America is American ignorance when it comes to soccer. They all say it is boring, stupid and is only popular because other countries cant afford anything else. I argue with them but they are to naive and stubborn to accept that I am right. I use facts, research and logical reasoning, they use what they believe. I tell them 4.7 billion people watched games throught the season compared to 200 million in the NFL. "Well I gurantee that if the NFL was brought to England it would be more popular then soccer." Are you an idiot. No way in hell would that happen. ARGH!

Obviously people have different opinions but they still dont realize how ignorant they are to others culture... My final argument to them is that soccer is the best sport in the world because if they were to poll every human who is over 12 the majority of the votes would be to soccer.

Long time since....

Havent made a blog in a longgggggg time. But I am kind of getting back into Gspot and I am really excited about something so I thought I would blog it.

So my best friends step dad might hire me, if he does I would move to Montana for 6 months from Arizona to work for him. Id be making 31 an hour and that is amazing, especially since I just got out of high school. Itd free me from my crappy job. And I think itd be such an awesome experience.

My friend said he believes there is a high chance he would and he said he was already considering it. Yeah, well doubt anyone will read this but, I really hope my hopes dont get crushed haha.

My Cat is Obsessed with a Dopey Stuffed Animal...

I was at a Village Inn one day when I came across a crane machine, I thought I would give it a go (no clue why...) and I happened to win. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, I could give it to charity, but I dont know where I could find a drop off area. So I thought I would give it to my cat Mojo. When he met eyes with that stuffed animal he fell in love, he plays with it every day and lays with it.

Now the funny part is today in the middle of the night I hear him meowing, and then a loud pained meow, so I am wondering whats going on out there. I go out into my kitchen to find my kitteh chewing and rolling around with the stuffed animal, it was adorable. I just sat there watching while he continued to meow, roll around, drag, and chew it. I then went to take it and he meowed at me, I held it in my hand and attacked him with it and he meows some more. All I can say it was cute...

Also my cat takes care of those crickets I hate :D

Well theres my blog for the day haha.

Top Ten Movies I Love!

My last blog was dumb so I deleted it... So to replace it I thought I would share my personal favorite movies (no order):

1. American History X

2. Braveheart

3. Taken

4. Ferris Buellers Day Off

5. Children of Men

7. Fight Club

8. The Messenger (or any Ben Foster movie can be replaced with this one, like Alpha Dog)

9. Memento

10. No Country for Old Men (how could I forget this! :o )

Well there you have it my top ten personal faves.

Bad Drivers.

So the other day I was driving and not surprisingly some guy decides to tailgate me... So I thought Id make a list of things that make me mad whilst driving. 1. People using cell phones- Putting other peoples lives at risk for something that could be put off... 2. Tailgating-Especially when there is 2 open lanes that they could get in, even when I am doing 5 over the speed limit... 3. When people are in the merging lane and speed up and think you should have to slow down for them to merge, maybe if they didnt try to get 2 car lanes ahead and just accepted to be farther back that wouldnt happen... 4. People going 10 under... 5. When someone has a fast car and go 10 under... 6. When people have a beat up old crappy car and go 20 over... 7. Hummers/any truck with nice shiny big ol' rims and never go off roading with them... 8. Rice burners- I saw an old ford focus (like 04? not sure) and it had porsche rims, huge exhaust, ginormous spoiler and decals. Well thats all for today haha... I needed to pass some of the time.

I suppose my first blog shall be about me joining gamespot.

I have finally joined gamespot, it is a very proud day for me! After debating, I realized that this could be a wonderful experience... And the whole swagga thing, its kinda like a stage name, it really means nothing I just thought it was funny. Well I am excited to try out all the cool things on gamespot now as a member and hopefully I will gain levels fast!