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sw0rdfish and killjoi present: Thank God They Don't Make Cars

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The black,red, blue, green dots on the screen do not

  • LCD screens are made with highly precise technology, but in some spots black spots may appear on the screen. This is not a malfunction
No? well it's down right annoying though! I came across that the other day while reading the manual for the PSP on the can. ( P 118 if you want to see for yourself ) My first though was "really", and then I thought "well then why the hell is Best Buy taking back the 4 PSPs I bought them complaining of dead pixels?" They obviously think something is wrong, and they sell LCDs all the time!

That's right... 4... I've physically owned 5 different PSPs, and every single one has dead pixels. I finally decided to keep the one with the least noticeable pixels because I knew there was no way I was gonna get a perfect one... i don't think it exists. As I'm sure you know, it's a pretty sweet piece of technology, but frankly saying "it's not a malfunction" is just nonsense. What is a pixel supposed to do? It's supposed to show the colour it's told to, so that together, with the thousands of other pixels, it displays a kick ass image... So then how is a pixel NOT EVER displaying the correct colour, considered functional? It's not... and what is the definition of malfunction? well according to;

  1. To fail to function.
  2. To function improperly.

  1. Failure to function.
  2. Faulty or abnormal functioning.
So then tell me Sony, how the hell is the pixel "not malfunctioning"

Games are Hurting

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I was disscussing something like this with my friends the other night. How does the gaming indusrty plan to grow, if they're constantly increasing the complexity of the systems.... Basically it means that they need more people, and more money just to get a game ready for the newest hardware, but that leaves little money to put into inovation and creativity.

I was browsing through the Gamespot news, and came across this transcript from the GDC conference. i read the entire thing, and they were all pretty important and good points, but Greg Costikyan hit the nail right on the head... and if as developers they're this worried, then we as gamers should be more worried. We get wrapped up in cool graphics, and intresting ways we can jump from one building to the other, but lets face it, thats' why after 2 weeks of playing a game, we're all ready to hop on the next bandwagon... We're luckily one of a very small minority who don't mind blowing 400 bucks a month on games, becasue we like to do that in our spare time, but there's a lot of gamers out there who can't afford that much, they would like to, but they can't. Outside our little world of gamespot is a lot of people who refuse to play games anymore because at the end of the day, The Sims Unleashed, is still just the Sims and Driver 3.... is still just Driver.

I think we're just as much at fault as the publishers... they sell what they know we'll buy, and until we decide that we're not gonna pay for sh*t like Halo 2.5 ( If that's true... I'll kill my XBox ), we're gonna keep getting this mainstream (sometimes un-completed ) crap shoved down our throats... and eventually, no one will be there. Maybe I'm off, I don't pretend to know exactly what goes on in game design, but I do know that if developers are as scared as this, then we should be twice as concerend, yet how many of you have heard of this before? How many of you read, or saw a recap of this? These are serious problems that no one is adressing, and I'm frankly pretty scared for the future... but maybe it's just me.

Here's the entire rant from GDC...