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Life Update

okay people its been a couple of months since i told you what has been going on with my life, well you may have figured i graduated from canyon springs high school with pretty good grades, I may not have told you but I have a girlfriend her name is cynthia we're coming up on six months soon and i love her ;) im working for my dad trying to get that money to go to get the money to continue to pay for college. I plan to attend Riverside Community College or RCC for short I've already done the things to get in now im just waiting for it to start, the videogames im playing right are Digital Devil Saga 2, my Xbox live account is going to waste because im bored of playing the same games, but offline me and Cynthia enjoy playing Dead or Alive ultimate 2 other than that recently me and my friends have dicovered the Bowling alley in town so we've been going there alot latly but i cant beat my Girlfriend. well if you guys want to talk or anything you find my myspace profile WWW.Myspace.COM/24529313 or you can find me on Xbox live or just message me here, well ill post another update soon dont feel free to send me more and more union invites cause im not active all the time.

SVCHAOS- Adrian Vega         later

Im Back!!!

yes it true adrian vega is back for a little almost every night so ill be seeing you guys come visit, send messages (not you guys dont my box has 234 messages) but yeah i also have my own Xbox live account it " HemlockE 117" so yeah ill be seeing you guys later

Svchaos, Adrian Vega

ill be back soon

right im trying bring my grades back up and that why i was kicked off the computer but dont think that i dont want to be here its just im not allowed. and to the unions i havnt been to in a while im sorry and ill return as soon as i can even if im not an officer see you guys when i get back. sorry for the absence

Adrian Vega, svchaos

Senior 06

Well this is it i started my senior year and for those who actually read my jounal entry my friend is okay, well it turns out that my classes had to be switched my classes around this is what it looks like, 1st per Spanish, 2nd per AeroSpace IV, 3rd per Accounting, 4th per Personal Finances, 5th per Humanities, and thats it except ROP Auto Tech, well my friends were glad to have me back and im glad to be back well later people dont forget to write :D

Registration was today

well i went to registration today so that means that the first day of school is right around the corner hurray, well today i went at 9:45 in the morning and met some of my friends i did get the classes i wanted but they lost the accounting books which is weird since there alot of them but oh well ill get it eventually, I also drop theater since it turned out that i didnt need it, after i went to school and registard i went to the mall to play at the arcade but very fast i became saddend because right in the front of the arcade was a picture of my friend that is a girl, Stephanie Marie Shaw MISSING since 8/8/05 i know it was a while ago so i hope that isnt true anymore, I pray to god that it isnt ........the reason i care is because we used to have feelings for eachother but i left but when i went to summer school i got to see her, apparently she has been missing since the last day of summer school. well i start school in 9 days and that means im not going to be on as much :(

well thats it, Please help me to pray for my friend and i hope shes safe at home thank you :)

mod X5 and leader

Im a mod in 5 unions and the leader of my own (come join :D) plus i made it to lv13 im proud of my union and i hope more people will come to notice it when the time passes and people will come well just wanted to say that

2100 posts

and im close to being Lv13 after only being a member of gamespot for 2 months, and what does everyone think of my journal i think i went into more about me dont you think? :D

Some people

whats with some people on gamespot im seeing this all the time people that take things alittle too seriously and judge before anything can be said. im say thia about everybody im just saying for those who do and for those of you who are in my union, you kow hy im saying this and im not happy with the reason were a new unon we havnt had time to establish the full meaning of it yet.

and where did that guy come off saying those things and im going to to call him an idiot if he didnt like the way i was runing my union then he could have just got out with out saying any insted of making a rant about it

Senior Year

I have two days left of summer school and im going to pass then i go to work again for the whole month and earn some money mostly to buy clothes with and then i go back to school on Sept 7 yay. Its not going to be laid back year though i have too many advanced courses here my schedule for next year

Eng/ Humanities, ROTC or Aerospace3 rank C/1st Luitenant, Theater, Econ/Gov AP, Accounting, and Advanced Art AP and im going to take an ROP for back up credits most likly Auto Tech or Retail and Sales

well im going back to school soon and im going to have a blast i need to go back to tae kwon do but i want to take karate oh well im almost done

see ya, Vega (this doesnt mean im leaving yet but later i probably wont be on as much)

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