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Yet another reason why buying one of these new consoles still isn´t worth it,especially if the majority of the library is gonna be comprised of indie PC ports and last gen "remasters".

It is this exact reason I dont understand how the PS4/Xbone are selling so well. What is exactly selling the systems? Indie ports? Remasters? People's desperation at wanting new hardware so bad they buy systems with no games?

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Wow, so much melodrama over MS getting rid of Kinect to bring down the price. It's not so much dishonesty as much as it is making necessary measures to remain commercially viable. Deception requires they had an ulterior motive other than to increase the commercial viability of the console in taking such steps. I don't imagine he could be objective though, not likely when throwing around worlds like the Kinect was an "NSA's wet dream". He also claims developers were under the assumption all X1s would have Kinect hurts developers by ditching full Kinect inclusion in their SKUs hurts... not really, developers learned last gen that Kinect isn't so much a very viable peripheral for many games, only the most successful being limited to titles like Dance Central. We saw ambitious titles with potential die on release like Steel Battalion, and games like Child of Eden and Crimson Dragon switch from Kinect controls to standard controls with motion control options. I don't think any developer out there is suffering as a result of the Kinect-less SKU.

As for the DRM issue, I feel nobody in the gaming press has even a clue what happened there. And I'm certainly sure it starts with the complete game installs and no used game plans MS had for the console prior to reveal. By having game installs and no used games, what installing the game would do is basically tie the game to the users account, treating it henceforth like DRM, and thus allow for discless play. I think before the reveal MS in a haste decided to change things without thinking it through which only made matters worse for them. They decided to have used games and keep the system discless in functionality but you really can't have both. The 24 hour DRM check was mostly likely a result of trying to have discless play and used games, you can't have that. Since then the solution was to ditch discless play, which by doing so removes the necessity of 24 hour DRM checks..., while Sterling bitches about the SS claim of online DRM checks being essential to the functionality of the system, he fails to see what essential functionality is being talked about; mainly this would be in discless play. After all, MS never required DRM checks for the Xbox 360 because a user's usage rights to the digital titles they buy is tied to their account and to their primary console they game on or the game was purchased on. If the title is downloaded to that system no online DRM check is needed beyond the download itself. One can even play on a separate account on that console without the need to be logged into the primary account. Where DRM is required is if say I go to a friends place, log onto my XBL account on his console, download a game to his console from my account. Now, since he doesn't own the game I need to remain online for the game to function on his system (since I own the rights to that title), this prevents multiple users from playing on a single users usage rights. With the Xbox One, what they were likely trying to avoid with 24 hour DRM checks was someone installing a game and playing it offline while the game was then sold on the used game market. Frankly, the only solution MS should have gone with regarding the no used game solution was to straight up ditch discless play (which is ultimately what they ended up doing), and allow games to be played off the HDD with the disc needed for usage verification. The other solutions were just awful on their face and should never have been considered. Either that, or keep to their guns on no used games (though that probably wouldn't have worked well for them either).

Frankly, I don't see how reversing policy on these initially bad decisions is worth so much condemnation as having them in the first place.

Its the fact that MS tried implementing such bullshit policies from the get go. Meaning if they thought they could get away with it, they would have. Yes I dont understand the hate regarding the policy reversal either, but at the same time it is rather funny and pathetic just how much MS has pushed the Xbone into a corner with no identity of it's own.

The company has permanently damaged its reputation by its own actions. Yes they are trying to correct their mistakes, nothing wrong with that. I think though people are enjoying watching MS squirm and try to dig out of the massive hole it put itself into. Something it could have avoided entirely if it was smart.

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@papatrop said:

All that power, and no exclusives.

When did console gamers change their priorities?

Your guess is as good as mine. Im not sure when hardware specs suddenly became so damn important for consoles.

PS2 blew the GC and Xbox out of the water in terms of games and it was the weakest technically. Wii was the inferior hardware yet it sold the most by far last gen. This is the first console gen ever that the strongest system is selling the most, exactly what is selling it I have no idea.

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Seems pointless, there are no mobile games that even take advantage of current flagship tablets and smartphones power.

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I have 2 macs, love it, no problems no crashes, everything runs smooth. Starts up in 2 seconds. But it has no games and in my opinion is definitely the worst gaming platform. I also have a PC but since PC sucks so bad and is so damn slow and is such a major headache to just go a month without malware/spyware/viruses, upgrades... I haven't even turned it on in a year. The good games aren't available on mac

MacBooks: sucks for games, great for everything else

If youre buying a Mac for gaming youre buying one for the wrong reason, and thats coming from someone that uses almost exclusively Macs.

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Surprised there is a thread even comparing the two.

3DS by a mile.

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Yea, if you don't want to get milked for over paying for a previous gen's games, get a PC. Filling in a lack of games by re-releasing your last gen's games with a new coat of paint doesn't cut it. I WANT NEW GAMES!

This. Sony needs to step up and work on new games, not re-release what already exists on the PS3. They have already abandoned the Vita, relying on 3rd parties to do all the work, and its starting to look the same for the PS4 too.

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What's funny is that the PS4 went below 10k wayyy faster than the WiiU did.

Yep. It doesnt have games that appeal to the Japanese market currently. Considering how much Watch Dogs boosted PS4 globally, but marginally in Japan, it makes me wonder what else could provide a sales spike for the system.

Considering Nintendo has Monster Hunter already, unless the PS4 suddenly got a ton of RPGs it seems destined to be below WiiU sales for quite some time, as long as Nintendo keeps the momentum going.

And I dont know why M$ is even bothering releasing the Xbone in Japan. Even with WiiU's slow sales up to this point, it has already outsold the 360's figures in the country.

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Considering how abysmally Sony has handled the VITA, and given up on it after only 2.5 years I doubt people would buy a new Sony portable if they did make one.

The PSP was their only successful portable. PSP Go? Sold so bad no sales figures were ever reported. Playstation Xperia Phone? how many have you seen in the wild? PSVita? Stupidly overpriced memory cards and almost no support from Sony itself.

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So Activision is backing a game that will have to sell over 8 million copies just to turn a profit?

Whose bright idea was this to invest in such a massive piece of hype?

It was nice knowing you Bungie, good luck.