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Wii U hope

Just hope Wii U will have not les than 4 GB RAM(include video ram) - oposite 512 RAM - X360.

also much poverfull than X360 or PS3(not less than 3x or 4x).

And price less than 300$

this can save this new console.

Wii 2 noncense

I think it is ridiculous to lunch Wii 2 in nearest future.

Wii right now number 2 (weeks charts) but still number 1(total sells)

Only because We still don't have allot of hits - new Zelda or motion plus exclusives (only Sport Resort and Red Steel 2). DS has much more hits.

Wee need more games wee don't need new console!!!

Wii was so popular because the new philosophy - gameplay priority - not graphics.

Before it was a fight who is more powerful - we tired , we want to play , we don't need old fight.

Yes X360 kinnect has camera - people can use it like video-chat but it is not a reason to make a new console...

It will be a big failure to lunch Wii 2 in nearest future. if it will be expansive console - nobody will buy it.

Most of the games don't use a full power of X360 - if Wii2 will be much powerful - it will change nothing -- only price skyrocketed -- if wii 2 will be the same as X360 or PS3 - nobody will buy it case they already have X360 or PS3.

How to save Wii , exclusive for Nintendo corp

Wii need (assoon as possiible) 1. Wii need Pokemon RPG games (Pockemon Red or EXTRA Silver or Gold) in full 3-d 2. Wii need Zelda Fantom or Spirit tracks (wiiware possible) 3. Wii need The Last Story (USA and EUR release) as soon as possible 3. Wii need more good RPG - like skies of Arkadia ( ask Sega ) 4. Wii need more realistic racing/RPG games- like Grand Turismo (opposite Fzero) 5. Wii need Morrowind remake with Wii-mote control 6. Wii need more realistic LIFE-RPG like Shenmu (ask Sega) 7. Wii need strategy games like King Story (opposite Pickmin) 8. Wii need vitality sensor + games 9. Wii need new channel - "achievements"(as for X360) - any games can store information inside save files , this channel can take information from save files that support this. 10. Wii need more games where you can fight with sword using motion control (online duels possible) Wii don't need 1. Allot of childish games - like Pikachu adventure 2. Waiting to much for the USA and EUR release (Tales of Grace, Xenoblade) 3. Other useless system menu update