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Sad day at Propaganda Games

In case you have not read/heard but Vancouver based video game company Propaganda Games is closing it's doors today. Having recently shipped TRON: Evolution and the previous release of Turok the studio was hoping to being work on a new project under the Disney Interactive Media Group umbrella.

Having worked at Propaganda a an office temp since September of 2010 I got to know many of the staff members who worked on TRON: Evo as well as the recently cancelled Pirated of the Carribean: Armada of the Damned.I knew of the ups and downs involved with the video game indusrty, but seeing it first hand really makes you wonder how such a successfull industry can survive with the "hire them, work them tot he bone, lay them off before thier contracts are over" business model.

That being said, luckily many of the Propaganda employees who were "laid off" last time were able to find work at other studios in Vancouver. I know that the talented group of designers, producers, engineers, directors, Q/A members and even the IT team will be able to find work quickly.

My own sports game traditions

I used to do, I fell into the EA cycle of shelling out $80 bucks each year for Madden, NHL, Fifa and often times Knockout Kings/Fight Night. Then one year I relaized it was silly to go back each and every year and pay top dollar for roster updates and a few new gameplay mechanics.

Sure, in some years they made HUGE strides in the gameplay of the titles (see involvement of the Right Analog Stick in all the games) but most years it is simply an in depth roster update and new game mode or two.

I then decided to impose a new rule on my sports gaming purchases, take a year off. So ever since '08 I have been only purchasing on the "even" years. Now with the calendar flipping into 2011 (and sports into the 2012 cycle) I can once again get excited for the upcoming "hands on" features and look for the demos.

BTW: sutherland604 on PSN if you are still playing the '10 series.

On a Scale of 1 - 10...

I'd say I'm currently at a 12 for ME2 to come to the PS3.

My roomie has played through it about 4 times on 360 and has started play #5 recently. Seeing him play in the living room has gotten me even more excited for the release.

I played ME1 when it came out and started ME2 on 360 after a few months. Then, the great news broke that it would be jumping to PS3 (thank you EA) I stopped where I was and began the long wait...That wait is almost over.

Goodbye social life. I've got an intergallactic crew to lead.

Aplpha Protocol

I plowed through the game over the holidays...I feel complled to play it again since there was soo many points along the story mode that I wanted to change to have it play out differently...

Alas, I will wait another week for a better Action-RPG game to come out on PS3. A little masterpiece known as Mass Effect 2.