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End of an ERA...

Watching all the Gamescom videos this week, it really makes me feel like the current gen is comming to a close pretty soon.

So i thought now would be a good time to reflect back on the 2 consoles, The Xbox360 and the PS3. This is my comparison between the 2 and will determine which one is my preferred console of choice.

The Xbox360...

I owned one since 2006.

Advantages over the PS3:

Nice Dashboard interface, and a much easier to use system.

I liked the Achievement system more over the PS3 Trophies.

Party Chat.


Gears of war.

Witcher 2.

2 free games to download (which you own and keep forever) every month as a XBLG member.. But they have only just introduced this, which i think is very very late.

A vast majority of my friends are 360 owners.


The PS3:

I owned a PS3 slim since 2008.

Advantages over Xbox360:

I much prefer the PS3 controller.

Much lighter system and no brick to carry around. Which to me is important as im lucky enough to have a job where i can bring my consoles to work, and i play on them when it is not busy.

Blu-ray player.

Much better and more reliable hardware.

Heavy Rain.

Uncharted series.

Last of Us.



Trying to determine which console i think is better, is very close and i dont even think there is a clear winner. I am sure there were a lot more larger differences you could compare between the 2 the further you go back in time. If i could only keep one system, it would definitely be a tough decision. But i would probably have to go for the Xbox360. A lot of it, is because of all the little minor differences. It is more of a sociable console with the likes of party chat. I like the presentation of gamer tags and avatars a lot more. Multiplayer on games seem a lot more reliable with dedicated servers for most of their games. Especially when the xbox have the better multiplayer exclusives.