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Futurama Returns!!!!

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I am so Happy to hear the news that Futurama will return after being cancelled for 4 years. I love Futurama i think it can even rivalThe Simpsons even though the simpsons started it all and easily kick family guy's ass. Fox network cancelled it in 2003 those morons :x . Nowonly cartoon network airsold episodes.In the official website it says futurama will come back with a new season in 2008 in Cmedy Central its going to rock i cant wait.

Got license?

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I just got my drives license:D! I can barely wait to get into my first car accident!... well Not really. The exam was easy I just had to drive around cones parallel park and do a K turn. I saw people crying for not passing the exam. A driver's license exam is not something I would cry for. Now the next thing I want to get is a hunting license to help keep at check the wild animal population.

Happy Birthday to Me!

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Today is my 19th birthday which makes me eligible to the following things

-Posses a hunting license

-Gamble on a casino

-Operate heavy machinery

And my favorite eligibility to have small fire arms ( shotguns and automatic rifles at 21 no joke)

Spring break

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I am not going to tell you what I did this spring break.  Instead I’ll tell you what I didn’t do…….. Play video games…… not because I couldn’t (my PS2 works just fine and so does my pc) but because I didn’t wanted to. The last time I played any type of video game was 2 weeks ago now that might not sound very impressive to you but to me that’s a lot since I had been playing games everyday since I started college so I had to stop it before it became an addiction from now on ill spend less time gaming.  This doesn’t mean I don’t like video games anymore I still love them is just that I don’t want it to become an obsession.

good bye 36 X 36

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looks like gamespot is giving us larger user icons.  Ill make use of that. :D is now 84 x 84 pixels

My favorite post ever

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This is my all time favorite post. It was made by some guy named Guyzea he must be really funny look at what he wrote. Also if you have a favorite post reposted here i would be glad to see it.

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Jul 15, 2006 10:15 pm ET

Resident Evil 2 Guyzea Facts:
-First RE to play.
-Scariest moment of his life when he saw a spider-man type creature crawling along a wall outside of the police station.
-After that moment, he stopped playing it for almost a year.
-Saw the first female zombie ever in a game.
-Missed out on going on a field trip to a water park to play RE2
-Strongly believes that they should make a remake RE4 style
-Stayed in the gunshop while the gunshop owner was getting eated by a trio of zombies.
-Freed the zombies that were in a locked in a basketball court in which he shouldn't have.
- Never finished RE2 because his father discovered that he was playing this game and smashed his Play Station to pieces.
-Resident Evil 2 is the best.

I finally went to the Thanksgiving parade in NYC!

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This thanks giving I finally had the opportunity (idea) to go to the annual Macy*s thanksgiving parade.  I always wanted to go there; I got to see famous People like Miss USA and Ciara it looks so expectacular on TV but to be honest in person it doesn’t look so amazing.  It was great but not as great as I had imagined it would be, mostly because of the rain. The temperature was 40 degrees and it rained during most of the parade :' (  But at the end I escaped with my life and some great pictures.

pic 1     pic 2     pic 3     pic 4     pic 5     pic 6     pic 7

pic 8 (Wii launch at Toys "r" us 5 days after launch)

pic 9 (outside SoniStyle store where the PS3 was unveiled in the US 7 days after launch.  I walked from 34th st to 55th st to take this picture)

T-1 day. R.I.P. PS2 October 26, 2000 - November 17, 2006

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Tomorrow is the big day.  It marks the birth of the PS3 Era and the end of PS2 Era (face it the PS2 reached its peak; from now on it will decrease as people make the transition to the PS3) I know it will be difficult to say goodbye to the PS2, mine its been with me for 5 years if there was a law that allowed it I would marry my Play station.  Just for the record I want to say that I have no doubt the PS3 will be the winner of the next generation war and continue the legacy the PS1 and PS2 start.

T-10 days!!

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Yeah, only 10 days.  In only 10 days the PS3 will climb its way to the top and admit it you (x360 fanboy) will provably help it to reach the top because you want to know what the cell processor is all about and how sharp the graphics will look with the RSX reality synthesizer.

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