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Finally got a PS3

The title says it all. I received a PS3 as a gift for Christmas with Metal Gear Solid 4 (this game just blew my mind on how good the gameplay and the cinematic scenes were) and a Ultimate Portable Sega Genesis (I might do a review for this in a future blog if anyone is interested in it)

My PS3 name is SuperStarr501 if anyone wants to add me.

By the way...

Super late Happy Holidays and New years!!! :P

Just needed to get that out of the way haha. I have bought a few more games on the PS3 like persona 3, which I have yet to play, Just cause 2, and Blazblue Continuum Shift. I have the first Blazblue on 360 and was very impressed on the artwork. The anime style of the game hooked me on to this game, big time.

Just a short blog to inform you of this.

Hope to write more blogs soon!

Animal Crossing City Folk impressions

I have played for a few days now and its been really fun. I have not play the earlier Animal Crossing games so this is my first. I like the characters or "neighbors" in the game. The way your neighbors talk and the emotions they express are very funny too me for some reason. The activities you are fun, though fishing really annoys me because the fish usually don't go the way your bait is and you have to keep throwing it until the fish finally looks at the bait. I have gotten better at fishing just not that good yet. Something that bothers me is when you go on route you have been using for a while, the grass starts to deteriorate eventually making it a dirt path. Overall I like it. I might post more about the game after I have played longer.

This is not as detailed as I wanted it to be but can't really explain on text haha.

Anyway hope you like reading it!

Here is my Friend Code.

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How has your summer been so far?

Mine has been ok, nothing exciting yet but a lot of mischief has happen. The only thing I am looking foward to is summer band since that is when all the crazy stuff starts to happen (and when school starts for me).

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

How was your Friday the 13th? + more

So how was Friday the 13th for everyone. Ironically it was a great day for me despite it being know as a bad luck day. Maybe it was because I didn't do any of the things to cause bad luck. :P

I ordered Fallout 3 GOTY Edition today and a Super Mario bed cover for my mom since she was begging me to get it on that this site (I very much encourage you to try the site it works). I also got a 3 month subscription for xbox live since my primary account has gotten suspended for not paying the renewal (which I tried to turn off but soon found out that you must call to turn it off :( ). The amount I have to pay is $60. I don't really want to pay that all right now so I just made another account to play online with the 3 months for this time until I get the $60.

Enough about that, this is the first fallout I have played so I don't really what to expect from it. The only thing I know about it is is a RPG and has great reviews from users. I got the GOTY edition mainly because I don't want to miss out on any thing since it has all of the DLC (from what I have heard). If you have played it could you give me some inside to it and your opinion about?

I have bin falling behind on the upcoming games for this year and I figured I should do some research about what games are coming out. The only game I know that is coming out this year is Final Fantasy XIII-2 (which I am very excited about even though I have not finished the first FF XIII. :P )

That's about it for today. See you all on my next blog! :D

BF3 vs. MW3

To be honest I enjoy both games ,but I am getting really tired of people says that one is vastly superior to the other. It just show how much of a "fanboy" you are and what kind of games you only play. They both are FPS ,but they are both a different kind of genre in the FPS category.

CoD is a "Run n Gun" Arcade style game where you just shoot everyone you see, only care about your score, and just want to kill things while Battlefield is a team tactical, objective, simulation game which you have to work as a team to win the match. I can go into a lot more dept but I don't want to make this to long and drawn out.

If I had to chose one game to play over the other it would be Battlefield mainly because of the communication, strategies, the power of the Frostbite 2 Engine from what it can do, and most importantly the teamwork. In CoD (if you play allot of Search and Destroy) you hear people cursing each other out even if they are one the same team saying "You suck, GTFO and let the pros play". I am not saying just kids, it mostly the adults that act this way. Kids don't know what they are doing ,but if they are annoying just mute them.

There is also a HUGE reason why I chose Battlefield over CoD and that is activison "milking" the CoD series. Each year Activsion comes out with a new CoD and over price their DLC for very little content. You pay $15 for 4 maps. You can spend that money on something better like a game from the marketplace/psn store or you can not spend it and at all and save it. I will not support them since they keep releasing a new CoD each year and reusing the same engine from CoD 4.

Hope you like this blog and hope to see why people like one more than the other. :D

P.S. I hate to be the one to be asking you this but could you check this one site out and possible sign up for it

It a site were you can earn stuff by doing very simple offers and surveys. Since they order from Amazon you can get anything from It will show you can get Battlefield 3 when you click on it but you can get a lot of other stuff too. It is totally legitimate and you will get what you want if you do order it. If you have any questions PM on here.

Hope to see you their!!! :D

New years eve everyone!!!

I know I havn't posted a blog in like 3 or 2 months but I will be posting more blogs soon!



Now that I got that out of the way; hope everyone has a great New Years eve, making new years resoulstions (I think thats what its called. Can't seem to recall) ,and does a count down to 2012!

How it going everyone.

Ya I am back! Well one reason I haven't bin on is because i forgot i even had an account here.

First thing is that i am moving so i probably wont be able to get on for a couple of days.

My Wii is still broken and still have no idea why i havent sent it to nintendo to fix it but i have my 360 to play still.

The one game that about everyone is playing nowaday is CoD Black Ops. Yes i do have it and i do play it but i still think its the same thing from mw2. ya theirs not that many campers anymore or those 10th prestige people with the infections. Its fun with zombie and the campaign is the best i have seen in Cod. That is probably why Black Ops is better than the other CoD games just because of that. I like that multiplayer and all but it feels like i am playing the same thing over again. I now sometimes play mw2 because all the guys with the infections hacks have moved to black ops (or most of them anyway). Now i can actually get kills (It might be just because i am not good at CoD or i have gotten better over a few months).


I got Rockband 3 With the keyboard and Final Fantasy Xlll.

Both are very fun in my opinion. FFXlll is very emotional the way i look at it with the two characters geting married on the flashbacks. The characters are pretty awesome too. just to let yall know i am still on the first disk and i am barly at the part where snow gets captured by the soliders.

Rockband 3 is awesome. The keyboard is very hard for me to play. i can only play Pro keys on easy.

Here is a video i put on youtube of a tomahawk killing me in the back by bouncing off a wall.

Well thats all for now


got my internet back agian finally

yep i got my internet back which is awesome.

i havent had it for 4 months and its was really quiet at my house

so ya i got it again if want to play a game on the xbox 360 (btw my sisters and brother broke my wii:cry:)

so ya thats its:)