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GoW2 Limited Edition complaint

I bought GoW Limited Edition on day of release and I was very happy. I brought it home, opened it, and had me a good look at the art book. It was quite interesting. I slipped off the cover to reveal a tin case with cool lancer cover art, I liked this as well. But when I opened that, I noticed another art book. Except this one was shrink-wrapped and harcover. Upon closer inspection I noticed it was french. But the other one was english, and it was a flimsy cheap soft cover. Why? Just because I live in Canada does Epic think that we all speak both languages and wouldnt mind if the fancy art book was in french? This makes me angry.

Movie tix $35!

I heard on the news today that theaters are planning on making a night at the movies a super posh thing in the future and are planning on making tix $35 a pop. No way it can fly tho, so many people would be pissed.

Some guy got be-headed on a bus!

I was watching the news yesterday and there was a story about a young kd of about 18 who got attacked and actually be-headed on a bus about an hour outside of Winnipeg! Thats pretty nuts. According to the people that were there, they all ran off the bus and pushed the door closed, and the guy was waving the head while standing in front of the window looking at the people outside. What a guy.

Chris Angel's WORST stunt EVER!

I just watched Chris Angel's live stunt where he is supposed to escape from a building set to explode in 4 minutes. And he's all tied up and the doors leading to his escape are locked so he has to pick the locks. And they way it happened was easily the most fake and cheesy stunt I have ever seen. He only has 4 minutes to get out, he has trouble with the VERY last lock and time runs out while he's picking the VERY last lock (to build tension presumably). The building blows up while he is SUPPOSEDLY still inside. But when a camera man approached the 45 tonnes of collapsed building there is Chris and he's all like "YAAAAA!". Then he pretends to be all tired and stuff. Even the narrator of the show says many times throughout that there is no way anything could suvive if it were inside the building. The thing that bothers me the most is there will always be people saying "ZOMG Bert! How did he do that!?" Well I'll tell you. All the camera's showing his escape "live" were showing pre-recorded footage of him running through the building that they taped eariler. During the transition from the cam outside the building to the one inside there was a slight pause. This was when Chris ducked out, left the building, and covered himself in dust to make it look like he got dirty from the explosion. The truth is this was probly just a regular demolition and Chris heard about it and came up with an idea that would make him look like a crappy magician and allow him lie to his fans at the very same time. What a homo

Nintendo not bringin enough to the table.

Yet again, the Nintendo E3 press conference was just another 2 hour speil about how much stuff they sell. And not only do they belive Animal Crossing appeals to the harcore gamer, they also think that its going to be enough. I dont want to go a whole year with that being the only good Nintendo published game out for Wii, especially if its not something I would designate as hardcore. Theres still GTA for DS, but the jury is still out on that one. Even if both of these games were really good games for a hardcore audience, just 2 still wouldnt be enough. C'mon Nintendo, where's my good games?

Sick and tired of crappy SSBB online servers

I've had the game since NA launch and I've only ever been in 3 online matches, all in the same connect. I have never been able to find even 1 more player since then2 a couple days after launch. I heard this was becuz Nintendo's SSBB servers can't support all the people trying to play. Why? Did Nintendo not anticipate more than 20 people playing at once? I understand Nintendo is fairly new to online games but Microsoft didn't have this problem when it initially launched xbox live. And that supported like 50 games. Nintendo cant get a grip on just one. They should shut it down for a day and fix it.

Subspace Emissary worst Smash Bros. mode EVER!

I hate to say it but there's a mode in SSBB that I don't like. This would be the first for me in the entire series. The Subspace Emissary mode is so bland I just wanted to get it out of the way as soon as possible. And I did. And I'm never going back to it until I decide I want to unlock some characters or get all the trophies. The fighting engine the entire game was built on just doesn't suit platforming or side-scrolling beat-em-up style gameplay. Most of the characters jumps are too floaty to control or be any good outside of the standard fighting modes. Also, the developers took a pretty cheap way out in making this mode last longer. Before you fight the final boss, you have to go through every single place you have ever visited in the entire story and fight all 35 characters as bosses. And you have to beat every one of them before you can fight the final boss. I almost cried stinky tears. I thought I was finally past this boring mode and all of a sudden I'm faced with a confusing maze wherein I have to beat the whole game over again. You also don't get to use Sonic until the last boss. Not a big deal but I wanted to see what he was all about early. I also think Mewtwo is an unlockable trophy cause in the challenge section there's a shadow of him in a block that says "Beat ???? Mode on Insane". Thats gonna be a super hard trophy like Master and Crazy hand in Melee. Those took me like a serious 5 day binge of Melee to unlock.