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The Saints are in the superbowl this is great Who-Dat


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I am so glad it is cold in louisanan and that i need to put this right here The Zelda Alliancethis one so that i can get to the union faster

i am sad

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five of my pets died in to days my three fish died of shock and my rabbit had to be put down and the other one ran away

Union trobles

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Whats up people i would just like to say that i have a union but no one will join it and now i cant make another one because you cant make two union and that the person i sent a pm to be a officer quit playing so now i am have no union and i cant make another one

P.S Please pm me

my Gamertag is trainedranger7

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Today I got my gamertag It is trainedranger7 I like call of duty 3 so if you want to with me I saggest you send me a message

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