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both a remake for MM, and a new 2d zelda that doesnt depend on the touch screen

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[QUOTE="superfalcon1234"]when did they release the price of the tablet controller??? Black_Knight_00
Last month. $172

but the system can handle 2 game pads only ...... so in other words you will not need to buy a new one unless you break it, and also this price is for japan it will be cheaper (i hope so), but never the less it is still expensive :(
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Batman>Iron man, but not by much. Both are good characters.

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[QUOTE="Grammaton-Cleric"]Nintendo claimed they wanted the core gamer back, then proceeded to release a weak console predicated almost entirely upon an ultra-expensive tablet controller that looks to bring very little to the table in terms of innovation.Black_Knight_00

There's one thing I've been wondering about and I'd like to hear your opinion on it. Why did Nintendo release the price of the tablet controller? Who does that? Who presents a new console and specifies the price of the controller? Even Sony, with their infamous "599 US dollars" line didn't make the distinction.

By "boasting" the considerable price, could it be that Nintendo is taking a cue from Apple, marketing the expensive tablet controller the same way the expensive iPad has been marketed: as a status symbol?
Were that the case, it's needless to say who the target audience for such shallow marketing is: once again, the casuals, the crowd of form over substance and appearance as absolute value.

So much for winning back the core and the discerning.

when did they release the price of the tablet controller???
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I cant find it in psn UK !!!!

is it just me ...... i searched everywhere and yes i used the search :(

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Is the 3ds region locked? I have a US 3ds.


yes it is

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pokemon sapphire and pearl

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[QUOTE="chaplainDMK"]So did he actually break the sound barrier?worlock77

Yes, he did.

i dont think so ...yet anyway

"The 43-year-old was hoping also to break the sound barrier during his descent - although that mark awaits confirmation."

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the Playstation Vita is actually more powerful than the Playstation 3


What. :|

i think .......... ps3> vita > ps2.....

is the 3ds stronger than GC ???