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Show Choir, the Smurfs, and whatever else I feel like writing about.

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Well, another show choir season has come and gone. We placed in almost every competition! My favorite moment: Me and several hundred kids crammed in a auditorium singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody. It was a magical moment. Is there any show choir people out there?

The Smurfs movie comes out this year. Ugh. It's computer animated. Double ugh.

I saw Ed Wood the other day. I highly recommend it. It's directed by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp is in it, so I knew it would be good.

Anyone watching American Idol out there? David Archuleta is my favorite contestant. He has SUCH a beautiful voice! Plus, he's cute.

My school kind of sucks. About 99.99% of the student body is white, so we have to have these cultural diversity assemblies. They bore me to tears. Luckily, today's was cancelled!

Has anyone seen Wrong Turn 2? That movie really offended me. It's about these reality show contestants who are sent to West Virginia, where they are attacked by INBRED mutant cannibals. I'm sick of the stupid West Virginian stereotype. I am NOT a hillbilly, I don't drink moonshine, and I don't know ANYONE who has married their cousin.:evil:

Show Choir

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:DI really excited about our show this year. WE'RE GONNA BE FREAKING PIRATES!!! I didn't get a solo, but it's all good. So far, we're singing Come Sail Away and Rock The Boat. What do you guys think?


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Hi all! I'm back! :D

Who has seen the Simpsons Movie? I wanna see it so bad, but I haven't had a chance to go. How is it? (No spoilers please.)

Farewell For Now

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I'm going home (I've been staying with my grandparents all week) and I don't have Internet. I'm not allowed on this site at school, so the only time I will be able to post is when I go to the library. I hope I can visit soon. Goodbye. :cry: