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A really crazy and sick individual is getting rid of people's youtube accounts

A youtube user that goes by the name GamerGuyd7Aces is geting rid of people's youtube accounts.He gets rid of their accounts by flagging them for copyright strikes.He is mostly targeting really popular black users youtube accounts.He has recently posted a video bragging about how he got rid of a user's account. This user's youtube account is cobanermani456 and gamerguyd7aces has bragged about this in a video on an alternate account.The altermate account name is Dennis Wallace. Machmania has been notified about this,but they haven't really talked to youtube yet about this problem.I don't like this that much and I hope Dennis Wallace is permanetly IP banned from youtube.I really hate when people's hard work is destroyed by people like dennis wallace.

More info about dennis wallace is here

Something I been noticing lately

Certain people on this site lately have decided to mock or make fun of lately. I won;t mention names, but what they are doing is wrong. It is not okay to make fun of someone ever. I was bully a lot when I was younger and had ot deal with a bunch of bullying until pretty much high school.I joined this site to enjoy myself and not to be made fun of by other users.That is all for now.

My thoughts about the PS4

Here's my opinion about the PS4

Sony's PS4: Most people thought this conference was awesome, but I thought this conference was good.First let's talk about the things I hated about the console reveal. 

1. I could have predicted half of the exclusive games shown at the conference before the conference started. I'm mostly talking about Killzon SF and Infamous Second Son.

2. Some of the game's reminded me of experiences I have already seen on the current gen consoles(i.e mostly killzone shadow falls). Killzone shadow falls felt like a current gen game with good next gen graphics, but nothing besides more colour and the PS4 share function to differentiate it from the current gen killzone games and other FPS games in terms of gameplay most likely.I'm basing my opinion off of the 8 minute gameplay dem of the game.

3.The lack of info about certain features in the console(like if move is required for the console, how PSN will works on the PS4 and etc).Most of this stuff will be revealed at E3 anyway.

4. The lack of interesting exclusives games. I'm not currently interested in killzone shadow falls or drive club(I'm not a big fan of racing games usually.). Knack and Infamous second son kinda interest me(I'm curious about the new character in this game).

5. Focused a bit to much on things that made me want to fall asleep(like that weird PS4 move demo)

Good things about the PS4 console reveal

1. The focus on the developers(especially indie devs) and the games looks interesting.A console that provides good games always interest me, but sony better make their exclusives more interesting this gen.

2. The PS4 UI and the share feature.The PS4 share feature looks awesome and it will make it easier for me ot upload youtube videos ot my youtube account(I'mnot giving my youtube account name to anyone on this site right now).The PS4 UI looks awesome, but I hope it isn't slow a to navigate.

3. The specs. I'm not going to brag about how powerful the console is because I don't buy console's for their specs, but tthe PS4's specs will make games better this gen. I just hope devs don't waste thhe PS4's power on games that hold your hand and are linear like this gen.

4. The help function. From what I heard it is kinda creepy if a friend is able to join your game at any time, but it looks like it may be really helpful if your stuck in a game.

5. Being able to download in the background. and being able ot play a game while it is being installed.downloaded.

It looks cool and I'm happy I don't have to wait for a game  I'm  downloading to download and I can play it while it is downloading

5. The controller.

From what I heard it fixes mostly everything wrong with the PS3's control. I have played around with a PS3 controller a couple of times.

My thoughts about the xbox one will  be posted soon. I don;t hate sony, but I hate their crazy fans on gamespot.I hoe more interesting games are revealed ofr their console soon

Conference score: B-.

Political polls have sucked at predicting elections lately in Canada

2 of the 3 major provincial elections I have followed in the last year or so have one thing in common. The opposition to the government is predicted to win the election by a bunch of political polls, but at the last minute they get owned by the party they were suspose to beat.This has happened in both the provinces of Alberta(were I live) and BC.

During the 2012 election campaign in Alberta multiple political polls predicted that the Alberta PC's(a center right party) would be destroyed by a new party called the Wildrose Party(who is a far right party tthat contained a bunch of former PC members).. This did not happen and the Alberta PC's won about 75% of the sieats in the legislature.The wildrose failed to beat the Alberta PC's because the leader of the wildrose failed to control the opinions of some of the people in her party.People assumed everyone acted like those people in that parlitical party and they lost.

I''m not entirely sure how the BC liberals were able to win their election, but the political polls in that provincial predicted that the BC NDP would obliterate the BC Liberals in a provincial election. This did not happen. From what I heard the BC NDP were not able to run a good campaign and the BC liberals took advantage of this.They won about 60% of the seats in BC.

I'm still the king

Today is the 4th anniversary of the world record I got on the Egg Beetle boss battle in sonic unleashed(Wii/PS2).

How to get that time

I mentioned how I got faster then the time in that video in the comments.The key to getting faster then that is to pull off that trick shown in the video twice and to boost for literally the whole boss fight.

A historic low pressure system will be born on saturday

A low pressure system that brought snow to the Mid-Atlantic states last night will become a ridiculously powerful storm on Saturday in the North Atlantic.It has the potential to become historic.It will deepen to a central pressure of 920mb.It probably won't hit land but residents in Ireland,Scotland,Iceland and maybe the UK should keep an eye on this storm.


Hurricane Nadine is the third longest lived named storm on record

This has been confirmed by the National Hurricane center in a post season tropical cyclone report,This was my second favorite tropical cyclone in the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season.


Will write another blog about my favorite tropical cyclone of the 2012 atlantic hurricane season soon.

The last really interesting hurricane of the 2012 hurricane season has died

This storm was named tropical storm nadine.It lasted 21.75 days and bothered the island chain of the Azores in the North Atlantic twice.It became a hurricane three times and died twice.There is a low chance of regeneration for this hurricane,but it is tied in second place with another hurricane for the longest lived tropical cyclone in the Atlantic.

I reopened my profile for the public

Since a lot of the annoying trolls have now been banned from SW I reopened my profile for the public.I closed it off before because people I did not want writing on my blog posts wrote on my blog posts.

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