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A few thoughts on some new games of mine.

I have been playing through a few games that I have got recently. I have played a lot of Demon's Souls and this game is an interesting one.

I had to buy this from a Chinese seller on eBay and found that despite the lack of a manual. I'm not really missing out on much. I have an idea how this game works and what I'm meant to do. I do like how the tutorial sort of ends where you battle a giant fat demon that annihilates you in one or two hits. I would like to at some point be able to kill that thing with a fresh character to mess with the game. But that'll take a while.

Despite this, I do have a couple of niggling problems. I hate spiders. I've been told about armour spider. I don't want to fight it as it will be big and nasty and awful. Now that seems weird coming from some one who is desensitised to everything else video games have to offer me. But spiders... ew. So I'm hoping to get a work friend in with me for that battle as I might just be looking away from the telly whilst that fight rages.The other annoying problem I have with the game so far is that the character stats make very little sense. There are so many numbers and shortened words that it's hard to understand why I can't use a bloody spear very well. Also not only that it says I can't use it well, it equips it anyway. So I get put in a bad situation if I forget the item gets equipped and I pull the useless thing out.

Other than those problems I have been pretty much enjoying the game and figuring out how to make progress without any guides telling me what to do. Go me.

Other game is Starcraft 2. That is a pretty good single player game. I like how they bring units from the previous game to ease old players into the game. But my problem with that is they aren't available in the multi-player so it flips some tactics on it's heard because you will think 'where the hell is such and such a unit?' Then by that time you are getting eaten up by 100 Zerglings. So that's my first concern. I think multiplayer may take a little time to iron out as I started off with practice games and was getting wiped out fairly quick. Got bored of being beaten slowly. I took on the 1Vs1 placement matches. Won most of those so it was a bit weird. Im in the bronze league and I think some people may be needing to go up soon as the few games I played were a bit embaressing. So I'll wait and see if either I've been put in the wrong league or the good players in the league will move on soon.

I also tried the challenge mode and that was pretty bad for me. Didn't do very well at any of those challenges so far.

Lastly been playing Infamous and Haze that was bought by my girlfriend (she isn't up to date with games so let's not open a can of worms). Lets start with Haze. I liked the demo for that. It wasn't the prettiest game but it was fun using the Nectar. It still is fun to me except hearing the soldiers for more than 5 minutes. Also the game is starting to look pretty ugly to me so it really hasn't aged and compared to other games that I've played for the PS3 at the time. It's pretty bland. Also I'm hoping to get away from the other soldiers as I'm struggling to not shoot them. Also the controls are really awkward. I lost my good rifle and still had a pistol and didn't know how I did that until 50 minutes into the game. Plus reload being triangle is something I am not used to.

Infamous on the other hand is pretty fun. It's good to load that up after a 30 minute play of Demon's Souls to get me less stressed about fighting monsters and dying horribly. I don't like some of the aspects of the game like how spread out missions are. Plus as for open world stuff the game seems a bit empty so far. I may need to play some more but just finding dead drops is a bit boring. Also having side missions only for if you are a good guy or a bad guy is a nice touch but it sort of makes you have to re-play the game to be a dick if you are generally a good person in games or forcing yourself to be good if it's the other way round. The same goes with the powers how they are affected by what you do. I think it sucks that I can't have chain lighting because I'm doing good. I want to see lighting fry a ton of bad guys at once.

I'll post more when I can be bothered. :P

Getting back into this again


Not been here in a long time so just starting off once again. I need to do a lot of updating to my profile. A lot has changed.

But going to be writing my first editorial as I have been thinking more an more about how playing games on your own or with friends can change the way you play.

Also currently playing.

PC: Dragon Age Origins

Xbox: Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Modren Warfare 2

PS3: Red Dead Redemption

PS2: God of War 2

Wii: Monster Hunter Tri

DS: Advance Wars: Dark Conflict

My first review is ready to be hosted

I have completed my first review to put onto Gamespot when I finally reach that magical level 6. Now to twiddle my thumbs for a few weeks before I reach level 6. :-P
Or I could make some more reviews.

Addicted to...

I've been playing the Deer Hunter 2005 demo an awful lot these last 2 days on-line with my freidn, Howie. It's hilarious when you play using voice communication program with him. As we just blurt out "Deer!" when we finally do find one. It's pretty tough, but feels kinda rewarding after bagging a buck with big pointy antlers, makes being top of the food chain a good thing.

Darn UK release dates

I can't beleive I've had to wait for so long for Fight Night Round 2 for the Gamecube. It's hilariously good fun. I lost constantly against my mate Howie, he played the first one and does a bit of boxing himself. To start with the graphics are probably the nicest I've seen in a sports game. With faces going from acceptable to what you'd see in Nottingham Hospital during a Saturday night after a football match against Forest and Derby, you actually see the stage where you bust someone in the eye and blood flies out. The controls are something to get used to. But seeing as fighting in general is pretty tough in reality, I think it's good that I have to use the C Stick to smack my opponent. Howie says that the Gamecube version seems better for punching than the PS2 version of the previous game. That may be because the GC pads are like octagons so you just jam the C Stick into a corner of it then swing it round. Blocking though is a problem.
This game seems rather good so far, I may use this game as my first review when I reach level 6.
Next week, I'll be getting Resident Evil 4.

Swat 4 demo

The demo for this shows how much of a bastard you can actually be to people. You can tazer them, hit them with a few rounds of sandbags and then drop a stinger grenade when they are cuffed.
All in all, good game for being evil, very hard to not perform police brutality.
Only problem is that if you are using an AMD 64 processor, Windows XP SP2 and a Geforce card, you need to get hold of some beta drivers for your geforce card. The 71.90 beta drivers for Geforce cards fixes the problem. Probably fixes the problem I had with Splinter Cell versus beta.

Blast From the Past

Spent two hours playing through Super Mario World with my friend. It was fun because he plays Mario like it's a freaking Sonic Game. He jumps into enemies from below and sides, of course it kills him, but he plays the damn game like it's Sonic. He found it a laugh as we played through to the harder levels.
It's got me an idea of reviewing games. It's the idea of styling the review like it's a chat thing like MSN. I see the advantages of it's gonna get views of games from 2 people across very quickly. It's probably gonna have some strong evidence why a game sucks or not (hence the possible use of swearing). And three will mean that I don't spend so long reviewing a game myself.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Versus Beta

I've been playing this since last night. It's an interesting way of playing multi-player. As it's allowing you to play as a spy. Being all stealth and trying to kill is like trying to wrestle a bear for 20 minutes, yeah you have a stun gun/ electronics destroyer. I also remember my friends quote of: "Fisher you T**T!!" every time I die when I play as a spy.
The mercs get real guns. The assault rifle is a bit on the naff side I must say, you just chase after spys shooting them in the spine and they just won't keel over. I beleive the shotgun is the better choice as a friend like's to hunt me down with it.
I've played a couple of game modes now over 2 maps. Deathmatch is pretty much saing Mercs win without the need to play it. Mainly because you need to be excellant at killing with the spy. So other than that, yer screwed.
The story mode where there are various mission objectives for you to complete. This includes hacking, bombing and stealing hard drives. This is probably the most even game. As the mercs can kill the spies when they are in the open, and the spies only need to expose themselves when they need to.
Disk collect is a real pain if you are playing 2 player. As there are too many disks for the merc to look over. Also if you get killed once, you'll get killed over and over again.

Another gripe about the game for me is that it seems rather crash heavy. It's crashed my pc into a restart twice mainly because of my firewall. I hope they fix that up sometime soon.

Vampire: Bloodlines the hard way

I figured I'd play through Vampire: Bloodlines again. I wanna see if I can do things differently. I'm hoping for a yes. But instead of playing as my classic Jack of all Trades (when it came to killing) Malkavian, 've gone for the magical Tremere and as they are a bit sissy ass. I'm giving him guns, lots of guns.... GUNS!!!!
I hope the lag controls don't screw me over. :?
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