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Watch dogs is a kick ass game.

You spelled "Sleeping Dogs" wrong.

I slept with sleeping dogs

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I like both games

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I wanna try Dead Rising but I really don't want to download that huge update!!

Isn't there a demo on xbox live that u can try.

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@sukraj: Thanks. I still want to pick up Tomb Raider as well even though I played it on the 360 already. It's a fantastic game.

Yep I'm playing tomb raider on the xbox one and I'm having so much fun its my 2nd fav tps on the xbox one.

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@The_Last_Ride: Yeah I'm in that same position. Lots of great games, but each at $60-$70 makes it difficult to get all.

I'm hoping to afford PES 15 and AC Unity

I hope u get all the games you're interested in mate.

So do i, if not i will just have to wait

Or u could play some of your backlog of games.

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i dont know if i'll be getting this collection.

Why not?

I've changed my mind i will be getting it just heard the game will run at 1080p at 60fps.

I am glad to hear that you changed your mind.

R u getting Halo Collection.

I am getting it on Day one of it's release.

YEAAAAAH! This guy knows what he's talking about! Honestly I just cant wait to jump back into halo 2's coop campaign with those goregous graphics!

I can not wait to play all of the games in anticipation of Halo 5.

Me too

Which Halo was your favorite?

I enjoyed Halo and Halo 2.

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Wolfenstein The New Order

Tomb Raider The Definitive Edition

Watch Dogs

Metro Redux

Halo The Master Chief Collection

Far Cry 4

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I have to be honest destiny looks below average to me looks like borderlands.

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not interested in this game I think it will get a 6/10

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I have to be honest, I am not impressed at all. It's PS360 origins are holding Bungie back. We haven't seen anything yet. It's above average imo.

Yeah the 360 and ps3 are holding us back