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Watching movies

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Get rid of all the dead wood.

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I'm enjoying the game for what it is a shooter.

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True Dat... One should never assume they got this place figured out.... Always expect the worst.

You two talking badly of my clone friend?

he's an imposter

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@BranKetra: Do you wanna play Destiny? I got a PS4 the version as well.

Are you enjoying Destiny mate?

I stopped playing it a week ago I think. I liked the gunplay and the PvP is extraordinary, but it felt too bland to me. And the way it has its' weird loot grind to add levels to your character, I felt no compassion to go on. So I took the disc out of my tray after I hit "max" level and threw the game back in the box to gather dust on the shelf. I doubt I will ever play it again.

I've only just started playing Destiny and so far its a pretty decent game.

I too, think it's a decent game/concept, but there wasn't enough in-game to keep me going.

What system are you playing on?

Xbox One

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Picking up The Evil Within very soon.

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Well, I've only played Destiny, so imma say that. Destiny is well fit.

Check yo'self, before you wreck yo'self.

you like Destiny brotha

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No I won't be buying it.

Why not mate?

It's not my kinda game I'm not into lord of the rings and the game is kinda based on that universe.