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So, I live in the land of Oz and the metro redux doesn't become available here for a few more days. I changed my region on the xbox website to US and the game shows up/ I am able to purchase. Will I be able to play the game on my console in Oz if I purchase it online through the US store or is it region locked?

Is it available to download here in Aus this week? Because I know it's been delayed at retail till next week? Really wanted to play it before Destiny.

that sucks that its been delayed for a few more days bruv.

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He's just being polite.

I know he wasn't really talking about my mother. That was just an attempt on humour and trying to politely say "Remember not everybody speaks your language, so try not to make people feel uncomfortable participating in this thread". Guess I should have just ditched the joke and straight forward ask =)

yeah I know what u mean bro

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Not interested in Destiny but I'm happy for you guys who are getting the game.

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The one most of your friends are getting it for. I plan on playing the game with fellow vets and some still on active duty. Most of them have X1's.

hi mate howz it goin bud

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I'm drinking tea right now actually.

Alas, we have no gingernuts.


Gingernuts are not all that, now Hob Nobs theres a treat!

We don't have Hob Nobs here.

my kids love hob nobs and chocolate digestives.

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sat sri kal paji :)

If you're going to be saying that sort of thing about my mother I will have to ask you to leave...

He's just being polite.

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pretty much says the titles dont make great use of either console due to time constraints. and with time these consoles will still outperform a comparable pc by 2x due to single spec coding. im sure all the herms here who dont design games will say how him, carmack, timothy lottes etc are soooooo wrong tho.

why do you love consoles so much? if you're an adult you wouldn't be so devoted to consoles. i'm not a PC fanboy btw

EDIT: just read the article,they say those words but they also say that it will take more times.

whats wrong in loving consoles I enjoy playing games on a console I have no interest in gaming on a PC.

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Same graphics. 1080/60 ps4 no problem. Game boring though, generic single player FPS games lol.

you ma think its boring but the majority of people including myself think both metro games are amazing especially the redux editions.

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If u guys played infamous second son and enjoyed the game I'm sure this expansion is worth ur time.